In eleven days more, Chinese New Year will be celebrated amongst friends everywhere, especially amongst the Chinese, themselves.They will meet and talk about what was, is and could be happening. No doubt my friends will ask me certain questions especially the most FAQ now.

(1) When do you think when is the State General Election?

It is coming very soon. Just be ready now till Taib dissolves the State Assembly and it will be over in 9 days. Three days before Nomination day and seven days campaigning- the least number of days required by the Law. Thus just get ready your votes. Expect it to be in March or thereafter if it is decided that it could not wait for the Federal Election. Now with the turmoil in PKR, GE13th may be called earlier. Thus for the first time in our history there will be a simultaneous general elections since 1974.

(2) Will you stand and where?

I have left this decision to all my supporters especially the Working Committee of STAR where decisions will be made at the appropriate time as has been in all my political career. When I was in SNAP, I always left that decision to our Divisional Committee and the Party President. Since then, the decision is left  to our key supporters and STAR Working Committee.

These are the most common questions I have been asked these days..It is hoped that we stop asking the above questions but instead focus on asking questions about ourselves and BN leaders as follows:

(a) Are you happy with the performance of our Ministers, Assistant Ministers and our current elected representatives?

If you are happy with the loss of subsidies leading to all the present woes of price increases, then fine. No worry, be happy and continue as is.. voting or not voting the way you have been.

If not, then ask yourselves the next much needed question:

(b) What can I do about it?

The answer is “Change”. Change the way we approach politics.

(bi) Change the “Government/Opposition” mentally. This tactic is widely used by BN to stay in power knowing very well many would not dare to “OPPOSE” the government like the confrontation days. It is also used by selfish politicians who want to stay relevant by championing the “under-dogs”. Yet this politics practiced since the Independence of Malaya has led us to the present state of affairs where UMNO will just joist with PAS and DAP, now of PKR as well leaving our country near the verge of bankruptcy. Yet abuses of power go on unheeded.

To ensure a Better Future for all, we must consider all Opposition parties as potential Government of the Day. It is necessary then for each one of us to decide which party has a leader you can trust to look after your welfare as the next Government of the day to improve our Sate and country to a better economic standing. You must dare to reject leaders who only want to oppose and become YBs just to bark and bark, but “no cows” will come home because BN leaders do not have to listen as they know that no matter what they do they will not lose the power.

Of course you will then have to educate your friends and extended families to to think in the same way. Change will come faster if you dare to register as members and be active in the promotion that particular party. BN will find ways and means to discourage you so it is better to become its quiet member till you are ready to die for the cause.

(b2) What else?

Contribute whatever you can to a political movement you believe in.  The contribution could be in terms of time to promote and to do fund raising. The Parties which are potentially the next ruling party, remains so because they lack volunteers who can help.

BN is strong only because they have a lot volunteers and plenty of money to mobilize all resources to “entice or buy” voters of the last two days of polling even all the “alleged” votes manipulation by taxpayers’ paid staff.

Once it is fully countered as in Sibu by-election, BN will lose many more seats. They may even lose the coming State election, if only there are enough volunteers and money for the PR/KITA/SNAP/STAR to mobilize them.

(b3) what is the key needed to take over from Taib and BN?

The key is unity and humility amongst opposing contenders. What is not here now will not be there in the nine days of campaigning. Much will be lost if the arrogance of 2006 and 2008 continues. It is important that each one of us must give honest feedback to our party leadership. If the proposed candidate or party is not suitable for your area, say quickly so that the problems can be resolved amicably.

BN is using divide -to-rule tactics all along. There is no reason to expect them to stop. It is their strength but it will also be their path to future downfall especially if we know how they divide us. They have used the “communist’s tactics” to achieve success as  revealed by Taib in Council Negri after the Ming Court Affair. Briefly 3 stages,  the sweet talk first, then entice by whatever means failing which character assassinate at all costs. For instance beware of BN media saying I supported or will support BN. As STAR president, it is not logical as we have not even discussed the subject.

And many more relevant questions which we should consider so that Sarawak and Malaysia will become a better place for all so there is no need for our children and grand children to migrate to other countries which are better run.

In this light, I wish all my Chinese friends and political opponents…GONG XI FA CAI…

May Malaysia be a “HOME” to all of us…HIDUP BANGSA MALAYSIA.

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