About me

I am Dr. Patau Rubis, born in a farm during the Padi Harvest, the actual date and time not recorded because time was not an essence of survival amongst the Bidayuh at the time. Luckily a school, aptly named St. Patrick, was built by my father and his friends on self-help basis, in 1952 in Krokong, Bau District, to make sure that I could go to School.

This is my BLOG site to stay in touch with you all. All posts are my own and if it offends anyone, my apology because it is not my intention and purpose to offend but to set a line of thinking and discussion so we can help Sarawak and Malaysia achieve a “Better Future” sooner.

What we have to-day is not even equal to the Canada I have enjoyed, cherished, and knew in the late sixties. I was there for eight years. I could have chosen to stay there but the experience of reading about the news commanding the front pages of both the main papers in Ottawa about the RACIAL RIOTS OF MAY 13th had shamed me to return. After most Canadians, I knew then, at the times only knew about the “white, Black and Yellow” men, making us the Malaysians relatively, an unknown until the “ugliness of May 13th” made the front pages and made us look like “animals fighting for supremacy” based on race and religion.

When I landed in Sarawak in 1974, I knew I have to stay. Although I managed to get to my village, Kpg Blimbin, by Taxi but there were no other modern facilities- no toilets, piped water supply or electricity. The pigs were still running wild making a “nice odor”, absent now! To-day, they have all those including cement drains! Now they have cars, motorcycles,…. which if told so in 1974, they would have thought that I was crazy.

Yet things can be better off if we can maintain the buying power of RM to the Singapore dollar. More need to be done for our people and nation…

I was sacked from the State Cabinet in September 1995, because of unnecessary fears and jealousies from my friend and colleagues. Then I was subsequently suspended indefinitely by my own Party leaders, for reasons best known for them.

Now I am the President of STAR, State Reform Party, Sarawak. I have been in the Opposition Party the last twelve years and will continue to do so while waiting for the younger generation to be more concerned in making politics, a just way of life.

I was in the Malaysian Parliament for three consecutive terms, from 1986 till 2000. I have contested in all elections since I entered politics in 1982, save 2006 elections, where we decided that a three cornered fight was not in the best interests of Sarawak and Malaysia.

Prior to politics in 1982, I was the Deputy Director Of Health, for the State of Sarawak. I was promoted to the post after five years in the Service.

Now I am only doing part-time medical practice, helping friends and others who need my expertise and I am still doing politics full time.

This year, 2oi3 in July that is this month end, i will be upgraded to be a Bidayuh Priest at a ritual called Gawea Olan at Kampong Grogo, Bau District. I have been doing the Assistant Priest job the last four years.

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  1. audie61

    My friend selamat gawai first. 2 days in kampung singgai and all i hear is we need change. Seems this time its going to be tough for BN. my blog is
    http://audie61.wordpress.com/ i have added you in.
    Catch up with u ok.

  2. partistar

    More and more will demand for change for the better especially when they realize that they have been shortchanged by those in power. Now BN survives only because of all the fire power they have during the short campaign period during every election including their fifth column the Election Commission.

    Sooner than later they will lose!

  3. The points that you have raised are very relevant to the times.

  4. Dear Dr Patau,

    I’m your junior in TLS in the 60s. Left Form 6 to pursue a military career and retired in 1992 and now settled in Taiping, Perak.

    I have been following your ups and downs but you are too high up for me to reach.

    I got your blog from Professor Haji Mohammad.

    Selamat bertemu baru.

  5. Marzuki b Andong (Uki)

    Dear Dr Patau,

    Have just dropped into your blog. I hope i don’t need any introduction.

    This year would be the 5oth Year of DRAGON. Have spoken to many classmates and seniors (1959 pioneers) and the word are that there is a plan to commemorate this coming of age of the DRAGON. What is the progress?

  6. Hey Patau,
    I was 1 year ahead of you at TLS in early sixties and went to Univesiry of Alberta Medical School in 1965.
    Was in the Sarawk Medical Sevice from 1972-1974 before specializing in Ophthalmology.
    Heard from Sam Teo last year. Remember him? He has been in the US since going there on the Fulbright Scholarship.
    I have sort of followed your ups and down especially through my family.

