The Defining Moment

PRU13 could be the Defining moment for the Malaysian History. Both contenders for power at Putra Jaya appear to be fighting at all costs with no hold bars against each other…even my small event at Mentu Pondok, a small town in Serian, a BN team came to sabotage by a possible arm-twisting of the Police who issued them the permit to use meeting place at the same time and place for motive of their own political game. Luckily, I came in time to stop our candidate from challenging these outsiders from claiming that Serian and Mentu Pondok is their stronghold. In Bidayuh Adat, this is the height of insanity and contempt by the Police and Barisan Nasional candidate of the Election Law. Our candidate had asked for the PERMIT first. Why should the Police issue another permit at the same time and place? Do they really want a fight the death of my candidate could be the trigger for a Civil War? Is this really what the Police and BN want? Is this campaign a declaration of civil war?????

You, the voters, are the moderators on May 5th. Can you become the decider in all the areas! Can we say “NO” to all the provocations made by both BN and PR now?

STAR is still young and poor relatively compared to BN and PR. But we have to start somewhere to correct what is wrong. Our options in Sarawak and Sabah are very clear. Can we stop BN/PR blame game? Many voters are not certain of our capability to help. Yet I beg for your help. Just vote for STAR in Sabah and Sarawak then we will do our best to stop Malaysia from being “burnt” by emotions and greed which can bring chaos like what DAP and the Alliance did long ago but the ashes they both bring still have the mistrust between the two main races to-day… where in many places they cannot sit, talk and smile with each other like us in Sarawak and Sabah. Yes, we can still sit and joke with each in a Chinese, Indian, or Malay coffee shops. Sadly they cannot in Malaya…. so is there anything they teach us or should one 1Malaysia can teach Malayan to be like us in Sabah and Sarawak. Their symbol of unity is almost like the “F- – k off” sign which surely insults many people.

Is this transformation that Najib and BN wants to bring to our people? Will be worth it if there is disorder like in May also many years ago…. will a declaration of Emergency be good for our Malaysian economy and world standing?

Fellow Sarawakians and Sabahans, give ourselves a chance by voting for STAR on May 5th. By doing so you can also say a very big “NO” to these Malayan parties who appears to POWER AT ALL COSTS.

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