LOVE instead of HATE

When going through my Facebook home page this morning, i saw a comment by someone who put up a comment on ” I ….. hate…..”. There must be a very good reason why it was put up.
As it is a Sunday morning, I immediately react, “hey, what there is no reason to express such words.” Yet I acknowledge the most common  and normal reaction to any unwarranted provocation or disappointment is hatred. Look at the hatred expressed in Egypt first against Mubarak and next onto Morsi… But will hatred resolve the Egyptian problem of multi ethnic and religious competition for a better life. Yet Egypt has a long history of great civilizations.. but while other western countries like Canada enjoy their life, Egypt is left at where it to-day…. Their way to change now is a coup after .. They either kill or deposed their President thinking a new President immediately bring their salvation from hard times. It is wished that life is that easy….. but not so. Life is always a struggle to live no matter where you live. I call it as God’s Law that man must work to get something. One must an effort and sweat to get what you need to have a better future. There is no thing as a free for the poor and ordinary citizen. One must put an honest work and effort to be rewarded or given what you want or need. No employer wants a smart talker with very “soft” bones. In my own dialect, “Doras atau ponai Sina pakeh lomah tulang”. It is our expression for “a talker who is lazy…..”.

In our outlook in life, a hatred will not bring anything good except hurting yourself. It has been observed that that laughter alone had cured cancer patients. Loving instead of hatred is not a new philosophy. It should be a way of life as expounded by Jesus himself.. Besides teaching the Christians how to pray, the only thing he adds to the Old Testament is “Love thy neighbor”. If Love is the foundation of his teachings then it must be a very good thing instead of ” I… HATE…” Since to-day is Sunday, the 7th of July 2013 but a new moon for the Chinese Calender, meaning Bulan Jinggu in Bidayuh let us cultivate the spread of love amongst our neighbors but also in our own heart to be happy at all times. Muslimsm will fasting to reflect and possibly to repent to open a new year 30 days later, so why we should reflect as to how we could better ourselves. What could be better if we brainwash oursleves out of the HATRED mode and be on Jesus LOVE mode…. Just love your job, love your current status in life, love your family, and etc so that as in my case my days are shorter now compared to the days when i wished Friday would come, your TGF – or “Thanks God it is Friday” thing! Now a month is over before I now it… rather remember 2013 has less than six months left… July will be over before I know it. My trick is simple. I take my life as it is… wish I can only do more as the people need it. But many politicians tell people that I was and am wrong… so my reaction is… ” I wait till they know that I am wrong” though so far it takes many people twenty years later before they realized that they have been told what i was supposed to be in the eyes of my political opponents….not who or what I really am. However I am a Traditional Bidayuh so I should or ought not to tell anyone who I am.

In fact when asked by one of my peers who is addicted to Alcohol and was drunk for three solid days before I met him at his own house… His drinking binge has not only aged him dramatically but made separated from his loving wife because they quarelled when he was drunk. Anyway it took me a hard time to wake him up then but when he awoke and saw me he quickly looked for his remaining bottle or rice wine and staggered into his house looking two glasses after which he poured the rice wine into the glass and offered me.

I politely refused but also needled him a bit by saying, “..You go ahead since you are now married to the bottle.. and i have still plenty of work to do..”

Then he asked me, “Patau, BIJAK KEH doh ke mu’u?” (meaning “Patau, are you wise or not?”

So I answered my friend, it is purely to you “to say whether I am wise or stupid. If you say that I am Stupid be it, But even if you say I am wise also so be it….” Even in his drunkenness he had no further say on the topic of wisdom. In fact we were good childhood friends and if only he could have gone to schools he would be very wise too like his grandfather who was our Community leader but alcohol has got the better of him and his father!.

Had he love his wife and live better than what he had done he would be drinking his own car now, instead of “waddling” for his meals at his daughter house about half a kilometer away…. Instead of being a healthy sixty old friend, i have a friend who look and behave as if he is years older than me…living alone in his big house as none of the children or grand children could stand him … thus this what awaits everyone of who has only self love and hate for the others including your own family.

So since we have only a short passage of time on Earth, why not, we all learn how to open up and “love our neighbors”.


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2 responses to “LOVE instead of HATE

  1. Hello,
    I’m not Christian. I’m Jewish (-: and just wanted to make a correction. It was nit Jesus who said “love thy neighbor” for the first time. It was taken from the Torah (or as you referred to it as “The Old testament” although for us, Jews, it is the only testament (-: ):
    Leviticus 19:18 – Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD.

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