Traditional Medicine and Herbs

Last night, I was inducted as a Member of Sarawak Traditional Medicine and Herbal Association as the President, Professor C.C. Wong, educated in China since they wanted to start the Association in 2008. However I declined at that moment because my busy schedule to do documentation works on the Bidayuh Traditional knowledge and Traditional Healing Practices was ongoing as it is now besides making sure that the DANIDA project on Community Based Natural Resources Management is going on smoothly. Now the Project officially ended on 31st January leaving on for final settlements of bills and auditing of the Accounts, I can take on another venture with other Association members in the herbal industry as well as in Traditional Healing practices.

Human being becomes dysfunctional or not acting normally for at least three reasons or causes as far as I have observed this far. These are;

(1) Causes which can be scientifically explained and where modern medicine can help to heal well;

(2) Dubious causes where scientifically not fully understood and modern medicine is only as palliative to reduce the effects so that the patients do not harm themselves or others around such as schizophrenia, PTS (post truamatic Syndrome amongst war veterans), etc and most of them end up in Mental Hospitals; and thirdly

(3) Causes where physically the patient physical vital signs are normal but dysfunctional.

While modern medicine works well in the first category, it has failed miserably in the last two. Vaccination alone has saved millions of life. Modern medicine has almost wiped out Infectious diseases. Yet the West has not done as well as China where even in the sixties they were doing better with their barefoot doctors in bringing better health to the rural areas. Historically the West discovered America because Columbus managed to convince the King and Queen of Spain that “GOING WEST was the fastest and shortest route to China to their spices and Herbs”, not knowing that the Continents of America was blocking the “direct and shortest” sailing route to China in 1500s just they finished driving the “MOORS” out of Spain.

China till to-day is counting heavy on their knowledge of Herbs and foods as their way to a better Health. Only now modern ailments, like Diabetes and Hypertension, baffle them. Chinese original cooking was healthy but it is not as healthy now as they start to add sodium glutamate as the enhancer. Sodium in whatever form is still sodium. Too much sodium in the blood is responsible for Hypertension! Further sodium glutamate is implicated in the so-called “HONG KONG SYNDROME” where one gets diarrhea after eating the Chinese Restaurants in Hong Kong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine depends heavily on known herbs to restore the yin and yang of the body to stay healthy besides unblocking body flows of fluids along the meridians through the use of acupuncture to restore the balance and thus the health. Now you also have foot reflexology which is claimed to be useful. In fact, during the dinner, Mr Ling and his wife also introduced their 1838 Herbal concoction which helps to heal “cancer” in his wife and other patients who sought his help. He claimed that it is good for a variety of  cancer. His concoction comes from 38 herbs which are boiled for 18 hours.

Hundreds of known Herbs are being used as in the book entitled “Introduction to Malaysian Herbs” by Prof. Dr. C.C. Wong, 132 herbs are shown in pictures. Yet there are thousands more yet to be known.  Four of the herbs used in TEH C’ZNAK is not featured nor is our UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE which is an effective antidote to all poisons, tried on so far.

I was given a chance to say a few words on my experience with Herbs. That I did and I focused only the Tea we are producing now at a cottage Industry level for use and benefit of our friends and contacts to relieve them of the effects of Hypertension, Diabetes and old age. (see my earlier blog on ? Need amputation – diabetic scourge.) We have saved a few legs already and healed a number with diabetic ulcers.

As for the Antidote, I have also mentioned it in the earlier blogs. To-day the life of a 28 year old man is hanging in the balance. The mother and auntie tried to contact me last night but only got to me this morning. Last I am told the patient has been moved to ICU. Unless they can get the antidote into his stomach, his chances of survival is slim. Modern medicine has no antidote to the INSECTICIDE he had drunk on Saturday the 6th. If only before the admission to SGH, they been able to contact me, he will be well to-day as the antidote is very fasting acting even though taken orally.

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  1. partistar

    Yea, another life is saved. After the mother managed to get co-operation from the staff of ICU, she was able to “syringed in” about 120 mls of the Tea at 2.00 pm yesterday, the patient went to sleep about an hour later according to the mother. Guessed first time since admission. Should be all right this morning.

    Thanks to her Auntie who scouted the internet and found my name and phone number.

    Somehow someone has done the linkage using Bahasa Malaysia. Thank you to that kind soul. You have helped to save a life so far. May GOD gives the blessings you deserve.

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