What and who is TOPA?

Let us say that HE is the NAMELESS one. HE could ask us, “Why should I need a name? I need be name ME as anything you want…..?”

What does He look like? We may dream of dream of somebody which maybe HIM but who is HE?

If we are to begin with the beginning with the Jewish philosophy of one GOD, HE is called YAHWEH, In English he is called GOD in the Bible. The Muslim called HIM ALLAH, presumably it is what the Arabs know HIM. I presume all communities have a name for him. We in Malaysia besides ALLAH, GOD, etc also called HIM, TUHAN….

I was told by my mother before I went to Primary School where i was taught about the New and old Testaments that His Name is TOPA. He is our Protector and Creator. Many things and blessings come through our ancestors who are in contact with Him. Many things are made through His Representatives on Earth. Bad and good things are present through His agents.

Yesterday, an old SNAP member said in our discussion yesterday afternoon that, “…. mind you if i make a comment, there is no GOD. It is only a made up story by men so as to make us “CIVILIZED”. I have yet to witness a body being lifted from earth to Heaven…..”. I listened and then told him that he maybe right but …… so I told him that we in the Krokong area had a strange happening starting last year till march this year where four episodes of unexplained number of deaths since the “ancient heads” obtained by our forefathers before the Brooke Era were moved from one village and placed in a new site between the new Christian cemetery and the old Bidayuh Traditional Graveyard.

I was told on 8th of January 2012 by a Village Elder that he was very concerned about the seven ancient heads from Krokong Gunong was moved from its resting place at Kampong Batu Sepit to the Graveyard with a proper Christian ceremony. Since the placement every death is followed by six to seven within less than a month. He told me that now it was on the fourth cycle…two deaths were already on. So he said something was ongoing and suggested that I as the Elder in the old Adat do something.

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