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Bye 2013, welocme 2014

I am very happy to say good bye to 2013 with no regrets…. much have happened but the beauty of 2013 is that I have survived it socially, financially and politically…

Socially I have met and made more new friends and mostly keep them. I have found more have bigger troubles than myself…thus easier to be grateful for what I have…. a very thrifty wife refusing a new car but instead take the cash instead…children progressing well in their lives too… seeing more supporters doing better as well has been a source of happiness whenever I visited them..

Financially, now I have cleared the critical part of the debt accumulated for believing in a friend in 2006…now only to start rebuilding and regaining what was lost since then…but only being grateful that the struggle to help more people happier can go on..Thank God i manage to survive my little crisis without invoking help from others… only the political struggle was slower because of the tight budget and its constraints…. but happy to note more opposition candidadtes win the seats in both the State Assembly as well as Parliament in the last general election …

It is also the year to see that STAR can win a State seat in Sabah despite the severe divisions within the Opposition .. STAR is still making progress in gaining more support from the constituents.

What is most encouraging is that we are making progress in the herbal industry… now only waiting for enough money to start making them into the market… it will be a new start for all poisoning cases, drug addiction and alcoholism…. it will be also an important contributions in other illnesses..just last night a guest came with a hangover from the previous night drinking, thanking me for making her feel much better after taking the “special tea” we made and enjoy… at least the tea kept me looked,felt, and stayed young…Thank you God,

And may one day all of you can be free illnesses which the herbal Tea, my special one can heal…poisoning, addiction, alcohlism, drug reactions etc……In 2013, the Intellectual Property for the tea was approved…..Image.

One of the above herb is known to be useful as well… millions more are there to be discovered and used. I have have laready found one which has been very useful in healing contusions, sprains bruises and broken bones… i got whiplash injury which was healed in less than 24 hours without using any modern medicine or painkillers…sustained the injury on the 29th night, iwas all right next ady adn no thing to show for the injury now… a wonderful herb the Bidayuh learnt from a big brown bird… now i processed it into an oil form….very good for acute sport injury… instead of one or two weeks layoff, the injured player can go back and play in a few days… and broken bones, the most 3 weeks for our experience… the bone heals faster than ever noticed before in my years of medical parctice…

So 2014 can be a very good hope for humanity who wants to live a very healthy life and wants a faster recovery from any acute physiscal injury including broken bones.

So good bye to 2013, and i say welcome to a New year, 2014.

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SARIN Gas Posoning- a possible Herbal answer

While we are holding our breath whether or not a new expanded war arising from Syria use of chemical weapons is on or not, a question should also be asked, whether or not God has already provided an answer to make chemical weapons non-effective? Man knows how to do destroy at the press of a button or one phone call to give an order for quick destruction but how many can help to create? Or rather want to create or for our restless youths even? President Obama says he wants to create job and give a wider coverage of Health care for instance, but how many in the US congress or Senate want them. Many will oppose based on potential political mileage to be the next American President. This is the norm of politics anyway. So even Assad is being accused by some to have used the chemical weapons but the British Parliament questioned who use it and the Russian and China openly opposed to Obama attempt to punish Assad for doing so even though we watch videos to innocents, young and old wriggling to death because someone used the chemical weapon called SARIN! Over one thousand is said to have died. What is pitiful is that who made it the hospital also died. But our current ignorance to the antidote to SARIN also allowed those who made it to the hospital to die – as we in Malaysia also still allow many to die unnecessarily from all types of poisons, be it from poisonous bites like snakes, wasps etc… while we do our political discrimination to stop me from telling the whole wide world that I have the answer to these and also drug addiction and alcoholism.

All who have drunk my herbal tea, which is totally harvested form the wild orĀ  organically grown is not known to the UN and WHO, had survived on a 100% cure rate – even from the dealy weed killer called PARAQUAT CHLORIDE, commonly used form agricultural purposes….but unfortunately accidentally drunk or used by desperate people to commit suicide… so no matter what modern treatment is used it has % percent kill rate. But with my Herbal tea, so far it is one hundred percent cure rate. Latest case of a survivor was deemed to die by the people I knew but he lives while the one predicted to live from the Formic Acid burn died. The survivor lives because he took my herbal Tea while the other did not despite the survivor had a serious third degree burn coupled with drinking a weed killer too. He was treated in Intensive Care Unit while other was treated in an ordinary ward! Yet the serious is saved while the other died…why?

My guess is that the survivor drank herbal tea which appears to antidote properties to all type of poisons, all types of poisonous bites, alcohol and addictive drugs. It also is also effective against drug reactions. In snake bites, its anti-paralytic action is less than 15 minutes after an oral dose as observed in one patientĀ  a few years back. Importantly is its rejuvenating effect as weed killers victims who were unable to eat or drink as in one case of a 15 year old girl in Sabah and two cases of pesticide victims in our Sarawak Genearl Hospital Intensive Unit with Cardiopulmonary collapse and were on cardiopulmonary machine were able lived after less than 24 hours. All three patients were alive and well after three days.

Thus the big question in my mine since the August 21 st has been, how many of those victims could be alive to-day had someone just called to bring and try the Herbal Tea … now by the way i have enough supply to cater to over ten thousand patients…within a few days… three thousand immediately. I believe that it can neutralize SARIN gas poisoning as well. My gut feeling says so!!!!

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