  7. Dear Dr Patau,

    I just want to satisfy my curiosity.
    Firstly, is your Party STAR still very active?
    Secondly, why are you not putting a candidate in the Batang Ai by election?
    Thirdly, there is a great wind of change in the Dayak voters who are clearly not happy with the present leaderships who are seen to be not doing anything for the people. Not only that, they are not happy the way the government is handling the NCR land issue, businesses and development.

    You can read the discussions and talks in Rumah Dayak portal.

    What I don’t like is that they seemed to look up to the PKR for the change. To me, whatever changes we want to make in Sarawak must be by our own people.

  8. Parti STAR is around but not active as yet, because it is in our view that we are not going to compete with SNAP. PBDS did once to its death and burial!
    Now SPDP and PRS…. STAR is keep alive until the majority of Sarawakians realize the need to work together as was in the ORIGINAL SNAP struggle. Only then we will spread our wings through the STATE.

    A Three fight until we are fully ready means means death to the Opposition. BN will have a very good time. Look what happened when PKR decided to do it in the last Parliament. BN won Sarikei with 25 votes. Malu PR….

    I know about all the unhappiness but till now none have taken it seriously like I did so far. There is no point to complain and do nothing. I dare to fight for what is right for twelve years and I am still waiting for a real Iban “Patau” who can stand head to head with me and dare to die for what we believe in, our rights, our land …..

    Instead many look up to PKR for their salvation. I have been asked to do so just like I had been asked by same to join UMNO when he was DPM. Other parties have also asked me to join them.

    I joined SNAP for its multiracial struggle and its stand “SARAWAK FOR SARWAKIANS.” I was forced by SNAP leaders to form STAR in 1995. IN STAR we have moved for a higher ideal, “That we shall have Bangsa Malaysia, where Sarawakians and Sabahans are treated as Bangsa Malaysia.” – not where the natives of Sarawak and Sabah are considered as “OTHERS”, even behind the Indians in the order of rights and privileges.

    Being unhappy and looking for others to soothe our woes is not the way to resolve any problem. Working together under STAR and dare to STRIVE till death do us apart may. As you have indicated, our woes can only be resolved by and on our own. STAR should be the vehicle. We should then become the THIRD FORCE to work for a better future with our own blood and tears.


  9. JB

    Hi hi Sir,

    Born in Bobak Singai 51 years ago…now living permanently in Surabaya City Indonesia (not far from Bali) since 2003. I just wanna say hi to you.
    God Bless YOU!

    • partistar

      Hi and Good Luck. May you have a blessed and happy times there. It is a nice city. I was there long time ago though, when I was still in the Medical Department traveling with our Minister Of Health.

  10. Dr Patau,

    Good evening. I think you are the right man for me to ask. We are in the midst of a discussion on why there is no development in the rural areas, despite promises after promises at each election campaign.

    Can ADUNs proposed some projects in their constituencies and have them approved? Who control and approve projects?

    Why are many ADUNs not “turun padang”, meet their constituents, discuss on what problems they have and try and solve them?

    Why are there very negligible amount of development, despite the money being pumped in by the Federal Government for rural development?

    • partistar

      Development to help alleviate poverty in rural areas have many levels and facets. The Government have many ways to eradicate rural poverty. Many programs from various Ministries are available, but there are inefficient because local politicians become the stabling blocks. Subsidies from the Agriculture Department for instance have always been politicized by you know “WHO”? SALCRA has low dividends and bonuses because of the inefficiencies of “WHO”? And many, many more….

      Development money are being channeled by various Ministries but there is “little Trickle effect” because contractors have to pay a very “HIGH POLITICAL COST”. ADUNS can do their work to help if they know how to do it through the right Channels with humility and diligence. If I was able to do what I did why can’t all the others? However the minute they become involved in BUSINESS and CONTRACTS, soorrrry lah they can even hardly filled their own pocket, what more for the people….

      SNAP had initiated two important concepts to help the rural core poor. First “urbanizing the rural areas” where there Local Authorities can submit a budget of upgrading rural roads to tar sealed level, while the RES through SESCO and SDO office will provide 24 hr electricity to the villages and water through JKR or Ministry Of Health Rural Health Program. This concept to develop the said areas to be the same as the town areas so that rural to urban areas need not occur. Second integration of the markets. This concept highlights the need for rural development roads to be built if we want to reduce rural poverty. It should be realized that “production” is not a rural people problem. They can produce any crops or vegetables provided there is a market. That market is the urban dwellers… Thus when roads are built nothing will go to waste… Even SCRAPS stripped clean from many villages which are accessible by roads.

