Traditional Healing and traditional Healers of Borneo

Every human society has its share of healers who can do healing based on their faith. These healers are empowered in two ways – the “white” and the “black”. They can heal in their own ways and methods but in all cases of those who do not use herbs and medicine but just coconut oils or other oils or just plain water these mediums are being blessed by their guardians angel to do either good or harm.

As a medically trained doctor, I find it interesting when we can only send mentally ill patients to Psychiatric Hospital where more often than not condemn them to be on “drugs” for life when a traditional healer friend could heal them where modern medicine had failed. Two “mental patients” I witnessed him healed are still living a normal life now. I am also amazed at my own ability to cure three relatives of mine from skin problems which plagued them for years of medical treatment before they met me. In my case, i just asked my Guardian to come to help me heal them and then blow on their heads and amazingly they tell me that they are cured.

My own knees, twice i had pain in them, but after being healed the traditional way, in both occasions it became normal next day.

On June 15th 2010, while walking on foot to a village for a NYOBENG ceremony, I was attacked by an “unseen” when walking on a side track because the wet and muddy bridge made of two big bamboo stems without a proper railing was deemed to be to dangerous to cross…. so I went down to wade across the stream and through a path back to the main one. Then on that side path i felt a sudden sharp shearing pain in my left knee for every “wrong” step I made…yet on examination there was no apparent damage, bruises or cut on the knee. I almost did not make to the village. I had to limp all the way.

In the evening, one traditional healer was called to help. He was able to extract a piece of bone like a small surgical knife. For the whole of next day that was still pain on that knee but no more shearing pain making me limped throughout the day ceremony. During the ceremony in the Head House, i asked the same Traditional Healer to examine the knee and he extracted another smaller piece of bone. I then asked another friend to examine with pig’s blood in case any more objects were left. He took away what looked like a molar tooth….you know within two hours I was pain free.

No pain on the knee which still appears normal…. no swelling and no pain when I pressed or massaged the knee as it were the day i got it. Worse painkillers i had taken, had no effect on the pain level nor the heat rub i had used …. that is simply, modern treatment and medicine had no use on me at that time. Yes, you may say that it is only in my mind,  so be it. As was, possibly Lazarus just pretended to die waiting for Jesus to come to prepare the miracle to make him live again and was all the miracles he performed on the deaf, the blind, the handicapped or the woman who had been bleeding for twenty years… luckily I had two friends who have the power to heal like Jesus then…

The funny thing about that knee of mine was that on our nine hours walk back next, it would not bend to give me a normal walking step when going downhill. Uphill i could take proper steps but not going downhill. Thus i would warn our company saying, “Beware folks, I am going down on first gear again…” meaning that I would put my right foot down first to the step and the drag my straight left knee down to the same step all the way down the steps on the downhill… of course i managed the journey but it took us another extra hour than normal..

Waking up next day my knee was back to normal and i could walk and drive normally pain free after two days of pain. So what was happening, to this day i am scratching my head for the answer as it is possible that there is more to what we know as facts now.

Yet yesterday, i was with a friend who told me that he had a nephew who almost died this year because he was “poisoned” by a “black” Healer. Luckily for his nephew someone had an “oil” which had been handed down in the family for generations, he was saved. Sadly to say that the “black” healer got sick and died of the same illness he had inflicted on his nephew. That was how we came to talked about Jesus and his healing power which is the “white” power meaning it’s God’s power. He said it is all right to keep that to heal but not the “Black” which could be Satan…

So is there a case for the Ministry of Health to recognize these Healers who are doing miraculous work helping thousand and thousands of people throughout Malaysia alone?


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2 responses to “Traditional Healing and traditional Healers of Borneo

  1. wow.. in my country I see no way of officially recognizing these kinds of healings. our current religion called “capitalism” would not allow such things to be possible yet, for it would make pharma industry poor. but people here start opening their minds!

    • partistar

      Many rural society who cannot afford modern medicine rely on Traditional Healers for their ailments…. just like village “midwives”… i was delivered by one such woman…yes they may fail in complicated cases but is there any maternal deaths in our present modern system?

      Most healers are gifted people approved by God Almighty to be able to heal people. So why shouldn’t any Government deny that fact…only because of vested interests by people who gain enormously from the present man made restrictions…just this morning i was told by a friend that when asked too many unanswered questions on traditional healers and traditional healing, he was not even given the Certificates of attendance by the organizers because he was told after inquiring why he was missed out, “he has too many questions”. Hehehe, what jokers they are thinking that they have exclusive rights to heal….

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