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Gawea Sopid/Gawea Olan, Kampong Grogo

In the old days, a village has to survive in a very hostile environment and many were barely manage to do so. So since the days of Ayang, our Bidayuh prophet, was told what to do in order to bring all the present rituals to pray for the community and the individuals in response to to what is wanted by TOPA to get the blessings need for the people and the community to survive in the days with any medical knowledge but was left the various experts in the various field to help thee Bidayuh community to survive to this day.. ravages of epidemics of malaria, cholera, smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough etc has resulted in the current low population compared to the Chinese etc who has knowledge to survive to this day. They do not suffer from the epidemics of cholera for instance for they prefer to drink boiled water and tea while the Bidayuh normally direct from the streams or river…

In spite of the health challenges, rituals are develop to do communal and individual healings…some ceremonies like Gawea Sopid and Gawea Olan are done to seek further blessings for abundant life so that the community would be free from wants. For instance, an offering will be made so that the jungles, rivers and streams will be blessed for more fishes, wild boars etc…. another offering will be made so that the community will be blessed with more fruits, especially the durians… and naturally for the Paddy….Gawea Olan is for these things. But this year, the Gawea Olan is in its fourth year cycle which is Gawea Olan/PINJA, thus attaching a healing component to the ceremony.

PINJA ceremony is the highest healing ceremony for the community as well as for a family or individual.

Thus this year, the ceremony is to seek for all the blessings the villagers need as well as a healing ceremony to appease those “unseen” who may have been offended one way or the other… thus it is also the time for reparation and diplomacy with those who share this earth with us…those unseen no matter who they are.

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Traditional Healing and traditional Healers of Borneo

Every human society has its share of healers who can do healing based on their faith. These healers are empowered in two ways – the “white” and the “black”. They can heal in their own ways and methods but in all cases of those who do not use herbs and medicine but just coconut oils or other oils or just plain water these mediums are being blessed by their guardians angel to do either good or harm.

As a medically trained doctor, I find it interesting when we can only send mentally ill patients to Psychiatric Hospital where more often than not condemn them to be on “drugs” for life when a traditional healer friend could heal them where modern medicine had failed. Two “mental patients” I witnessed him healed are still living a normal life now. I am also amazed at my own ability to cure three relatives of mine from skin problems which plagued them for years of medical treatment before they met me. In my case, i just asked my Guardian to come to help me heal them and then blow on their heads and amazingly they tell me that they are cured.

My own knees, twice i had pain in them, but after being healed the traditional way, in both occasions it became normal next day.

On June 15th 2010, while walking on foot to a village for a NYOBENG ceremony, I was attacked by an “unseen” when walking on a side track because the wet and muddy bridge made of two big bamboo stems without a proper railing was deemed to be to dangerous to cross…. so I went down to wade across the stream and through a path back to the main one. Then on that side path i felt a sudden sharp shearing pain in my left knee for every “wrong” step I made…yet on examination there was no apparent damage, bruises or cut on the knee. I almost did not make to the village. I had to limp all the way.

In the evening, one traditional healer was called to help. He was able to extract a piece of bone like a small surgical knife. For the whole of next day that was still pain on that knee but no more shearing pain making me limped throughout the day ceremony. During the ceremony in the Head House, i asked the same Traditional Healer to examine the knee and he extracted another smaller piece of bone. I then asked another friend to examine with pig’s blood in case any more objects were left. He took away what looked like a molar tooth….you know within two hours I was pain free.

No pain on the knee which still appears normal…. no swelling and no pain when I pressed or massaged the knee as it were the day i got it. Worse painkillers i had taken, had no effect on the pain level nor the heat rub i had used …. that is simply, modern treatment and medicine had no use on me at that time. Yes, you may say that it is only in my mind,  so be it. As was, possibly Lazarus just pretended to die waiting for Jesus to come to prepare the miracle to make him live again and was all the miracles he performed on the deaf, the blind, the handicapped or the woman who had been bleeding for twenty years… luckily I had two friends who have the power to heal like Jesus then…

The funny thing about that knee of mine was that on our nine hours walk back next, it would not bend to give me a normal walking step when going downhill. Uphill i could take proper steps but not going downhill. Thus i would warn our company saying, “Beware folks, I am going down on first gear again…” meaning that I would put my right foot down first to the step and the drag my straight left knee down to the same step all the way down the steps on the downhill… of course i managed the journey but it took us another extra hour than normal..