      It would be educational if you can bring your friends to have a field trip to Bau District and visit Kpg Gumbang and Kpg Tringgus as a field study. More people will better off if only SALCRA is managed as it were during the late Dennys Lang’s time… Bau District is an area where the three concepts of land Development, urbanizing rural areas and integration of the market were implemented to the fullest during my time till now… Lesser impact now just because of unnecessary interferences by competing politicians doing too much business….

      MRPS only are controlled by ADUNS themselves except in some parties it is the party concerned which approves and implements using the DOS to do the favors. The rest are through the District Action Committees. The Kampong JKKS must submit the request to the District Officer. Then the respective Ministries will submit their budget. This is the norm. Of course if the Finance Minister, PM or CM is your friend, they can also give instruction for the allocation needed, like what I did a number of times before.

      Rural folks can go direct to the district office….also. Do wait for election time and election promises… “the Tongue has no bone” so says a Malay saying..”LIDAH TIADA TULANG”. Senang buat janji jikalau perlu, susah di tunaikan…

  11. zainal sha

    Dr. Patau… dalam bidang perubatan, ya anda berjaya but you failed as politician. Saya ada membaca doc punya komen diblog 1 Malaysia PM tentang tolerance & acceptance. kenapa baru sekarang bangkit kan soal ketuanan melayu dan jawatan2 tinggi didalam perkhidmatan awam dimonopoli orang melayu, sepatutnya doc bangkitkan soal itu semasa doc jadi MP. Doc jangan tuding jari kepada kaum lain atas kegagalan sendiri. Politicians kaum dayak dan kaum dayak sendiri harus salah kan diri sendiri. kaum dayak adalah kaum majority di negeri sarawak, kena melayu-melanau yang +-11% dapat menguasai kerajaan negeri sarawak – doc dan kaum dayak fikir la sendiri…! sebenarnya orang cina tu lebih Bumiputra dari orang dayak di negeri sarawak – itu hakikatnya. kenape ? – sebab kaum dayak PALOI memberi undi kepada cina. sebagai contoh, di pelagus, kapit, jumlah penduduk 99% Dayak Iban tapi Larry Sng dari kaum cina yang menang,-di dewan persidangan, adakah dia membangkit kan isu-isu yang boleh membantu kaum dayak. sorry la…! jangan mare………saya org dayak juge tapi saya undi UMNO kerana UMNO dapat bantu saya. tq

    • partistar

      Since you claim you are a Dayak, I just pity a Dayak like you ….. So just enjoy what UMNO have fed you… It is hoped that you, at least, can help every longhouse you visit with at least RM5,000.00 like Larry Sng so that you can beat him… or win in your own constituency…

      By the way, nothing much can be resolved in the Dewan, if you talk “racial”… Most Dayak YBS had spoken about Dayaks problem especially PBDS but why you are still complaining? Why talk, you have so many Dayak members of the Cabinet both State and Federal, who can just deliver without talking?

      As to my “failure as a politician”, I am happy as I am because I know what I had done and is doing now…. continue to work for a better future….

  12. fahmi

    hi sir…

    i only want to ask u about STAR.why STAR, SNAP and MDC not join Pakatan Rakyat formally?

    i think STAR and SNAP must join it and Pakatan must have Sarawak component

    • partistar

      Only the BIG three, namely PAS, PKR and DAP know the answer. However even amongst themselves it is only a media talk. They have no formal linkages like BN yet.

      Secondly SNAP has always claimed to be with them since they were kicked out BN. SNAP symbol, comprising of MDC group as well, were part BA in 2006 State General Elections leaving STAR out even in Bidayuh areas for reasons that they only know…. SNAP officially also supported PKR in the Batang Ai by-elections, but the Deputy President’s faction supported and campaigned hard for BN. Even BN never expected such a big majority and it seemed that Deputy President’s faction and Augustine Sating carried the SNAP weight to BN… Thirdly SNAP registration is still under Judicial Review… MDC, as a potential political party, is dead, it pro tem President has join PKR and its Deputy to SUPP, BN…..

      In the real Malaysian political scenario, this is no such thing as a “must”. Our forefather thought that it must be a “must” to form Malaysia in 1963. Till to-day West Malaysians are still debating about the 1957 Federation of Malaya while the NATIVES of Sabah and Sarawak are still considered as “Orang Lain-Lain” while finishing our natural resources. They could have taken the “Brunei option” and become Independent when ready like Brunei.

