Good bye to 2012 and welcome to 2013

I tried to stay quiet in 2012 for tactical reasons in politics but still i put in a few posts in 2012.

However on the healing front and Bidayuh Adat I stayed on course to be upgraded to a Bidayuh Priest in July¬† 2013. A few more lives were saved from Paraquat Chloride poisoning as well as Pesticide poisoning using the Herbal antidote. I had posted on a possible answer to all types of Poisonings, intoxication and addiction. This morning I happen to “bump” into an old friend who have been looking for me awhile on my herbal discovery.¬† He told me that he has a potential investor on the project and that he is working on the proposal on the project… He is welcome to propose.

The world needs a change in how to approach the problems of Addiction and alcoholism, both really an addiction but no nation in the world dares to acknowledge alcoholism as an addiction. Yet medically speaking an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. He is addicted to alcohol in various forms… He cannot stop drinking a glass or so of even wine everyday or else he will suffer from the withdrawal symptoms especially shaking of hands, nervousness etc. We are in a state of denial because no nation can completely ban Alcohol. USA tried once but that Government was thrown out of office in the next Presidential Election…. so shall we continue to allow alcohol to destroy families relationship, labor loss, etc or shall there be a Government which dares to invest with me to provide a herbal answer to the present scourge of alcoholism, the reasons for many ill health affecting the entire world especially creating broken families and so on. So instead of banning alcohol or make alcohol very expensive by taxing heavily on it why not we make this tea antidote widely available… imagine a drunk can be sober after half an hour drinking the tea, imagine how many lives we can save from Road Traffic accidents alone.

Present testimonies show that a drink of the tea will make a drunk sober in less than half an hour. One friend who was a perpetual drunk forgot about drinking for two solid weeks without suffering any withdrawal symptoms. Till to-day he is no longer the perpetual drunk of the village but work as the security for another village birds nest cave…. I was amazed when i received the news that now he is being trusted to look after an asset for another village…. Then my fellow Bidayuh Priests instead of being drunk as before during the ceremonies they are now as alert as they were at the beginning of the ceremony, yet they consume as much alcohol as offered as before.. yet all the drinking no longer make them drunk…. but better still they could do their ordinary work right away as if they had not been drinking… yet all I did is to make sure they drink the tea I bring every time we are involved in the ceremonies.

As for drug addiction, it is three out of three who are now completely of the drugs….. we need more samples if they are “volunteers”…. My friend, the Traditional Healer, has a Home stay program for any drug Addict who is willing to pay. The duration for treatment maybe one to two weeks….. But I have a feeling that one day the treatment of three days may be enough…. The same may needed for alcoholics to relieve their addiction to alcohol.

This will be the news for all the sufferers now…. Hope the day will come when the world accepts the new approach to Addiction and poisoning once I manage to know the dosage needed for each problem… For poisoning cases, snake, wasp and other harmful bites, a single dose is found to be sufficient for the immediate cure…

Happy New Year to all my readers…. Wish you all a happy and healthful life…

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