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Discovery of a Herbal antidote

It was in 2006 when a Canadian trained doctor found out that there is a herbal antidote to Paraquat chloride poisoning. Up to that day the kill rate of this weed killer is 100% So he watched with exasperation his nephew’s son died in August 2006 at the age of 19 in a district Hospital.
He was so frustrated that his grandson dying and he is not equipped with a knowledge which could have saved him. Till to-day a scientifically proven method has not been able to save any Paraquat Chloride victim, especially in hospitals in Sarawak or Malaysia for that matter. Taking this weedkiller at a specific small dose means certain death if taken to any of these hospitals. Modern medical treatment cannot avert a certain death yet.

So on that fateful day he had a covenant with TOPA, the Bidayuh name for God.

“You have asked me to be a Healer, but yet an incomplete one. Here I am watching my grandson dying yet I cannot help him in anyway”, He said. Then continued, “Help me to be a complete Healer by showing me the antidote to this poison.” In less than two weeks after he found a Traditional Healer who told him that he has cured two of his own relatives sent home to die by hospital Authorities but are still alive from his herbal treatment.

He requested whether he could showed him the herb. He eagerly did. Thus to-day, only the two can treat Paraquat Poisoning with almost 100% cure rate. He had lost only one case in Sabah so far….from severe secondary complications.

However over these years the herbs are effective in all type of poisonings, chemical or biological. It worked like magic in three snake bites giving instant relief within half an hour of oral intake. It has saved the life of one woman bitten by wasps which also killed three of her children. Could have saved one of her child but the doctors refused to give permission for the antidote to be given by gastrointestinal tube in the ICU but given dialysis to “clean out” the poison!

So knowing how to save life, he is still frustrated by bureaucracy and politics that people are still suffering unnecessarily… but the answer to all type of poisoning, intoxication and addiction is here NOW! The Traditional Healer has saved three Drug Addicts… after his treatment, the three remain free from drugs.

Trials on alcoholics and drinkers have shown that drunks will sober after half an hour and an alcoholic stopped drinking for two weeks with no withdrawal syndrome.

So here is a knowledge need by many people but is still on the shelf as we have yet the means to produce the antidote for the world.

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