      Should STAR join PR just because it is convenient? Our answer is still “NO”. Until STAR is given a mandate by Sarawakians, we shall wait and do our part to represent what are good for ALL SARAWAKIANS. To-day neither BN nor PKR provides that option. STAR will continue to grow as a THIRD FORCE till Sarawakians are ready for a better day. Then we can talk to either BN or PR with dignity, not begging for a political survival for whatever reasons….

  13. Bujang

    Dear Patau,
    I just happened to drop into your blog. Not knowing it exists for so long.
    I missed a lot of your stories.
    You had been a Assistant State Minister. You had overseen many development including medical projects….
    Where is your old pal Francis Siah?…… Your political fight together with him.
    Any chance you both team up and rise from the ashes again?
    I will let you continue.
    Good to see you back in politics.
    Take care.
    An Old Friend.

    • partistar

      Thanks for dropping in and your comments.

      Francis Siah is back to his writing with ?Malaysiakini in KL. He is still a STAR member. Teaming up is purely his choice as he had chosen to go against the Party decision in 2000. He knew what it was all about. However we don’t sack him though, as in the last analysis, it was his right to decide whether to stand in Batu Kawa against the BN candidate or the three corner fight in Batu Lintang which had helped BN there as well as in Batu Kawa. He stood and lost his deposit in Batu Lintang while BN won Batu Kawa uncontested.

      The political struggle had, is and will go on until the goal to make sure Sarawak and Malaysia have a better future can be achieved. It will be long and tough but it must go on.


      • Bujang

        Many thanks for the reply but been away so only see it recently.
        Do u realize that opposition parties are like single pieces of chopstick all working on their own and can easily be broken by the might of the BN?
        Your party is alone. How big is the Bidayau community? Have you got sufficient $$ to support your party’s popularity so that your community would vote you? How many seats you expect to secure if the election is going to be held soon?
        Viewing the bigger picture, this is the time when there is an opportunity to inflict heavy casualties on the BN government but you have to be aware of their $$ might, their government machineries and, of course, the biased civil servants who have no choice but to take their side during election time.
        BN is like a bunch of tied chopsticks, experienced and, as I have mentioned above, has the $$ power and the government machineries working to their advantage. Also, you have to know that your kampong folks are mostly uninformed and do not see far enough to the threats that they are going to face if they keep voting for BN. Will you be able to convince them? Where would you start? How far you are willing to go?
        You have your own advantages too. Being a native, well-known locally, you can talk to other like-minded people working to a same cause. All of you have to focus and work in unison in your respective areas to sway the mass back to your side. It’s a long and arduous task but I think it’s worth fighting for as you have been embroiled in these matters for so long already.
        Wherever you are, get yourself a seat in the Council Negeri/Parliament and if possible, earn a few more for your Party. Then, you will have a voice to speak out LOUD AND THUNDERING TOO. Cheers.

      • partistar

        Thanks, Bujang. But we will work to correct what is wrong for everybody.

        For you to think that STAR is only for the Bidayuh is your misconception and weakness just like BN. Only time will tell our strength and network.

        As for shouting to the world by being an elected Opposition Honorable member in Parliament or Council Negri, I am not interested unless the voters in any Constituency would put me up without much campaigning with a budget of under RM20,000.00 as set as my goal in 1996 in Tasik Biru. But had I campaigned using all the RM400,000.00 I spent in 1996 in Tasik Biru alone and I won, can I win any seat to-day? To-day almost all the projects approved during my time as AM are completed. Would they be completed with me as an Opposition Honorable member?

        Bujang, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Being heard without speaking is better. Moving without leaving my house is best. Moving without being is better still. Just be ready to deliver as many Muslim seats as you can deliver for the Opposition in the coming State election. I know how many I can deliver if we are ready for the final push.

  14. fahmi

    setahun belajar di negeri Sarawak,saya melihat sarawak adalah satu-satunya negeri yg kurang perkauman berbanding di Semenanjung.

    adakah STAR akn terus berjuang untuk semua rakyat Sarawak tanpa mengira perkauman atau terus berdiri ats landasan seperti SPDP n PRS yg jelas mementingkan dayak shj

    saya juga mohon DR meletakkan logo STAR serta bendera STAR dlm laman ini.

    apapun, teruskan perjuangn demi rakyat Sarawak.