Waking up next day my knee was back to normal and i could walk and drive normally pain free after two days of pain. So what was happening, to this day i am scratching my head for the answer as it is possible that there is more to what we know as facts now.

Yet yesterday, i was with a friend who told me that he had a nephew who almost died this year because he was “poisoned” by a “black” Healer. Luckily for his nephew someone had an “oil” which had been handed down in the family for generations, he was saved. Sadly to say that the “black” healer got sick and died of the same illness he had inflicted on his nephew. That was how we came to talked about Jesus and his healing power which is the “white” power meaning it’s God’s power. He said it is all right to keep that to heal but not the “Black” which could be Satan…

So is there a case for the Ministry of Health to recognize these Healers who are doing miraculous work helping thousand and thousands of people throughout Malaysia alone?


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Intoxication, Poisoning, Addiction – should there be a better approach?

As the Koran says, according to my friend, “for every human problem God has already an answer!”

Man makes Food and Drug Act reasoning that man must be protected from harmful drugs, not God. Yet drugs like Alcohol is freely available. It is one of the worst drug made by men but because the majority like to get “high” or love pubs for various reasons, alcohol is a legal drug freely available if you are the right age. Yet it is responsible for many health, mental social problems. Yet Cocaine, morphine and many designer drugs are outlawed making billions of dollars spent in many budgets for its enforcement…. but the moral decadence continue to go up as the new generation demands new excitement which are no longer reading books etc…

Is there a better answer?

Intoxication, i already have the answer. My tea with a Trademark of Dr “patau” Special 1 will provide the answer for those who want to get drunk but become sober within the hour. I have tried this already and it proved to be very effective. Alternatively those who want to drink but cannot get drunk for at least 24 hours after taking the Tea it is also possible. I have tried this also amongst my own circle of priesthood, we do not get drunk during the three days off an annual festival called Gawea Sowa. Before i gave them the tea, by the second day they were drunk already, now no more. Three friends complained next morning when we were on a special fieldwork/seminar in Sabah that the beers and Stout they drank worth over a thousand Malaysian Ringgit had no effect on them. They were bright and smiling next morning with no red eyes or hangover. In I was able also to be the second “Tapai” drinker next day, yet the alcohol I drank is just like drinking ordinary water.

Poisoning, yes also there is an answer! The first i save from the knowledge is my brother grandson. He took Paraquat Chloride. He landed in one District Hospital destined to die as all Paraquat Chloride to date once hospitalized even with all the exercise of present day knowledge on Toxicology. However next day i was informed. I gave him the fresh preparation of the Herb. He recovered almost immediately he quarreled with the mother because he was asked to taken more and more of the preparation which has a tart metal taste. Then came in one girl in another State who was sent home to die after six days of modern treatment. Then on the seven-day, I received a call from her uncle who knows about the antidote from the headline news in one of their local newspaper. Then I sent two bottles of 120 cc of the fresh extracts. As her condition was really bad, she could not drink anymore. So I instructed the family to her teaspoonful by teaspoonful to finish the extract as much as possible. From this 15-year-old girl I knew that only one single dose is enough for a full recovery at the village level.

Then the next step was a case of another poisoning. This time i already have the tea for trial in many other minor poisoning case such as snake and bee bites or even allergies to second generation penicillin. So after i gave the antidote the patient mother asked me to prepare a fresh form as i had told her earlier that if after taking the dose and no effect after one hour she should called me for a fresh preparation. However when i asked her what happened, she told me, “Well, he has not recovered but is now sleeping”

So i told her, “Why can you wait till he wakes up and then you ask him how he feels.” Later i received a call from her telling me that the son had woke up and now is able to breathe on his own. One more day in ICU he was transferred to the ordinary ward for another three more days observation. So far 13 lives had been saved… as only those who know about my tea survives… the rest is still on 100% kill rate.

