Politics- your life and future

“Politics is dirty”, is the most frequent answer to those who want to know what is going on but refuse to be involved in politics. Even some who are registered members of poltical parties make the same comments to me often times…

My standard answer is and will be the same. “Politics IS NOT dirty, but some politicians ARE and they pollute poltics making it appears dirty.” I also add, “Politics is vital to life for it determines the type of life we can have.”

In fact politics is like water and fresh air is essential for the survival and well being of mankind. Without good and healthy politics a nation can die and a new Government or nation will evolve. For instance, Malaysia was born out of the politics of Imperialism and the surge of Communism. The fear of Federation of Malaya being overwhelmed by the Communists led to the birth of Malaysia.

The need for some to have the racial security and power, they form racially based parties. Failing in achieving their forces alone they would form block of racial parties under a common agenda and symbol, BN of Malaysia. In some countries they will form a coalition after an election in order to govern as it is done now in England between the Conservative Party and Liberal Party.

A good government can help the nation to progress and achieved economic success unexpected like Singapore. A government which only talks but remain ineffective, you will have some countries like our other neighbours. Malaysia can be better but too much politicking and too little concern to get rid of politics of Patronage has mired us to our present state of affairs where our nation may default on our debts if “subsidies continue” said Idris Jala…

In order to avoid defaulting on our debts, it is vital that good and honest professionals and individuals to be fully involved to replace those in BN who are letting us down now. Most of them are a waste of time and money but they will remain there unless more concerned individuals get in. I has made the mistake of thinking that anyone can do the political job until I realized that the Bidayuh will get nowhere in 1982. To ensure that Sarawak reach its full potential more people are needed to stand for what is right for all Sarawakians. We cannot leave our fate to the present set of leaders.

Sarawak needs to change from its present set of leaders who could not stand criticisms but sent out rude remarks to NGOS and others who care about our environment and Biodiversity. We cannot be blind to the destruction we have impacted on our environments. We have to mitigate against flooding we have created to Kuching for instance. Politics of Development must be people friendly. We must enhance our environment rather than damaging it. We must spread the wealth rather than to concentrate it to the few to control and rule the rest…

To get the work done though, we need your full involvement to clean up Sarawak politics… Be a contributing member of any party and be vigilant against political parasites in your respective party or better still join hands with me to do so…



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4 responses to “Politics- your life and future

  1. tris

    i am in desperate search of an iban man by the name of alexander guang who once worked at the customs office. i don’t have other details. he was once married to rosemary adams from jalan datuk william tan. need iban community to help me find him. my kids only family. they havent seen any relatives from any sides in sarawak. please help.

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  3. AN

    We live in a different world now; it is fast moving; 1 year is short term; 3 years is middle term and 5 years is long term.
    We have dinosaurs running the government mchinery for 20-30 years and still want to govern on; it will not work anymore!!!
    True leaders do appear with dfferent times; they change and adapt to change. They also change their thinking and adapt to new stuff appearing over the horizon.
    See why USA, a big country, is also in trouble now; needless to say to a small country like Malaysia!!!
    Want to know further? Just keep the talk alive and let us share our thoughts.

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