  15. The “BIG DREAM” that Malaysia must be one nation, one people must be kept alive. It is STAR main agenda to work as the THIRD FORCE to PROMOTE BANGSA MALAYSIA, a melting pot of all future Malaysians, people with diversity in origins and beliefs, thinking and working as one for a better to-morrow.

    Inilah satu cabaran yang perlu di promosikan dan diperjuangkan. Politik perkuaman dan perkauman yang disebutkan ialah satu tragedi menhadapi kita semua. Terpulanglah kepada kita sendiri memilih padangan perkauman atau terbuka. Inilah satu pilihan yang ada kepada semua rakyat kita. Kaum dan agama kita dilahirkan dengannya, tiada pilihan sekalipun.

    But we all do have a choice to be Malaysians caring for all Malaysians and respecting each other as GOD’S children and creation.

    As for STAR’s flag and symbol, it is on our official website.

  16. Onak Opot

    Hi Dr. Patau…

    I am in the new generation, fresh and I’m waiting for my scroll soon. I was born and raised as a Bidayuh, like you. Admire you. Heard so many story about you. Admire your passionate towards a better tomorrow. Hope to see things to change. You’re truly pure genuine “Pejuang Bangsa Dayak Bidayuh”.
    Keep it up. Anyway, did you wrote any book so far? Enthusiast to have your book.

    • partistar

      Thank you.

      I have remained silent for awhile and let others do the talking. Let us wait and see what Najib is doing with his 1Malaysia. He has big hurdles to overcome within the system which had consumed Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Mahathir and lately Pak Lah. When I warned Dr. Mahathir before his downfall, but he only sacked Tun Daim using MAS debacle as the last Straw? Najib good agenda may also be consumed by the greed of the few, “who makes hay while the sun shines” as one of my colleagues suggested to me in 1987. He also told me later that I was sacked by BN leaders “because I was too WHITE amongst dirty shirts”.

      I am glad to know that more and more are waking up to the reality that we all need a “Better Future” than what is currently offered by the SYSTEM created of, by and FOR BN leaders and loyal followers.

      We can wait and see what NAJIB can do for us. Meanwhile hopefully more and more the younger generation will realize that CHANGE is for them to make for a BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL.

  17. JV Ouano

    Dear Uncle Patau,

    Hi! I was just browsing through your blog, read about your thoughts and plans for Sarawak, and was really moved by it. Although I’m not Bidayuh let alone Sarawakian, still Sarawak has been more than a home to me, and, if possible, would like to help you in any way I can in your goals for “a better future” for Sarawak.

    More Power and God Bless You and in everything you do Sir. Send my regards to everyone there.

    JV Ouano

  18. sali kirak

    can we have the phone contact/ the site to get the Teh Znak

    • partistar

      Either contact me direct or call the office at 082 – 682739 during office hours 9.15 am – 12.00 am.

      You can get it from the producer, Sdr Aturn at Padang Pan. His h/p is 0198596884 but if he is at home you may not get through… Malaysia Boleh, but Celcom tidak Boleh…

  19. kaban

    Dr. Patau

    Pls specify what are the right conditions for Parti Star to rise up? Surely, your supporters will not be able to wait indefitely.

    Do you support Najib’s 1M’sia concept?

    Could you reveal the reasons for sacking from Swak state cabinet? We want to know the details.

    Why are you branded as too “white among the blacks”?

    • partistar

      Thanks but only a fool would reveal the information you sought.

      But simply put though, can you within the next two weeks set up a Party structure in your area on your own? If yes, how many of you can do the same?

      Come then with your report and see me personally to discuss the next level of our common struggle.

      Only fools cannot wait. If DSAI could wait a little longer, he would be PM to-day, not NAJIB or Pak Lah. Pak Lah however is the most patient and the most humble. Unfortunately his health and total diplomacy didn’t allow him to be more effective. Then his son-in law be came his albatross… same with Musa and Adenan…

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    • partistar

      I never expect any agreement on my viewpoints but it is the beginning of a possible new journey in life.

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    Oku dapod website ingan takar ku karik pimuan daang ubat pigoma tok basa bidoyoh
    Oni abal ingan
    kan ingan poya toh guru krakar pasal ubat pingoma toh di uh eh

    Hirman Ritom

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