Community Based Natural Resources Management

I just came back from Kota Kinabalu after attending a common sharing seminar of the lessons the various NGOS learned during the period each of us implement the projects sponsored by the Danish Government through MENGO under their DANIDA. I was luckily picked as one of the five participants sent by our JKKK PUSAT KROKONG to attend the seminar from 27th to 29th January 2010 at the Crocker Range National Park at Keningau, Sabah.

Since February last year with an allocation of RM 200, 000 from DANIDA, we have undertaken the budgeted activities as per scheduled in the Agreement signed by our Committee Chairman, Sdr Micheal Sawing. The seminar was the last activity under the Agreement and in all 61 participants from the seven NGOS attended. We had a good time to learn from each others’ experiences. Many commented that the period was too short actually.

Some of the participants had gone home, but those of us who were left came to this village in four vans. We had our morning tea with the villagers and then later lunch drinking “TAPAI” also from a jar which was kept full. The Village head would fill the jar to measure how much you would consume at one partake – minimum one plastic cup measuring about 300ccs. The most taken was almost two cups.

The remaining participants after lunch. Before that we were at the waterfalls and the “Face” which you see behind me above. The trail to the Face is about 700 meters from the Ranger Station where we had our Lunch. Five of us had a wonderful and refreshing bath in the cold clear water.

Heaven is there. Clear and unspoiled environment. We had a very good time. It is up to the community and the National Park Authorities to work hand in hand not only to maintain, enhance and retain the beauty of nature we are vested with but to revenue to all concerned.

Time have come when the Government and all the communities living within each specific environment have to work together to showcase our natural resources and wealth to benefit as many people as possible. Any community can be mobilized to play a role in the conservation and management of the natural resources. After all, it is the community within the specific area which had been able to keep the environment to the present level. Only new needs and pressures had brought new destruction to nature, especially to our remaining tropical rain forests under various pretexts.

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