Intoxication, so far my friend, the traditional Healer, had successfully rehabilitated three drugs addicts. I just gave yesterday one bottle to one Drug Addict to see what will happen.

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Nyobeng Sebujit, BULUN, 2010 – Lessons to be learned…

Yes, I am back after three days silence – no phone calls or whatever. The event as it had been when over a hundred seventy of  us from Sarawak  tracked the jungle foot path going up and down the hills and two mountains to get to the “SISTER” village of Kpg Gumbang. Both journeys lasted over eight hours to complete depending on the number of rest stops we have to make to accomadate the least “fit and hardy of the group. In 2008, the two journeys were uneventful except that we were tired. Going on the 14th and returning this year. a group of 40 of us barely made it the village.

Lesson 1.

Must follow local knowledge.

One lost his way and was left behind without the knowledge of the group he followed inadvertently on a longer windy path which avoided climbing only one hill. He is a stranger to jungle tracking being sploit by modern mode of transportation – rididng motorbike everywhere here. Most barely made walking on a very slippery and muddy jungle foot path unprepared for our walk – but it was our own fault for listening to a fixation two of our 2008 veterans who wrongly assumed the “lunung” track would be easier despite advice of our “journey'” Leader from Gumabng who told us that the path was more or abandoned and told muddy without proper maintenance and that the mountain path though long had already been prepared for our trip. The group opinion was divided but the “outsider” overwhelmed the locals who this time formed the minority. After walking about one hundred meters of the chosen path determined by our journey leader, we had to turned back to follow the outsider group. We almost did not make the journey for the path were not only muddy and slippery but have “bridges” of solitary tree trunk, the size of  6-8 foot diameter or two bamboo trunks not properly anchored that I had to go down to the streams three times… As a result it took us one hour more to complete the journey and many of us were limping because of muscle aches and pains and myself having an annoying pain in my left knee – for the first time ever in my life…forcing me to walk dragging my left foot all the way for three hours going and the whole day of the 15th. What a sight and an impression I left to all the strangers and kampong folks who do not know that my “LIMP” only started midway through the journey. For the first time in my life I had to walked dragging my left foot along.. all because we rejected local knowledge and follow the decision made by a “starnger who was unfortunately stucked by his 2008 experience that coming home trip of 2008 was easier and faster along the “lunung path” in 2008. I was also swayed by that experience and taught the lesson of  “must follow local knowledge”. Local knowledge is mostly recent… it is not based on history but the day -to-day conditions…

Indeed on our return journey only ten out 40 made it back on foot took about nine hours walk because I had go the hill on “first gear instead of an easy and fast 4th…I had to go down the prepared steps with my right foot leading and then my left to follow on the same step and so on … whaa really going down any hill on a snail pace…Despite the trail was well prepared, it took us nine hours to finish the journey whicxh could have been less than seven hours if ONLY my left knee was NOT injured by the “UNSEEN”.

Lesson number two.

On a trip like what we made, follow the chosen path to avoid the dangers posed by the unseen..

Our trip was about bringing the guardian angels from the Gumbang Headhouse to help and witness the ceremonies of “NYOBENG” in the headhouse of BULUN, Sebujit. A sending of ceremony was made at the Gumbang Buruk on the morning of the 14th but the “krokong contingent plus one Malay from KL ” did not join the anointing ceremony thus were left unprotected. This group of oevr twenty had to make the journey home through Serikin involving walking about two hours to the boat ride to Seluas and then a ride to border and the  two more rides back to Krokong… The fear of not making it back along the footpath to Gumbang…wrong again. Even myself made it back essentially on one “very tired right leg”.

My pain in my left leg was injured by “foreign bodies being impacted by the unseen”. It caused a pain which had a funny impact on my walk. It felt like something sharp is there in the joint. The knee is normal in size as my right knee. Fortunately with me there two Bidayuh Traditional Healers who were able to extract three foreign bodies out of my knee that now while doing the typing there is NO MORE PAIN in moving and flexing the knee. Traditional healing has help me to be able now to almost make my normal step on the third day after the injury. Yesterday I was still partially dragging it. Look my particular pain did not respond to the pain killers which I did take. Making the wrong move really hurts  but I am too old to cry…

Lesson Number three, there is something special about Bidayuh Traditional knowledge.

