505 2013 the day of a defining moment.

505 2013 is a day who could redefines a history of Malaysia. T stayed silent since 10th of May because May was 1969 was the blackest spot in our young Malaysia history.

SUARAM commented on Dr. Kua Kia Soong book entitled MAY 13 as follows: This is the first credible account of May 13, 1969 racial riots in Malaysia using documents declassified at the Public Records office. London after a lapse of the 30- secrecy rule…….

A social scientist, Kua Kim Soong provides a fresh political analysis of the “May 13 incident”. In HIS view, the riots were by no means a spontanenous outburst of violence between Malays and Chinese but rather a planned coup d’etat by the ascendant sate capitalist class against Tunku-led aristocracy.  …”

Will such nasty event be repeated after our decision made on this day May 5th? Only the Devil knows. But we sincerely hope that sanity will reign, not matter who loses. I have lost many elections after I was sacked from the State Cabinet as proposed by SUPP and kicked out of SNAP by an “indefinite” suspension from the party in 1995. I took their medicine and moved on to register STAR which approved October 1996. Now STAR becomes the hopes for a better future for all, especially for all Sabahans….

Actually the battle ground was not ready for me to confront all my antagonist at the time so I decided to follow the Chinese saying that “… in order to move forward, one may have to take a step backward..” I had taken many steps backward by deciding not to “win at all costs” the election i had stood for since 1996 till this day…. now we are on the way to battle all our competitors.

In life, one do not have to win all the battles in life in order to win the war, especially in politics… But I know we are on the way to winning now especially if the voters decide to vote for STAR to-day….

505 is the deciding moment. It will be another defining moment for all Malaysians.

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