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The Defining Moment

PRU13 could be the Defining moment for the Malaysian History. Both contenders for power at Putra Jaya appear to be fighting at all costs with no hold bars against each other…even my small event at Mentu Pondok, a small town in Serian, a BN team came to sabotage by a possible arm-twisting of the Police who issued them the permit to use meeting place at the same time and place for motive of their own political game. Luckily, I came in time to stop our candidate from challenging these outsiders from claiming that Serian and Mentu Pondok is their stronghold. In Bidayuh Adat, this is the height of insanity and contempt by the Police and Barisan Nasional candidate of the Election Law. Our candidate had asked for the PERMIT first. Why should the Police issue another permit at the same time and place? Do they really want a fight the death of my candidate could be the trigger for a Civil War? Is this really what the Police and BN want? Is this campaign a declaration of civil war?????

You, the voters, are the moderators on May 5th. Can you become the decider in all the areas! Can we say “NO” to all the provocations made by both BN and PR now?

STAR is still young and poor relatively compared to BN and PR. But we have to start somewhere to correct what is wrong. Our options in Sarawak and Sabah are very clear. Can we stop BN/PR blame game? Many voters are not certain of our capability to help. Yet I beg for your help. Just vote for STAR in Sabah and Sarawak then we will do our best to stop Malaysia from being “burnt” by emotions and greed which can bring chaos like what DAP and the Alliance did long ago but the ashes they both bring still have the mistrust between the two main races to-day… where in many places they cannot sit, talk and smile with each other like us in Sarawak and Sabah. Yes, we can still sit and joke with each in a Chinese, Indian, or Malay coffee shops. Sadly they cannot in Malaya…. so is there anything they teach us or should one 1Malaysia can teach Malayan to be like us in Sabah and Sarawak. Their symbol of unity is almost like the “F- – k off” sign which surely insults many people.

Is this transformation that Najib and BN wants to bring to our people? Will be worth it if there is disorder like in May also many years ago…. will a declaration of Emergency be good for our Malaysian economy and world standing?

Fellow Sarawakians and Sabahans, give ourselves a chance by voting for STAR on May 5th. By doing so you can also say a very big “NO” to these Malayan parties who appears to POWER AT ALL COSTS.

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The Blame game

As a prelude to the 13th Parliamentary Elections, the blame game is the most popular approach adopted by many contenders. One of my cousins when asked by his former colleagues to rejoin his old Party to support the current leader who is being portrayed by his opponents as too old and “corrupt” in Sarawak, remarked with a smile in his face told me, “Sorry i cannot go back as I have no capital to bring in.” he said.

Being a Traditional Bidayuh where his word is his Treaty till death, he does not like the blame game being played out in his former party called Parti Pesaka Bersatu or PBB. Similarly he says the same for BN, Barisan Nasional or the National Front which has governed Malaysia since its formation in September 16th, 1963. He was one of the signatories on behalf of the Bidayuh as he was the Chairman of Bau Local Authority then…

But can politics be without the blame game? I met another graduate who told me what his professor told him recently. The Class was told by his professor that “Politic is very dirty”. There and then I begged to differ That “politics is not meant to be dirty but many politicians in the active are”. That was not the only time i have been told. In fact, one Insurance businessman told me right in my face one day that he does not trust “any politicians”. I should not have trusted him too he was himself a manipulator in the end.

Politics is like water, it will be polluted by all the pollutants thrown into it. It is worse in developing countries with resources which can be exploited…many would go up to get power at all costs…..they will have to be able to cheat and lie with a straight face even to the extent to swearing on their Holy Books…. just to win. For this class of people power and greed for money make them do anything…. but at the end of their lives, normally they will live a miserable life…. are they many happy retirees in politics…by the way, I just met one lonely looking and unhappy politician retiree yesterday….while at the same time I met a jovial happy pensioner who was our staunch SNAP member before. He is also healthy telling me only about his renal stone which cannot be destroyed by three lasers bombardment but has to be removed later surgically while the other renal stone which could not seen by an X-ray but found out later by scanning…..Now both stones removed, he is jovial and healthy in his 80’s but not the politician of his age too.  Defintely far, far healthier compared to our Chief Minister. I presume he is healthy as he never do any blame game in politics…as far as my experience knowing him since the seventies.

My father advice for the blame game is “Never to blame anyone and never to respond to any of it”… for if you do it will come back on you, he said. This he told me when I confronted him one day to defend himself on the silly accusations people make on him such calling him names etc…or cursing him. Then he told me, “son leave it to TOPA, if people call me ( such as LUANG TULOI or his balls) bad names so what my balls will not drop, or if they curse me, it will not matter if I am not guilty.” He said you watch one day I will be the oldest man around…true enough all those who did say all the bad words against my father all died before him and he was the oldest one left … so when my auntie died, he refused to take his Digoxin and he died six days later in his sleep on that Saturday morning with a smile in his face….real age no one knows as he was never registered at birth… but he could still see without glasses, hear without hearing aids and was still active and mobile … died as the Villager Elder as none want to replace him with a nickname called “KUSAI” derived from his own activities settling people problems and quarrels without asking even his bus fares or ration the case had to heard at the district Office in Bau…..

