Avoid the defects…

“AVOID THE DEFECTS OF YOUR COUNTRY”, says Gracian, a philosopher, etc. He went on to say, “Water shades the good and bad  qualities of its beds through which it runs; people share those of the region where they were born. Some owe more than others to their mother country or city, for they were born under favorable skies. No country, not even the most refined, has ever escaped some innate defect or other, and these weaknesses are seized on by neighboring countries as defense or consolation. It is a triumph to correct, or at least to dissimulate, such national faults. By doing so, you will be revered as unique amongst your people; for what is least expected is most valued. Other defects are caused by one’s lineage, condition, occupation and by times. If all these defects come together in one person, and no care is taken to foresee and correct them, they produce an intolerable monster.”

It would be a great 2011 if all of us can avoid the defects of our nation, Malaysia. We need to work together to “correct” some of our faults, especially if we can reduce “the influence of money politics” amongst our less informed brothers and sisters who do not foresee the  economic  devastation created by succumbing to its power. No country can afford it in the long run. Russia communism fell down for in the end no one really do their best to survive, because is guaranteed… things to eat, place to live, etc..Greece is in trouble because a lot is expected from the Government living a life way above what the nation can produce…We, in Malaysia, is going the same road unless less and less subsidy or “legal corruption” is achieved.

Politics along racial and religious divide is another fault for us to avoid. Unless more and more can work together towards better  economic goals without further debates or thinking along those lines, Malaysia and Sarawak will never achieve its full potential to be a richer and better nation. It must begin with ourselves to be self confident of our faith and belief to leave others to breath in their own walls. Debating on who is “more holier than thou” has wrought grieves and heartaches throughout the world. It has made us “victims” for only those who are seen to be “champions” of one or another get ahead. Yet in the end, more often than not, they could not even help their own family to survive without political power.

So let us avoid all the other faults which has bogged us down to what we are to to-day. If we can learn from the success of  our national football team in this year SUZUKI cup, then Malaysia will have less faults and will have a better future….

If only we can think deeper into what the wise Greek philosopher says…avoid the defects of OUR country in 2011 by acting wisely in the coming State and Parliamentary elections…

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