Our forefather had learned through generations how to survive in the harsh reality of living in the hardiest condition..Bidayuh is still on this earthe because of their abilities to survive without modern medicine and amenities. Instead they have a way of life where by working together in harmony they able to live through epidemics of various tropical diseases as well dangers from the unseen. Through ceremonies like NYOBENG, they get the blessings they seek to survive.  Unfortunately the knowledge accummulated our thousand of years  are passed down by oral traditons making it the knowledge confined only to the few celebrants. Thus the mytics and misunderstandings about “BIDAYUHISM” – the Bidayuh way of life has led to wholesome conversion to the “NEW” religion of Christainity and Islam in Sarawak.

Yet the “death of BIDAYUHISM” will leave a big hole in our abilities to cure illnesses. Without the help of two Traditional healer I may limp for life. A knee surgery may not leave me with the perfectly functional knees that I have all these 66 years of my life…


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NCR land and the natives of Sarawak

Much time has been spent amongst many bloggers on both sides of the political divide in the last few years.

The State Government which has an absolute say on Land matters in Sarawak has been amending the Land Code many times to make it easier for the Minister of Land to approve and allocate any piece of Land to any individual they favour with or without consent from those who may have established their rights to the said land. In Sarawak,  the Minister which have total power on Land Matters is the current Chief Minister. His instruction verbally or otherwise is the “Law”.

Yet so far the Courts can rule otherwise. Using natinal and international conventions on natives rights, the Courts have overturned many decision made by the State Government to allocate land for various plantations. However the onus of proof  for the right to any piece  of land is up to the complainants. The government continues to issue a provisional lease to any capable developer through their proxies as long as the price is right. The latest for example is the Kampong Stenggang land in Bau District. The piece of Land was allocated to a company without consulting the people who have established ownership because according to the Land and Survey, the area appears to be State land from the Settalite map they have in their office. However the said piece has been occupied by the Stenggang people since it was allocated that piece of Land to them by the Rajah.

Now the matter if not resolved soon will be brought to the Courts to decide at a fee of RM75,000.00.

Thus the dilemma of many natives. Their land can be sold to anyone without their knowledge. Any dispute it is up to the Courts to decide if they can afford a lawyer to establish their rights. They may win their case but the Government of the Day will appeal and appeal like in the case Nor anak Nyawai vs Borneo Pulp and the Government.

Yet land is life. Without land on one can live as land is needed for food production or collection, land is needed for shelter, and even for burial land is needed. Yet the priority of Land allocation for the present Government is to sell arable Land to Oil Palm plantations and other plantation in the name of Politics of Development. Fortunately the majority of Sarawakians supported the view that bulk of valuable land must be given to the rich people only.

I have long advocated that the poor natives must benefit from all land development and no land should be developed without their involvement. Yet when I raised this issue in my maiden speech in the State Assembly in 1983, one Assistant Minsiter was asked to shoot me down. Anyway eventually, they appreciate the need to involve the landowners through Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabiliation Authority(SALCRA). Initially SALCRA did very well to improve the buying power of the landowners who were involved as they received very good bonuses and dividends when the Scheme was under the late Denys Lang. Now hardly worth anything under the present management… They have been using my small piece of land, but it appears they need my bonus and dividend to pay for their own comforts….

I believe that unless a proper approach of Land development is taken seriously by all concerned, the current instant benefits to the few will hamper the future of many. It will become the tears of many soon. STAR is very concerned on this issue. We want land development to benefit as many as possible. Further land development must also take into account the sustainability of our Biodiversity and the overall ecological system. Millions are promised for flooding in Sibu. Millions are needed for Kuching for flood mitigation project. Yet these floodings are geeting more severe because of  indiscriminate development projects in the water catchment areas. Whatever happen to our environmental impact studies which are being done by the Department Of Environment?