Thus if our political movement is to serve our country and nations do we need the Blame game now? Should we need to win at all costs? Now new sex scandals are supposed to be the next juicy scandals for PRU13th….. are they necessary? Definitely not for me….

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The reality of Malaysian Politics – Part 1

To-day, a reporter from Borneo Post called and asked me a few questions about politics and the status of STAR.

He asked, “Is STAR still around?”

Of course, STAR is still around and is still in the waiting mode. We have moved our Headquarters to my empty house because the former landlord wants to increase the rental. At this stage this is no point of wasting three thousand in rental when the Party is still building up for the long haul. We know that BN has the upper hand now as long as there is apathy for real change amongst the present pool of voters. We have accepted to do the marathon race. We shall wait until a new generation of concerned voters where neither fear nor money can influence their decision. We shall wait until a new generation of political leaders can emerge to offer Sarawak a better deal.

He also asked, “Is STAR in PR?”

No, STAR is yet to sit down and discuss with any partners of the proposed Pakatan Rakyat as it is not a formal body as yet. When DAP, PAS and PKR decides to accept the reality that to form PR, they need four more political parties to have a common symbol and agenda, then STAR may decide to attend the meeting or convention to form one. We will not join them just like we would join BN or Malaysia with conditions imposed on us. It must be a meeting of equals, then we will attend. We want Sarawakians to tell us what they want first before we join any union of parties.

“Will STAR contest and in how many seats?”

It is too early to tell as Taib is still waiting for “inspiration to dissolve the State Assembly”. STAR will decide on the best course of action for the people of Sarawak.

In fact, even Leslley Kallom has been hoping STAR makes its moves known. He even wished that we should be part of PR, not knowing that there are PR leaders who think that I am a BN man and STAR is for BN. We are not invited to certain functions because this leader thinks I am BN man. But it should be noted that we were invited to PKR Ramah Tamah function and we did attended.

It is also a fact one of the BN leaders welcomed me back to BN after the 2006 State elections. I unfortunately pointed out to him the fact that I never join nor left BN, thus I cannot go back. In fact, I was kicked out of the State Cabinet because as claimed in my dismissal letter “that I cannot work with(sic) leaders in BN”. Further I was “suspended indefinitely” with directives, “NOT TO MEET any SNA members OR ATTEND any SNAP meetings” by the CEC led by James Wong.

Under that scenario in 1995, I had two options left, one to retire from politics entirely or two to continue the genuine original SNAP struggle under a new Party without fear or favor. After consulting with a few of my hard core supporters, they wanted me to go on unanimously. Thus, gathering seven of them we called a meeting to form State Reform Party. In the end, two more came to join the meeting and form the pro-tem committee led by Mr. Jien anak Nyobek, SNAP Veteran and former Police Sergeant, to register the Party. State Reform Party Sarawak was registered on 9th October 1996.

I was elected as its first President at the first Party Triennial Assembly held at Kpg Sibuluh, Bau on March 9th 1977. To date, about four thousand committed followers register themselves as members and many more as supporters. Thus without much campaigning in most of the election battles, our candidates managed to keep their deposits even in the Chinese majority seat of Batu Kawa and Batu Lintang. May God bless all these supporters. So far, only the candidate in Krian lost his deposit in a five corner fight.

Where to go from here? We will discuss the matter amongst our core supporters for all the moves we will make to wear down our political foes who we still treat as our friends and fellow Sarawakians. We are in for the long haul to ensure real democracy will lead us all to a better day. Our decision will be based on our own strengths and weaknesses. We neither envy or worship anyone and we are prepared work with anyone as long as it is good for all Sarawakians.

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Time to remember

True, I have not written any post  for a while now.

Now is the time to remember, “what goes up will come down”. Look at what is happening in Iran, thirty years ago they rejoiced in the streets to welcome a new era heralded by the late Ayatollah Khomeini, their Supreme Leader after the fall of their SHAH. Now they are fighting for a new era after thirty years of having a Supreme Leader. Innocents still have to die in the name of Iran as was before and also so many times before. Look around you there are many instances of good and bad times – time for growth followed time for death, time for enjoyment and time to cry, time for wealth and time for poverty. Only time can and will be humbled the Supreme, the Great or whatever as long that man forgets that there is time to wither and die and time to fall. Thus it is better to cherish every moment and every day rather than to mourn and groan.

Yet time alone will not be enough if you want change for the better to come in time for you, yourself, to enjoy the change you may dream of… So it is better to get one thing done at a time or day and cherish its accomplishment.

