What is the rush?

Bernama wanted me to confirm the rumors that  STAR is applying to join BN or as some believe that the amendment is meant to bring in parties like STAR yesterday.

It is usual before every election, rumors start to be cooked left and right by people who are planning the elections or pundits who want to know what is up. For BN planners, it would make it easier for them to plan and to find a candidate who can deliver the seat in accordance to the recommendations made by SB report. For example, Peter Namsian replaced the recommended SNAP candidate at the last minute as the best one to beat me in 1996 State election.

So why the rush? STAR will continue to monitor the political situation by listening to the wishes of its core supporters and the people generally. Now BN, PR and KITA(?Barisan KITA) are vying for support of the electorate throughout Malaysia. Let us wait to see what are they offering the people. Will BN slow down selling premium land to its “cronies” and investors at the expense of the general good?

Next  why the hurry, especially when PR already agreed amongst themselves how to beat BN in many areas. It is rumored that SUPP will get a very good hiding, no matter what or who they put up. If so, then it is one plus for the PR and a good headache for BN. BN is hoping that by meeting the demands of the Chinese on the Bako land issue will be an “effective cure for their Headache”. Only time will tell. Now SNAP is rejecting PR because it is being squeezed out of its former strongholds in the Dayak majority areas by Baru Bian and PKR. It ahs aligned itself with KITA.

Next, PKR had made the very promises which many Sarawakians wanted to hear on Oil Royalty, autonomy and other considerations while BN Sarawak produces a “White Paper” to maintain peace and security in Sarawak and announcing billions of dollars for 2011 budget. They can be considered as real concerns for developing Sarawak or pure baits to fish the “FIXED deposits”. In retrospect, who really benefits from all these “Huha”? The winner of course. Ordinary taxpayers will pay out of their pockets in taxes collected and while subsidies are being withdrawn by BN.

Meanwhile Malaysian system of government which relies heavily on political direction continues to labor under whoever hold the whip. It will do anything to save the master. By serving the Master alone and forgetting the real need for justice and fairness, often times, many would profit from being in power alone. The victim is the silent majority who are not really interested in politics because they see politics as “DIRTY”. So until the silent majority wake up and be more concern about GOVERNANCE, why should we in STAR be in the rush.

Many would cry for redemption by a few who should huff and puff for them while others would proudly declare themselves as “anti BN or pembangkang”. I have heard many said so over the years, proudly telling me that they did not even vote for me when I was in BN but sadly to admit that they yet to win. Of course, hard core DAP and PAS members and supporters are amongst these categories of voters. They have remained as an opposition since  the Independence of Malaya. With such mentality and function, BN remains the Government of the Day since.

So what is the rush if all we want is to oppose? Is it not 47 years long enough?

STAR wants to form the next Government. We are not here just to oppose. We want more people to come forward to sacrifice to form a better Government than what we have now. Even without winning we can influence the structure and function of the Government if more people want to be involved with sincerity.

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