Healing Practices

Just visited a friend who has lost two toes to Diabetic Ulcer last night in one of the private hospital. He was happy with the treatment he has been given the last eight days he was in. He was also happy that many of his friends have been visiting him. Of course, he was happy when he saw me coming in. It is the least I could have done.

Yet it is sad to reflect after all our scientific advancement he has lost his toes but if not properly follow up, he could lose more later on. He said had he went to the hospital earlier he would have lost only one toe. But the pain was unbearable that he agreed to have the other toe operated.

His toes died and rot because the blood flow to the tissues had been compromised leaving the cells to die because of lack oxygen and nutrition. What really happened at the cell level is everybody guess. But is there someone who ensure that the blood supply may run normal….. as far as modern medicine is concerned, amputation is done to save the rest of the limb and the patient as it has no other answers.

Earlier I have posted “no more amputations” as TEH C’NZAK produced earlier by a friend has the effect of helping the extremities to have new arterioles. Now with the reduction of one component it does not seem to have the same effect as before. Whether the lesser effect is due to the new method of just shredding instead of chopping as done earlier has to be unraveled later. However there is a herbal answer to the scourge of amputation of limbs due to diabetes.

There are also other claims of herbal remedies available. Evidently the need to do better studies to find an answer for those who face similar problems as faced by my friend.

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