Our Prime Minister calls for 1Malaysia and then his Deputy calls for a Unity Government. Then lately, PM says BN can govern without a Unity Government. Believers will pray and said now we have a new agenda, yet nonbelievers are still hoping for the new agenda. Politics being politics, only the shrewd and cunning will win. But always remember, time will show that unless BN really change they will surely become the Opposition one blue day. When it happens, depends on how shrewd and cunning the PR group will be before the next General Election – or really how smart Najib is in using the System to rebuild credibility and strength for BN through the changes he promises.

In Sarawak some enjoy very good times still while many are still hurting. This Gawai could be merrier but some cannot even enjoy for one reason or another. It is very strange why for the first time after we launched the official Gawai for the State in 1988 after the Ming Court saga, Jabu was visibly absent at the National level Gawai celebrations. Rumors and speculations said that he is “sick” and needed a “by-pass”. Yet there is no official announcement. Is it time which is changing? Whatever it is, we should wish him well.

Yes, it is still time to celebrate Gawai. One village may still have their Annual festival this July as the date is yet to be confirmed. In Bau District, there were five villages that celebrated their Annual festival the traditional way, namely Kpg Grogo, Kpg Opar and Kpg Stass on the 30th May to 1st June followed by Kpg Serikin and Kpg Serasot a week or two later. In Lundu, Kpg Selampit ahd celebrated theirs with the help of the High Priest, High Priestess and two Priestesses from Kpg Grogo. During these Gawai celebrations, these were times to remember and share as visitors renewed their relationships and shared their successes and failures.

For the Bidayuhs, it is time to remember that 1908/09 padi is a Year OF KILOWONG. There were many complaints by farmers who found that their padi were harvested in many areas without any signs of the padi stalks on ground or within the farm area. A few even claimed that they saw momentarily “men in red” doing the harvesting. Upon checking with the elders, I was told that there is a year of the “KILOWONG” – the “unseen” doing the harvest to get their share. Yet there were farmers whose farms were spared. It is a year to remember and understand why the Bidayuh have to do various ceremonies during the farming season to ensure that they would be blessed with a very good harvest and a successful year.

2009 is also the fiftieth anniversary of  Dragon School, situate at 24th Mile of the old Kuching/Serian road. The pupils, as we were called then, of 1959 are celebrating the 50th Anniversary on July 4th. I am that old? Yeah indeed, it is time to get old and older. So as one grand colleague of mine always says, ” CONGRATULATIONS” every time we meet, I say “CONGRATULATIONS”. Why, because we are fortunate to live another beautiful day as every day in our pension years is a day of rejoice and blessing. Many of  my peers unfortunately cannot attend and I can say only to them, RIP unfortunately. Some choose not to attend. To them we say “CONGRATULATIONS” as you are still around to enjoy the good and bad times.

A big thank you to all who have sent me greetings. May God blesses you all always.


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Embrace Diversity…..

My search for a topic relevant for our common survival ended when I read the following woods taken by O.E Bulter in her book, Parable Of The Sower from another book, Earthseed: The Books Of  The Living:










Malaysians and especially Sarawakians must think through this simple message in our quest to move up to the next level of development towards a real Parliamentary Democracy to safe guard our individual rights to reach our fullest potential, especially amongst those who cry for change for the better. The power of change lies from within as well as outside the individual, depends very much on our own character and motivation in life ….. However in order to invoke real change  around ourselves the power within is the important one.

Only we can sow the “proper seed”….

In Malaysia, BN has been able to govern since its formation in the early seventies as an effort to find a resolution to the racial divide which has heralded in the 1969 racial riots after that General election. It heralds in the New Economic Policy which recognizes the need to cater to the needs of the various races by reducing the economic gap between Bumiputra and non-bumiputra population. Winning Parties representing various racial and other interests have always been invited to join to form the Government by UMNO, the backbone of BN. PBS was accepted into BN after it toppled Berjaya, the BN partner during the election where even the PM promised to sink or swim with Berjaya during that State Election. Berjaya, however, was allowed to sink into a political oblivion… However PBS was kicked out later but because they still hold a considerable sway amongst the local voters, it has been taken back in to reduce politicking and also to ensure UMNO supremacy in Sabah.

However the need to unite amidst diversity was not accepted amongst the opposition parties especially between DAP and PAS until the last General election where the only “glue” was provided by the “de facto” PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim. However that need was not accepted by PKR Sarawak State leader, Dominic Ng, who went on a three corner fight trying to wrest the Chinese majority seat from DAP in Sarawak. The unity amongst the main Opposition Parties in West Malaysia resulted in BN losing its two third Majority in Parliament for the first time in Malaysia history and losing four more States in West Malaysia.

In Sarawak, working in isolation and individually, only one seat, Kuching Bandar went to the Opposition. If only the Opposition parties worked together right from the beginning, BN could have lost at least six seats…. but divided, DAP lost Sarikei seat by 51 votes while PKR Independent lost its deposit in Sarikei!…  PKR lost Limbang by 676 votes in a two corner fight, and DAP lost Stampin by 3070 votes.

