Growing old

We are all born to grow old.

Just now a long time acquaintance told me at his brother’s house that one is as old as he “thinks” he is and that age is only a number. His brother died at the age of 74 of liver cancer after a liver transplant in a foreign country next door. His was a very good colleague in SNAP CEC and National Council in the past. And later eating dinner there were his peer group about the same age but some look older than the other…. yet age wise not much different… I have a younger peer at my own village who can hardly walk now, can’t hardly see. Yes I know most of them but i quietly sit and wait to see whether they can still recognize me. Apparently none of them expect me to look as I were – more hairs than before and inadvertently my hairs are blacker because I have used one hair shampoo twice since September.

But does black and new hairs reflect youth? According to some writings, when our testosterone level reach certain level we age— wasting muscles, wrinkled skin and losing hairs. Growth hormone may help to make us stay young for a while but then we may develop Carpel Tunnel wasting. Keeping your thigh muscles developed may prolong the destruction of our male hormone from diminishing fast too. Yet by taking certain supplements and our Bidayuh Traditional Tea, I found that my masculinity improves, my prostate hypertrophy under control and the best part….

My barber asked me one a day a few years back,”Hey, doctor what did you do to your hair?”

I inquired, “Why? i have not done anything.”

He told me, “Your bare part on top is gone. Now new hairs are covering it!” He said in amazement. Sure my “Bishop hat” had been covered by new black hairs!

All I had been taking regularly as a new addition to my diet is the herbal Tea which I had asked my Traditional Healer friend to produce. He had earlier told me that his father died at 92 looking tall and straight. Many who had taken the tea had a new lease in active life…. Produced in the original form it was very effective for hypertensives, diabetes and old people. Now the shredded approach of production is not as effective but it is still all right.

So what is age really?

It is your diet and your way of life… the better the diet and the more balanced you will live better… an active way of life with balanced exercise will surely keeps you healthy.

My own friend who was assessed by onlookers before he got sick a year ago to be in his fifties when his real age is over 70, now looks older than his age. His problem stemmed from a “De-conditioned” heart because one year of mourning when he just ate and slept. After the mourning period, he wanted to do all the work he had done before. The same evening he was hospitalized for Heart Failure. He almost died a number of times. Now he is recovering and I advise him to slowly do the necessary exercise to strengthen his Heart.

It appears growing old is a matter of choice. However getting a younger bride like our Chief Minister of Sarawak is not good remedy for staying “young and vibrant”. He just got bullied publicly by his new young wife of 28 years old compared to him, almost 80 years old. So grow old graciously and accept what you have invested to stay young!

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