Flooding in Sibu

Apparently Sibu is now not spared from flooding in the last one week. I was there on the 27th and 28th and the pictures you see now were taken yesterday, 28th morning.


Part of  the road cannot be used by most traffic because of the flood. there were many other stretches of roads around Sibu which were worse. Some houses in the hardcore areas were cut off from the main town areas.


The portion is worse, yet so much money must have been put into its construction but poor construction practices on peat soil will always see subsidence over time leading to lower lying areas subject to flooding. Poor car there, luckily it managed to swim through.

Lanang road under flood again

Lanang road under flood water again.

When can Lanang road be made to become flood free? Yesterday, to-day and every morning for the last one week,  similar episode occurred. It has been flooding in the morning and then dried out with the tide in the afternoon but back again in the next morning according to man in the picture, standing and wondering why the coffee shop is not open while the one on the opposite side does(see the next two pictures).



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2 responses to “Flooding in Sibu

  1. Jackson Lintang

    Dear Dr Patau,

    I am a keen follower of your perkembangan.
    Any comments on the latest move by Najib to shower the Bidayuh with Rm4 million? Any repercussions on the other pork-eating natives?



    • partistar

      It is obvious why suddenly Najib remembered the Bidayuhs and gave RM4 million for the DBNA Hall in Kuching. While they appreciated his gesture, the community also realized their other needs which are not being met by the BN Representatives who replaced me. According to the Bidayuh Minister, he is also asked to submit other urgent needs.

      But as a whole Sarawak, after 45 years of exploitation of our natural resources especially Oil and forests reserves, are you happy with what we have to-day? I believe we deserve more, but so far the majority disagree with me. They believe that what we have to-day is already heaven. Even John Nichol Rayong thought so, this is why he jumped ship to BN, instead of STAR or PKR, and last I heard he supports SUPP.

      Until we know what we really need and are fully committed to work for what we need through the right “boat”, we will continue to get fed with “UMPAN” only. I have to wait the last twelve years for all Sarawakians to realize that unless more and more are fully committed to a better future, we will be left behind as a State.

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