Furthermore domination of Sarawak politics by Taib in the last 28 years is due to his ability to unite the divided forces under BN banner under his battle cry of “politics of Development” publicly which in private could also mean “Development of (his)Politics” of dominance…. Destruction of SNAP through the formation of PBDS and later SPDP has paved the way for a total dominance as none of the existing parties in BN can go solo against PBB or BN and dislodged him from power. Furthermore the destruction of  PBDS through  the “instant formation” of PRS has further divided the contending Dayak power to remain subservient to the ruling power. The ability to use the divisive forces within BN and the political  “gamblers” was further demonstrated in the Batang Ai By-election, where BN won by a big majority, even though the local sentiment was against BN. The key was to unite the divisions through the power of money politics….

Now there are lots of talk about allegations of abuse of power, money politics, corruption, false promises, etc against the BN, but until the Opposition recognizes the need to embrace diversity and unite, BN will still has its day, no matter what…

In Sarawak, the continued division amongst the natives has allowed for total political dominance by Taib and his men since his return in 1981.

Until the natives can unite politically to seek a better future, a lot of unnecessary court cases regarding land and political pension will have to continue as both of these issues needed to be resolved by the Courts as appeals for real justice are being ignored for political convenience. Daniel and group had to bring their appeals for their rightful pension right o the Federal Court to have it resolved. They may even have to get another Court Order to get their rightful pensions.

Until we can unite amidst diversity, a lot of unnecessary woes will befall many as BN will use their might for purposes suitable for …..

Have a Happy Gawai season…

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2009 – Happy New Year…

2008 is about to be gone to be replaced by 2009.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2009 may not be as prosperous but it will be the year where we have to watch our purse more carefully as the world economy may recover slowly. For serious investors, it will be a year of opportunity as well.No doubt many have already made plans and resolutions for the new year while the others have not. It is important to know what we want to do and achieve if we want to achieve more in life. A general framework is needed so that the details can be fitted in as time moves on.

I like to break mine into various aspects of things which affect my future as well as those close to me. However whether I can fulfill all the goals set or not, it does not make me quit in my quest to be a better person or life at the end of the day. I start by deciding what I want my obituary will be like – the type of person that I will be remembered by, when my “external shell” is ready for burial. Next is my commitment to leave my village, my friends, my family and my country a better place than when I first found them.

Financial Needs

This is a key area where one must establish a goal. Without money, life will be a mess. With too much money, life can also be miserable as well. There needs to be a balance where life is worth living. Had I gone for too much money, there will be no STAR to-day. However without the money needed, STAR can only as much as it has up to now.

Thus for anyone who aspires to rise up to be on the top of the cream, you must plan your financial needs now. To ensure that you will have the fund you need for any of your plans, you will have to adopt the principles used by a very poor man who sought and followed the advice from a very rich old man, later he, himself, became the richest man in Baghdad. In accordance to the principles he learned, you must pay yourself at least 10% of whatever you earn and invest it in a solid investment with guaranteed interests every month. This fund can only be used to buy land or properties in a good area later. The other ninety percent is the only amount available for your daily needs and for paying your debts if any. Your target is always to be debt free… The more you can save and invest safely above the minimum of the 10% target the faster you will get rich.

Physical Needs.

There is no point to be rich and famous if you neglect your physical and health needs. Being a slave to medications or whatever before you are eighty means you have neglected your bodily needs to stay healthy. Your body needs time for work, relaxation and exercise. It also needs proper diet to meet your daily requirements. Whatever you eat and drink and make you feel fresh and alert is good for you except too much alcohol in whatever forms and also smoking, whatever amount. It is also advisable to stay away from those who smoke, as secondary smoking is bad for your lungs.

Spiritual needs

It is important in the present world of competing spiritual interests to be confident enough of your own faith so as not to be swayed into worrying about what will happen to you when you die. GOD has provide us with our own souls. Just listen to your own soul and be happy that you are alive and well and as our Deputy President, Dr. Dripin Sakoi, does, “He congratulates me for living another day!” I do the same to him. Yes every other day we live in peace , in harmony and in health deserves a “CONGRATULATIONS”.

It is also important to understand as much about others’ beliefs that I have made it a point to read as much as I can about the BOOKS of the GREAT religions of the world.

Family needs

No matter what eventually every man needs a family. It is not only the immediate but also the extended family. The closer we become the happier one can be. Only when the family is all right, only then we can really look after the bigger family, the State and the Nation. It is important we keep in contact and have quality time as much as we can or else we will lose each other.

In Malaysia, we have a number of occasions when families can get together as we celebrate a minimum of four New Years and many other holidays. Besides these holidays, IT has made it possible for immediate and constant contacts through phone calls, SMS, e-mails, Twitter, Facebook and Blogging. Thus interchange of information, ideas and help can be immediate.