Back to the natives, your land is your land. It is your right to allow your BN masters to sell your land without your consent. By the way, you have given “your CONSENT for Taib to sell your land WHEN YOU VOTED FOR BN during any election” after 1995. So if you cry when your land is sold without compensation, etc, remember I have reminded you of this possibility in 1995 when I shaved my head…


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?Name for the Universal Antidote

Hi, everyone, yes another life has been saved.

A 28 year patient male was admitted to Sarawak General Hospital after consuming “racun serangga” or insecticide ( type yet to be identified). The family were frantic as his condition worsened.

Luckily for him, he has an Auntie who teaches in Lundu and helped to scour the internet for help and look for “herba penawar racun”.  She was able to find my name and phone number. They tried but failed to get hold of me on Monday night as I was at the Annual Dinner of  Sarawak Traditional Medicine and Herbal Association. Normally I would not bring my hand phone when I attend functions. But this time, it was worse because I had left the phone in my other vehicle which I used to attend the funeral of a friend at Kpg Tringgus, Bau.

Next morning, I checked my phone and found not missed calls but messages asking for help to save the life of the patient who was getting sicker.I returned the missed call and finally got hold of the patient’s mother who was begging for my help to come, see and help the son. I had to tell her that I could not do that because our system of Government would not allow it. But I told her that I can prepare the antidote and give it to her but she had to convince the Authorities to allow her to give his son a chance to live by making sure that the tea is taken.

She came and told me how his son is getting and that he was being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit that morning. Anyway I assured her that as long as she could get his son to drink the Tea, he will live. Such assurance may appear too much but from my experience using the antidote, I was confident that it would work well on the patient. I had to give them at least HOPE.

Later she told me that it was not possible as the son was in ICU and could not open his mouth anymore. I told her that if you wanted your son alive, begged if necessary to get the antidote into his stomach. I did not know what transpired but later she called and told me that they were able to “syringe in” most of the antidote and was asking that I should prepare the fresh preparation as the Tea was “NOT EFFECTIVE”.

Well I did tell her that the Tea should work, but if there is no improvement after 1 to 2 hours she call me so that I can prepare the fresh preparation which I have found very effective so far with 100% CURE RATE on all types of poisons tried so far. However in a Tea form, it cured my son from penicillin allergy in less than 12hours when normal medications did not provide the cure. It also helped four persons to consumed at almost one thousand worth of beer without getting drunk. It also prevents my Hong Kong Restaurant syndrome numerous times. Thus my confidence of the Tea form as an effective vehicle to cure people from known poisons. Only the effective dosage has to be established through clinical follow-ups.

On further discussion with the mother, she also told me that the son was sleeping.

“Very Good, it means that it is working”. I told.  I further told her that there is no need for further intake of the fresh antidote as the poison has been neutralized.

A day later the patient was of the respirator. He was doing well when I saw him at around four o’clock yesterday.

To-day the mother told me that he has been transferred to the ordinary ward for further observation for he may develop secondary infections.

Now we know for sure that the antidote is the only one known which is effective against many poisons. From a humble herb which can be planted aplenty. I want your input as to the name for the product.

I wanted to name it after my grandson, Jedian, (son of my nephew, the grandson of my uncle who is my mother elder brother) who died from PARAQUAT poisoning because modern medicine has yet to know of its antidote, thus the cure. It took him about two weeks to die in Bau District Hospital. Prior to this, I have also lost family members and friends to Paraquat. But his death brought me to have a covenant with TOPA, our Bidayuh God, “That since you had chosen me to be a Doctor but has yet to show me how to save this grandson, what and who am I, TOPA. Show me the way to the CURE.”

In less than two weeks, one of my friends who is also a Bidayuh Traditional Healer told me that he had saved three relatives who were send home to die from Paraquat Poisoning. Then he showed me the plant. Since then I have tried it on various poisons, alcohol and other drugs side-effects with 100% success rate so far. Three from paraquat, one weed killer KEN-UP combined with SHOOT -UP, and the latest an insecticide. Fast effects on three snake bites, 2 wasp bites including the mother of three Chinese kids who succumbed to the wasp bites, and other bites.

