Bye 2013, welocme 2014

I am very happy to say good bye to 2013 with no regrets…. much have happened but the beauty of 2013 is that I have survived it socially, financially and politically…

Socially I have met and made more new friends and mostly keep them. I have found more have bigger troubles than myself…thus easier to be grateful for what I have…. a very thrifty wife refusing a new car but instead take the cash instead…children progressing well in their lives too… seeing more supporters doing better as well has been a source of happiness whenever I visited them..

Financially, now I have cleared the critical part of the debt accumulated for believing in a friend in 2006…now only to start rebuilding and regaining what was lost since then…but only being grateful that the struggle to help more people happier can go on..Thank God i manage to survive my little crisis without invoking help from others… only the political struggle was slower because of the tight budget and its constraints…. but happy to note more opposition candidadtes win the seats in both the State Assembly as well as Parliament in the last general election …

It is also the year to see that STAR can win a State seat in Sabah despite the severe divisions within the Opposition .. STAR is still making progress in gaining more support from the constituents.

What is most encouraging is that we are making progress in the herbal industry… now only waiting for enough money to start making them into the market… it will be a new start for all poisoning cases, drug addiction and alcoholism…. it will be also an important contributions in other illnesses..just last night a guest came with a hangover from the previous night drinking, thanking me for making her feel much better after taking the “special tea” we made and enjoy… at least the tea kept me looked,felt, and stayed young…Thank you God,

And may one day all of you can be free illnesses which the herbal Tea, my special one can heal…poisoning, addiction, alcohlism, drug reactions etc……In 2013, the Intellectual Property for the tea was approved…..Image.

One of the above herb is known to be useful as well… millions more are there to be discovered and used. I have have laready found one which has been very useful in healing contusions, sprains bruises and broken bones… i got whiplash injury which was healed in less than 24 hours without using any modern medicine or painkillers…sustained the injury on the 29th night, iwas all right next ady adn no thing to show for the injury now… a wonderful herb the Bidayuh learnt from a big brown bird… now i processed it into an oil form….very good for acute sport injury… instead of one or two weeks layoff, the injured player can go back and play in a few days… and broken bones, the most 3 weeks for our experience… the bone heals faster than ever noticed before in my years of medical parctice…

So 2014 can be a very good hope for humanity who wants to live a very healthy life and wants a faster recovery from any acute physiscal injury including broken bones.

So good bye to 2013, and i say welcome to a New year, 2014.

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