Social Needs

Being more of a social animal, we also need to keep a circle of friends for various reasons. I found out that having many friends made my work easier as a politician, even as an opposition member. If we are lucky enough to have friends in the corridors of power, it would better still. The only thing about friendship is that it can also be a handicap if the character we portray or exude is offensive, unreliable or exploitative then one will asking for trouble. I have known characters who have a lot of friends and know a lot of people but command little or no respect.

Thus it is also important to cultivate relationships with honor and respectability.

Overall self development

Finally it is important really to ponder why are we here, now and then? Why are we born? What really is our part and role? Many missionaries from various faiths are ready to provide us with ready answers, but should be satisfied. If we are here to do GOD’S will, how are you going to know that will?

We have to survive to our present status using our five senses. What if there are other dimensions we have been schooled not to explore or believe? Should we not develop our sixth or seventh senses to really know what our soul is really like?

For a better future and a better New Year, we ought to know our real mission for being born by trying to know “what we yet to know”. It is only when we know we can move forward to be a better person. Only when we know more and do more than what we know and do, we can change our world to be a better place than it is now.

Now I wish you a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. For Muslims, a few days late and the Chinese twenty seven days early, the Dayaks six months too early, showing that even for new years we differ, but we still share the same air, water and land. We do share the same struggle which is to live a happy, healthy and worthy life. Till our souls leave our bodies, we can suffer together or we can laugh together. The choice lies with us all….



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To-day is Christmas Day, a day for celebration for all Christians throughout the World, though one half is still celebrating the Christmas Eve because we are ahead of many millions by twenty-hours or more. There are others who had celebrated it hours before us- New Zealanders four hours ahead, Australians two hours ahead, etc all to the East of us. The Christians celebrate the official birthday of their LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST.

Six days later we will be welcoming the New Year throughout the World, while the Chinese will have to wait another twenty-seven days before their New Year bash.

The celebration is also the celebration of all of us to that very hour. What we have achieved is what we have been able to do to our varied goals and actions. Some just reap without effort to get more than they really need while other have toiled to their bones and yet may not be able to afford a decent meals to celebrate. To those with excesses obtained by guile and deceit we have to pity them for that will be all they can ever achieved. Normally they end with a dismal old age with less friends and more enemies… so pity and bless them that they realize futility of their greed in the coming years so they remember those who toil but not be able to afford a new shirt for Christmas…

For all who still have to struggle for a better living, I would like to give you food for thought so that the celebration for 2009 will be happier and better…. Tecman final eight lines to ponder while you celebrate this year…









The above are for all Malaysians.

Now we are supposed to be developed along on the principles of RUKUN NEGARA which were the reasons for Malaysia to be born…..but now actually on the principles of inequality of four main pillars for wealth distribution while little or stress is made on wealth creation except as campaign promises….and political strategies to win support after the May 13 th riots heralding the birth of NEP.

While those who are in the corridors of power can make millions or billions just by dropping the right names at the right time or married to the right husbands or wives, there are many who work and work just to ensure that they food on their tables. While the BN MPS enjoyed their free and sponsored trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong to stop any possible political hijackings in September this year, many Malaysians cannot afford their airfares to visit families within the States they live in… If fact some of them even dared to complain to a senior journalist that they were given only RM1,000.00 in Taipei and US1,000.00 who they moved to Hong Kong when threatened by the typhoon in Taiwan. Imagine free trips etc and almost five thousands of pocket money they are still complaining, but they have a basis though because they alleged that they were promised FIFTY THOUSAND each!… Yes these are the “lucky” people but pity them for their dignity and souls are that cheap also. One would expect them to have better principles and goals to help this Nation…

But for the many Malaysians, who think that too much have been taken by the privileged few, it is important to remember that it is up to each one of us to make sure that to-morrow can be better by thinking positively what one can do to bring in the right changes. While the privileged will use all the advantages to reap and reap, you can determined how far and how long they can do that to you.

As this is Christmas day, be happy and be Merry. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone…..

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Tecman – If YOU THINK… YOU CAN- Part 2

Many have said behind my back that I have lost many elections already and that there is no more hope for me. I just smile… and pity them, especially those who think that with Anwar’s Tsunami they will easily topple Taib and his gang ,come next State Election… But what is worse is that they think they could not win without Anwar and PKR. Even this morning, such sentiment was expressed to me….. so what if PKR has other priorities?… what if Anwar is bogged down by West Malaysians’ problems? Just last weekend PAS vice President, revived its call for the implementation of the HUDUD law… DAP Secretary General and Chief Minister of Penang, quickly responded with a “NO”. He is going to seek clarification from Anwar, he told the press….

Let us think about a common case in point to see how we view the world ourselves, – take the scenario of a cup filled half way with water:- is it half full or half empty? Similarly if you do not win an election but the opponent uses all the dirty tricks to win by hook or by crook, is it a loss or yet-to-win situation? It is entirely depend on your point of view and your imprinted impression of life.

