Accept the Election results

STAR begs the opposition parties to accept the election results even if proven to be a fraud and stop calling for more and more protests. Since PRU12 we have had many protests and negative statements and remarks made to “blacken” the image of the ruling party as the scapegoat of everything which are not right in Malaysia. In the end, the Opposition pact of the three Parties of PAS, DAP and PKR even lost Kedah. Many felt cheated by both sides as i have only gloom on the streets and villages I have visited so far.

The need to look critically at ourselves is a must especially for PR leaders, especially  who think that they beat BN in Sabah and Sarawak without local partners such as STAR, SAPP and USNO. STAR knows why we lost our deposits in the seven areas we stood. We will move to strengthen our position so that we can seats against whatever odds that will be thrown to us in future elections.

We must not continue the politics of hatred and division by race and religion. No Malaysians have any choice at the time of their birth, but all have 21 years to decide what they can be… a Malaysian who cares each other as neighbors or a Malaysian who look down at others. We should be reminded that all leaders in the past who saw his own race as superior had created havoc to that nation. Even Hilter failed to conquer Europe and Russia based on the superiority of the Aryan race. Even the Hardcore Communists had to adapt to be more inclusive to be successful. Why shouldn’t we learn from the failures of PRU12 and PRU13 where the Peoples Front three parties from Malaya wanted to beat the more inclusive National Front? We cannot afford Malaysians to get more and more polarized like in Malaya now where the main races cannot drink and eat in an ordinary coffee shops like us in Sabah and Sarawak.

Even the great hatred of the people especially the young voters failed to bring victories in the rural constituencies. Even in Saratok, where PKR candidate led in the beginning lost once the intense campaign ended. I am dead sure that if the SNAP component is really built in PR candidate would have won or rather could it be the diehard SNAP loyalists who beat PKR candidate?

The ability of the Opposition becoming the next Federal Government in PRU14 depends very much on whether the Opposition parties can work together under a common pact with a clear understanding of sensitive issues at hand which be exploited by the ruling Parties. Could the loss of Kedah be attributed to DAP Chairman call to DSAI of PKR to state his stand on the Hudud Law in the middle of the campaign….? Should that been said when it only help DAP to seen as the Champion of the Opposition cause but damaged PR from winning marginal seats….like Saratok for instance?

We need an official pact of at least seven political parties to have a common symbol and Constitution to be able to make real chance of becoming the next Federal Government.

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