The Blame game

As a prelude to the 13th Parliamentary Elections, the blame game is the most popular approach adopted by many contenders. One of my cousins when asked by his former colleagues to rejoin his old Party to support the current leader who is being portrayed by his opponents as too old and “corrupt” in Sarawak, remarked with a smile in his face told me, “Sorry i cannot go back as I have no capital to bring in.” he said.

Being a Traditional Bidayuh where his word is his Treaty till death, he does not like the blame game being played out in his former party called Parti Pesaka Bersatu or PBB. Similarly he says the same for BN, Barisan Nasional or the National Front which has governed Malaysia since its formation in September 16th, 1963. He was one of the signatories on behalf of the Bidayuh as he was the Chairman of Bau Local Authority then…

But can politics be without the blame game? I met another graduate who told me what his professor told him recently. The Class was told by his professor that “Politic is very dirty”. There and then I begged to differ That “politics is not meant to be dirty but many politicians in the active are”. That was not the only time i have been told. In fact, one Insurance businessman told me right in my face one day that he does not trust “any politicians”. I should not have trusted him too he was himself a manipulator in the end.

Politics is like water, it will be polluted by all the pollutants thrown into it. It is worse in developing countries with resources which can be exploited…many would go up to get power at all costs…..they will have to be able to cheat and lie with a straight face even to the extent to swearing on their Holy Books…. just to win. For this class of people power and greed for money make them do anything…. but at the end of their lives, normally they will live a miserable life…. are they many happy retirees in politics…by the way, I just met one lonely looking and unhappy politician retiree yesterday….while at the same time I met a jovial happy pensioner who was our staunch SNAP member before. He is also healthy telling me only about his renal stone which cannot be destroyed by three lasers bombardment but has to be removed later surgically while the other renal stone which could not seen by an X-ray but found out later by scanning…..Now both stones removed, he is jovial and healthy in his 80’s but not the politician of his age too.  Defintely far, far healthier compared to our Chief Minister. I presume he is healthy as he never do any blame game in politics…as far as my experience knowing him since the seventies.

My father advice for the blame game is “Never to blame anyone and never to respond to any of it”… for if you do it will come back on you, he said. This he told me when I confronted him one day to defend himself on the silly accusations people make on him such calling him names etc…or cursing him. Then he told me, “son leave it to TOPA, if people call me ( such as LUANG TULOI or his balls) bad names so what my balls will not drop, or if they curse me, it will not matter if I am not guilty.” He said you watch one day I will be the oldest man around…true enough all those who did say all the bad words against my father all died before him and he was the oldest one left … so when my auntie died, he refused to take his Digoxin and he died six days later in his sleep on that Saturday morning with a smile in his face….real age no one knows as he was never registered at birth… but he could still see without glasses, hear without hearing aids and was still active and mobile … died as the Villager Elder as none want to replace him with a nickname called “KUSAI” derived from his own activities settling people problems and quarrels without asking even his bus fares or ration the case had to heard at the district Office in Bau…..

Thus if our political movement is to serve our country and nations do we need the Blame game now? Should we need to win at all costs? Now new sex scandals are supposed to be the next juicy scandals for PRU13th….. are they necessary? Definitely not for me….

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  1. Yes, as predicted it is happening in real time….no candidates do anything different but show their worse characters.

    BN with its symbol of 1Malaysia, even the gentle and most civilized group, the mothers of our children waved their single fingers in their TV screen. What in the world is 1Malaysia trying to tell the human race now? Who are we trying to insult if the SECOND is seen as the THIRD in some mind? Who are trying to insult?????? … your competitors who the National Front (BN) tries to beat at all costs?

    PR which is also meant in medical term as “if and when necessary” has even to result of telling Malaysians that they are still competing for its Opposition leadership only as its has openly questioned each other on the HUDUD Law at the height of the campaign. What is Karpal Singh and DAP motive of asking Anwar to make his stand on HUDUD Law? Either way it is a “political death trap” for Anwar…is he stupid or very calculative in making such statement when they a “common”? agenda of toppling Najib and UMNO but it appears that they are on a different page… Thus are they just “pr” in their common agenda?

    Now should we in Sarawak trust DAP and PAS to set foot in Sarawak? STAR is ready to take over the opposition role in Parliament now. We have 7 candidates in Sarawak now, namely in Santubong, Mas Gading, Stampin, Mambong, Serian, Miri and Lawas In sabah together with USNO Baru, yet be approved in all the 26 seats making STAR the LOCAL Party. Voting for us is voting for the third Force which can bring moderation in Malaysian politics.

    We need your votes now to give the DEFINING moment in our history as was achieved years ago in May too.

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