Since we are talking about political philosophy, a viewpoint can be derived from your own stated goals. If the goals were for a quick win so that one could seen as a hero, then losing an election is definitely a loss. If on the other hand we establish a different goal, say to make sure that the ruling Party keep on their toes to serve particular interests or else they can be thrown out at later date then losing an election or two or many more does not matter a bit as long as the struggle can be sustained without going for a “cheap sale”. Look at PAS history, when I entered Parliament in 1986, Only one PAS lone ranger in Parliament and he was from Pengkalan Chepa, a quiet old man whom UMNO members could not “ruffle his feathers” so to speak debate after debate. He just did his things quietly with dignity… Now PAS holds power in three States, Kelantan, Kedah and Perak. Had they gave up earlier, UMNO will be the “rulers” in these States…

Thus for me, given the conditions of the mentality of the majority of Bidayuh voters to date, it is not time to win “at all costs yet.” STAR would have disappeared from the scene in no time had I won in 1996 or 2000 and so on… BN would have used their defeats to tell all the voters of Mas Gading that it is because of “my victory” that “this and that” are not done… If people asked for projects, they would have asked them to ask me…. and so on and so forth… Thus I had to take many steps backwards first … After all it is all right for the Allies to lose many battles during the Second World War, but they won in the end. As long as we keep on fighting against all odds till the day our Opposition collapse…under their own steam, it is all right not to win yet…..

Thus Part 2 of Tecman:





This is very important to remember if one is to succeed in life and especially in politics and fighting against the might of an Incumbent Government with all the facilities and Departments behind them, we must be prepared to step backwards and dodged the bullets and so on. Time will come when we will win….Don’t rush for a quick victory or predict a victory…

PBDS always wanted a quick victory but when denied they quickly surrendered like in 1991 after trying win in 1987 with Kumpulan Maju… They lasted only four years fighting, even then with one foot in BN…Now the Party is gone with the wind.. a new offshoot, PRS will never win power on their own… Yet some remnants are taking a quick ride with PKR after failing to register MDC… DAP’S Tanjong 1, Tanjong 2… all failed till the last one, only then his son became CM of Penang now…

For The IBANS..

It is honorable to fight for the cause of all the Ibans who are losing their right as “the sons of the soil” as promised to Tun Jugah and other Iban leaders in the sixties to agree to form Malaysia in September 1963. It was the Dayaks objections and reservations which delayed the formation of Malaysia to September 16th 1963. The target date was August 31st that year. It was by divine intervention that it is delayed otherwise the present propaganda that Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaysia “holds water” since the Federal Constitution was amended to make Sarawak and Sabah as one of the thirteen States now.

Be not surprised if both Ningkan and Jugah are not turning and turning in their graves now knowing how they were misled to believe that their grandchildren will be treated as BUMIPUTRAS but NOT “ORANG LAIN LAIN”. Furthermore if they were told that Sarawak will be below par with PERLIS, their collective response would be “NGAI KAMI” to the COBBOLD COMMISSION. If the majority response be so then, there will be no Malaysia to-day. But we are in now and we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for not being able to know what will happen if PBDS were to surrender so easily in 1991 or the Dayaks in-fighting till to-day….

I know the feelings of many gentlemen IBANS and I had heard them expressed many times… I know the determination and uprightness, respect and courtesies of many IBAN longhouses. I know what needs to be done but …. many Iban leaders have failed to have the determination and courage of many longhouses gentlemen who dared to lose the post of Tuai rumahs or penghulus, etc… frankly no stamina to fight to death for many Iban leaders… although plenty in the longhouses if challenged, as shown by those in the Sungei Ulu Niah case…

It was also aptly expressed by one National Council Member from Katibas Division in our 1995 National Council Meeting… the last one I was allowed ever to attend since…. JAKO YA, ” KAMI, DATO(referring to Datuk Amar James, SNAP President then), DI BAROUH DIEN, AMAT KERING. TANG PINGARI KAMI TOK AMAT TUSAH. UDAH DIBESAI KAMI, DITABAN ORANG, UDAH DIBESAI KAMI, DI TABAN ORANG, … ” He repeated it three times… and what happened next … He got an outstanding APPLAUSE from all the DELEGATES who ALL STOOD UP…

The above dilemma need to be resolved. I have “touched and helped” to groom many “IBANS’ to become Honorable Members of both Houses only to see them destroy SNAP, which was the only Party which have made an IBAN, the Chief MINISTER. Sure, PBB made another Iban, to become the Second Chief Minister of Sarawak, Chief Minister but only as a political move to get rid of Ningkan, the first Iban Chief Minister.

My friend and classmate, Joseph Tawie has written down most of the sad episodes of the Ibans losing their power…in his book, The Broken Shield.. It is worth reading to relive the sad history …

So this is plenty for the younger generation of the Ibans to do or sacrifice to make up for lost grounds. It must be understood that success is in only the State Of Mind. If most of you are frightened or are unable to face the common challenge by drunken longhouse petty politicians who would tell you, “NADAI DUIT, ANANG JAKO” or “NADAI DUIT, NADAI JAKO” or “NO MONEY, NO TALK”. Then you have already lost… Blame no one now or in the future but yourself….

