Intoxication, Poisoning, Addiction – should there be a better approach?

As the Koran says, according to my friend, “for every human problem God has already an answer!”

Man makes Food and Drug Act reasoning that man must be protected from harmful drugs, not God. Yet drugs like Alcohol is freely available. It is one of the worst drug made by men but because the majority like to get “high” or love pubs for various reasons, alcohol is a legal drug freely available if you are the right age. Yet it is responsible for many health, mental social problems. Yet Cocaine, morphine and many designer drugs are outlawed making billions of dollars spent in many budgets for its enforcement…. but the moral decadence continue to go up as the new generation demands new excitement which are no longer reading books etc…

Is there a better answer?

Intoxication, i already have the answer. My tea with a Trademark of Dr “patau” Special 1 will provide the answer for those who want to get drunk but become sober within the hour. I have tried this already and it proved to be very effective. Alternatively those who want to drink but cannot get drunk for at least 24 hours after taking the Tea it is also possible. I have tried this also amongst my own circle of priesthood, we do not get drunk during the three days off an annual festival called Gawea Sowa. Before i gave them the tea, by the second day they were drunk already, now no more. Three friends complained next morning when we were on a special fieldwork/seminar in Sabah that the beers and Stout they drank worth over a thousand Malaysian Ringgit had no effect on them. They were bright and smiling next morning with no red eyes or hangover. In I was able also to be the second “Tapai” drinker next day, yet the alcohol I drank is just like drinking ordinary water.

Poisoning, yes also there is an answer! The first i save from the knowledge is my brother grandson. He took Paraquat Chloride. He landed in one District Hospital destined to die as all Paraquat Chloride to date once hospitalized even with all the exercise of present day knowledge on Toxicology. However next day i was informed. I gave him the fresh preparation of the Herb. He recovered almost immediately he quarreled with the mother because he was asked to taken more and more of the preparation which has a tart metal taste. Then came in one girl in another State who was sent home to die after six days of modern treatment. Then on the seven-day, I received a call from her uncle who knows about the antidote from the headline news in one of their local newspaper. Then I sent two bottles of 120 cc of the fresh extracts. As her condition was really bad, she could not drink anymore. So I instructed the family to her teaspoonful by teaspoonful to finish the extract as much as possible. From this 15-year-old girl I knew that only one single dose is enough for a full recovery at the village level.

Then the next step was a case of another poisoning. This time i already have the tea for trial in many other minor poisoning case such as snake and bee bites or even allergies to second generation penicillin. So after i gave the antidote the patient mother asked me to prepare a fresh form as i had told her earlier that if after taking the dose and no effect after one hour she should called me for a fresh preparation. However when i asked her what happened, she told me, “Well, he has not recovered but is now sleeping”

So i told her, “Why can you wait till he wakes up and then you ask him how he feels.” Later i received a call from her telling me that the son had woke up and now is able to breathe on his own. One more day in ICU he was transferred to the ordinary ward for another three more days observation. So far 13 lives had been saved… as only those who know about my tea survives… the rest is still on 100% kill rate.

Intoxication, so far my friend, the traditional Healer, had successfully rehabilitated three drugs addicts. I just gave yesterday one bottle to one Drug Addict to see what will happen.

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