In his death, Jedian challenged me to find an antidote. Too late for him but in his death, he helped saved six. So can we name the antidote, “Jedian” and the Herb it can from “Rumput Jedianiasis”. The father, by the way, has given me the consent to use the late son name.


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Traditional Medicine and Herbs

Last night, I was inducted as a Member of Sarawak Traditional Medicine and Herbal Association as the President, Professor C.C. Wong, educated in China since they wanted to start the Association in 2008. However I declined at that moment because my busy schedule to do documentation works on the Bidayuh Traditional knowledge and Traditional Healing Practices was ongoing as it is now besides making sure that the DANIDA project on Community Based Natural Resources Management is going on smoothly. Now the Project officially ended on 31st January leaving on for final settlements of bills and auditing of the Accounts, I can take on another venture with other Association members in the herbal industry as well as in Traditional Healing practices.

Human being becomes dysfunctional or not acting normally for at least three reasons or causes as far as I have observed this far. These are;

(1) Causes which can be scientifically explained and where modern medicine can help to heal well;

(2) Dubious causes where scientifically not fully understood and modern medicine is only as palliative to reduce the effects so that the patients do not harm themselves or others around such as schizophrenia, PTS (post truamatic Syndrome amongst war veterans), etc and most of them end up in Mental Hospitals; and thirdly

(3) Causes where physically the patient physical vital signs are normal but dysfunctional.

While modern medicine works well in the first category, it has failed miserably in the last two. Vaccination alone has saved millions of life. Modern medicine has almost wiped out Infectious diseases. Yet the West has not done as well as China where even in the sixties they were doing better with their barefoot doctors in bringing better health to the rural areas. Historically the West discovered America because Columbus managed to convince the King and Queen of Spain that “GOING WEST was the fastest and shortest route to China to their spices and Herbs”, not knowing that the Continents of America was blocking the “direct and shortest” sailing route to China in 1500s just they finished driving the “MOORS” out of Spain.

China till to-day is counting heavy on their knowledge of Herbs and foods as their way to a better Health. Only now modern ailments, like Diabetes and Hypertension, baffle them. Chinese original cooking was healthy but it is not as healthy now as they start to add sodium glutamate as the enhancer. Sodium in whatever form is still sodium. Too much sodium in the blood is responsible for Hypertension! Further sodium glutamate is implicated in the so-called “HONG KONG SYNDROME” where one gets diarrhea after eating the Chinese Restaurants in Hong Kong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine depends heavily on known herbs to restore the yin and yang of the body to stay healthy besides unblocking body flows of fluids along the meridians through the use of acupuncture to restore the balance and thus the health. Now you also have foot reflexology which is claimed to be useful. In fact, during the dinner, Mr Ling and his wife also introduced their 1838 Herbal concoction which helps to heal “cancer” in his wife and other patients who sought his help. He claimed that it is good for a variety of  cancer. His concoction comes from 38 herbs which are boiled for 18 hours.

Hundreds of known Herbs are being used as in the book entitled “Introduction to Malaysian Herbs” by Prof. Dr. C.C. Wong, 132 herbs are shown in pictures. Yet there are thousands more yet to be known.  Four of the herbs used in TEH C’ZNAK is not featured nor is our UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE which is an effective antidote to all poisons, tried on so far.

I was given a chance to say a few words on my experience with Herbs. That I did and I focused only the Tea we are producing now at a cottage Industry level for use and benefit of our friends and contacts to relieve them of the effects of Hypertension, Diabetes and old age. (see my earlier blog on ? Need amputation – diabetic scourge.) We have saved a few legs already and healed a number with diabetic ulcers.

As for the Antidote, I have also mentioned it in the earlier blogs. To-day the life of a 28 year old man is hanging in the balance. The mother and auntie tried to contact me last night but only got to me this morning. Last I am told the patient has been moved to ICU. Unless they can get the antidote into his stomach, his chances of survival is slim. Modern medicine has no antidote to the INSECTICIDE he had drunk on Saturday the 6th. If only before the admission to SGH, they been able to contact me, he will be well to-day as the antidote is very fasting acting even though taken orally.

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