But please remember, I don’t think NINGKAN had the money then, but he had two Chinese friends who contributed five thousands each every month to get SNAP moving on the ground, but James Wong was not one of them… Nor did Jugah then… My father didn’t have the money but he moved around for Negara then… Now all of us who talked about all the “coffee shop” politics have more money compared to our parents or grandparents…but why are we so helpless. The Melanaus without the sacrifices of their elders like Tun Salahuddin( Abang Louis Barieng then) would not have made to the present political heights.

So if you want to lead, then lead at the hardest time without complaints or easy surrender. If you can’t, then give full and unequivocal support to anyone else who does but not those who are in BN now… Udah nemu bulu, anang nyabong balu agih, ditaban uhang balu.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS…. Let us hope for a better and happier 2009 ….

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A day to remember…Part 2- “rubbished” and a lesson…

When the Vice-President of PKR,Azmin Ali told the PKR delegates to expect an early snap election at the Party national annual Congress at the end of November, he was quickly “rubbished of” by the Chairman of Sarawak State BN and President of PBB three days later and made the front page of Borneo Post on the 4th December also. At noon time that same day over lunch, a friend of mine asked the question, “Why the over reaction?”… After all it was only a prediction. Why,.. did PKR Vice President hit the “raw nerve” of Taib for the over-reaction?

What happens if by the “hand of God” an early election is needed because of the need to win before PKR is ready to topple him as promised? Definitely, if no one could stop PKR from adopting one State Constituency by each of Member of Parliament and the designated “orphan” can do his/her work to win the support of the voters in his/her constituency? Will BN Sarawak wait until 2010 or 2011? Unlikely….. If so, who become the “rubbish” then?

Now that PKR is stirring the Dayak areas, it will be an interesting 2009 for all political observers…. especially members of BN Sarawak…. Will more of former PBDS and PRS leaders jumping ship to PKR following the footsteps of YB Gabriel Adit? Only time will tell… but if the first gathering of many Dayaks intellectuals on the 4th of December is anything to go by, then the coming State Election could become very interesting…. BN may lose or may lose two third majority for the first time in Sarawak history especially Taib’s???

The wind of Change from PR will be greater if they can win the Kuala Trengganau Parliamentary seat next month. UMNO and Najib, the “apparent PM designate” now that he won the UMNO Presidency uncontested, has a big stake at hand, and so is for PR. Although the contest is between UMNO and PAS, it will be also Anwar and PKR on trial. If PR wins, it will send negative side-effects on BN Sarawak….

A “lesson” is being served to all UMNO members, who may choose to behave and act like Zaid Ibrahim who resigned from his Senator and Ministerial posts appointment because he disagreed with the use of ISA on one reporter, a blogger and an Opposition Member of Parliament. All three have been released since. Of course attending the PKR national annual Congress was the “last straw that broke the camel’s back”. Isn’t the lesson given a bit too late? Could there be more UMNO members more ready to leave to join Anwar? After all now is the clear choice of Najib and Anwar to become the next PM? This so called lesson also made the same front page of Borneo Post…

If PR can conquer Sarawak in the next State General Election which have to be called before the next General Elections and maintain and expand the present base in West Malaysia, Najib could be in a lot of hard work…. Is it this pressure which triggers Taib’s outbursts on a mere prediction of an early State Election from a mere Vice President of PKR….? Or if UMNO win KT with a very big majority, will Najib call an early General Election if the conditions are right to ….

Indeed a day to remember… ada orang marah ooii….

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BULLY- Nonsense or nuisance? Part 1.

In Malaysia for the past weeks, since Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) leadership brought the issue of being bullied by UMNO(United Malays National Organization) in BARISAN NASIONAL(BN), PARTI RAKYAT SARAWAK(PRS) cited instances through its respective Publicity Chiefs of both factions within PRS where the Party was being “bullied by “PESAKA BUMIPUTRA BERSATU”, (PBB) in the Sarawak BN through a Senior Journalist to Malaysiakini, a Malaysian electronic newspaper. It must have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the leaders of the alleged respective “bullying parties”. PRS and MCA leaders must have felt, that it is about time to tell the whole world what is wrong with Malaysian BN set-up and the manner as to how decisions are made much to the “detriments” of both “bullied” parties. Obviously for MCA, it will make a good excuse for losing ground to the opposition parties in the last general election and could hope that by giving the right excuse the new leadership can regain its lost glory. It is not so obvious for PRS though because they were able to retain all its Parliamentary seats despite being “bullied” into accepting candidates who won for BN but not necessarily as recommended by either factions. Is it then just to show their frustrations to Taib, who just brushed of the accusation as “a small thing” and warned them not “to blow up bullying issue”? In fact, he must have told the reporter who asked for his comments on the issue, “You don’t need to ask me questions like this.” for Borneo Post to print that sentence as part of its headline. He is right as PRS vehemently denied that PRS has not been bullied by PBB through the press statements from both the President and the Vice President and Youth Leader. Taib had used his prerogative as BN Leader to make the right decision for the sake of BN “integrity, unity” and then victory. So what are their true feelings?

