The stream of Life

The stream of Life

This is an upper reaches of a stream which is currently dead because of logging in its catchment area. Before the sandy patch we were having our picnic and the shallow water the boy is playing in, was a very deep pool of about 8 foot deep teeming with fish. Then there was no fish swimming around us and not even a knee depth of water left.

But as nature always does, it struggles to be alive again. But do we, as human, wants live again when we are down with an illness… to a few pathetic one, they even resign to die as death is our ultimate destination. Some of us age fast because of the environment and status we are in. I remember that in the fifties in my village when an age of fifty were regarded as old, especially for those who had married young, some at the age of their puberty. Now many at fifty are still young. I am still young at the age of nearly seventy but many i met during this annual festivals appeared older than me even though they are just in their fifties.

Thus the stream of life is there but the environment exact their marks on human beings.What are the factors useful youthfulness or longevity?

The Bible has recorded the life of many figures to be over one hundred and fifty. Sarah gave birth to her only son at the age of over ninety…..But what has happened since. In the old days, human survived on organic foods … now mainly on processed foods and instant cooked meals full of unnecessary additives and preservative to suit our taste.

As for taste, i remember my experience of eating fresh river fish amongst a population where salt was non existent in the area in the early 70’s. But two days later then i appreciated the natural sweetness of the same fish i tasted fishy earlier when my salt taste buds were still active. I naturally ate more of the fish then.

So if we consider food alone besides many other factors which affect longevity, do we really have enough food that we need? Frankly I use food pharmacology to stay “young” at almost seventy. If I feel “heavy” or tired, I change my diet to suit my body. I even use the herbs around my garden to control my blood sugar and blood pressure. Experience has shown many useful herbs for these purpose.

Just make sure that you do not feel sleepy after a meal… for if you do,  it could mean hyper insulin-ism to control the blood sugar which goes up by the meal you have taken or you are diabetic or about to have one.

What should be our stream of life? Only individually, we should be able to know what keeps us healthy and well. The environment we can create for ourselves is important. Our reaction to the environment we are in is even more important. A quick adaptation to what we have is very, very important as …. Happiness with what we have is the way to enjoy life.

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June 10, 2013 · 8:41 pm

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