It is believed that bullying is part of natural selection. It is there and it will always be there as long as nature is allowed to prevail. If one were to note carefully what goes on around in the world, bullying by those with the power is the ORDER of the Day. G8 calls for the shoot in the World Economic Order, not Malaysia nor Sarawak! OPEC calls for the shoot in Crude Oil Production, neither Malaysia nor Sarawak, thus controlling the price of Crude… and so on. USA in Iraq. Russia in Georgia. China in Tibet. The Army calls the shoot in Burma…. and the list will go on and on no matter what topic or issue we may want to discuss. Small wonder, Taib wanted the issue out of publicity and of discussion. In the case of PRS, it is believed that the President, James Masing, must patch up with its Deputy, Larry Sng, first and foremost so that they can present a single name for each post or position which belongs to its predecessor, PBDS, which they had acrimoniously destroyed earlier, together .

While Natural Selection goes for the survival of the fitness, political leaders have tried to nurture the weak especially in Malaysian politics and especially under its democratic system to suit their needs. MCA would be long gone as part of a ruling party if they have opted to fight it all alone like DAP. It is the same with all the smaller parties within BN. Even MIC would not be able to win any seats in Parliament if UMNO voters would not vote for their candidates. Yet in each party they need to “sing well enough” along their racial needs to ensure they can win their respective posts in their party elections so that they can become a Member of the Executive Branch. UMNO needs these “weaklings” because she needs the two third majority to do whatever they want. Now UMNO has effectively “sack” Pak Lah who led BN to victory but not with a two third majority they wanted. This is an exercise of dominance, which is part of natural selection. The weak must go, the strong shall come up again even from the “dead”, like Tun Mahathir. It is just natural in Malaysian politics, especially because whoever have the power can have all the money, and WHOEVER HAVE ALL THE MONEY WILL HAVE THE POWER. Not only that, they also have the whole System with them especially the Special Branch of the Police who are working for them to ensure the Party in power stays in power. It has made Najib the next President and and as such the right to be the next Prime Minister even before it holds its Convention. That is the power of UMNO….. who should question it??? Without UMNO, there will be no BN…. As it is now, it is UMNO members who decide who should be PM. This is why it is often said that UMNO General Assembly is more important than the General Election in Malaysia.

Pak Lah have not use his real power like Tun Mahathir to silence his own UMNO critics after 2004 General elections, although his son-in-law, KJ, dared. The power brokers within UMNO pushed him around and out this year. Not a word of complaint is heard about the PM being bullied by members of his own party. His vocal critics in fact are now seen as HEROES by those who are jealous about KJ getting too rich too fast.

The only way to stop being bullied is to do what the “Karate Kid” did to beat his bully. He trained hard in his own style of karate as taught by his grandpa, the Japanese, until he was strong enough to destroy his bullies. He had to train hard to be stronger and more skillful in order to do so. Once complete, he beat the his “BIG BULLY”. The lesson is that there is a bully only where there is a ready victim. A weak Party should never expect a “royalty treatment”. Malaysia for instance cannot bully USA. Georgia tried to bully its weaker provinces and got walloped by Russia just recently.

MCA will never be a strong party outside BN. It can be as strong as BN only. It cannot form the Government by itself as long as it continue to play its “Chinese card”. It cannot even win Penang like Gerakan and DAP. There is no need for its leaders to accuse UMNO of bullying. Being weaker than UMNO it has to toe the UMNO line or “to get out”. It is the same with former PBDS members who had tried to conquer Taib in 1987 and 1991 and have agreed to submit to Taib as the BN leader when PBDS wanted to return to State BN in 1991. They had agreed to adopt the BN agenda then as well. Now part of it, namely PRS, wants to exert its own agenda despite its internal divisions. It must not expect too much except to survive as a political party.

Of then, there was no choice in 1991 till now. However with the political “Tsunami” in West Malaysia at the last general elections, where BN lost but stay in power only because it still won big in both Sabah and Sarawak. Now there is PR(Pakatan Rakyat), available as a choice, it can strengthen itself like the Karate Kid too, should they opt for PR. Who knows, James Masing could be the next CM for Sarawak if he can make the right moves and sacrifices? Baginda Minda would be a good bridge to start with.

Thus, as far as we are concerned, there is no bullying in BN politics. What had happened is the normal modus operandi in a relationship between the weak and the strong. It is to be expected for the weak to give in to the strong and therefore it is just nonsense, but bullies are a nuisance either in politics or everyday life. It is a nuisance to BN because of the bullying which are carried by certain individuals within the ruling Party, BN, to ensure their personal survival in politics and for whatever motives. Being a nuisance it is bound to give a few headaches for the leaders targeted.

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