Poor in spirit – Kingdom of Heaven

Eckhart Tolle in his book, “Oneness With All Life” wrote  ‘ “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” Jesus said, “for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” What does “poor in spirit mean? No inner baggage, no identifications. Not with things, nor with any mental concepts that have a sense of self in them. And what is the “kingdom of Heaven”? The simple but profound joy of Being that is there when you let go of identifications and so become ‘poor in spirit”.’

It is indeed heavy to understand unless one reads the rest of his argument. He talks sense.

Yesterday, Christians celebrated the ASH Wednesday to remind themselves of being on this earth. What does it means “DUST TO DUST” or “ASH TO ASH”? Human Beings have lived from caves to Palaces built around the world throughout its history. The glories of the few men can become a rumble of dust and broken blocks of stones as seen in Haiti’s Presidential Palace or overwhelmed by the forests as in most archeological sites as the Great Pagoda in Cambodia or by sands as in Egypt at the heavy costs of many lives and the poverty amongst many.

In Sarawak we have seen two longhouses being demolished to make way for Politics Of Development, the last being Rumah Nyawai in Bintulu. In Malaysia according to the latest news, we have created over 40 Billionaires ?through NEP at the expense of many Malaysians who may get even to pay more sugar at the excuse of reducing the incidence of Diabetes and so on. Would it not be possible that more millionaires be created amongst the privilege?

Yet no matter how much wealth is pumped into the pockets of the few, will there be happiness amongst them? Is Taib really happy behind the “public grin” that is seen every time he is seen? Are all his brothers and sisters happy at the wealth they are enjoying now? Are they enjoying the “kingdom of heaven” now?

If no is the answer? Should you be unhappy now?

However if we remain “poor in spirit” and accept what we to-day and be grateful that we are at peace and at whatever we have, would we not enjoy the peace and happinesas that will be found in Heaven. If we leave self outside the equation of whatever we do now, we will always be happy as we will not carry any future inner baggage which is the feeling of guilt.

We can improve our station in life but it must not be at the expense of others. We can get richer but it must be by theft or tricks. It should be by working smarter and better. Lasting wealth can be achieved by saving and investing. The ability to save and invest wisely our time and 10% of what we earn will ensure the kingdom of heaven now.

Malaysia can do better by increasing its Foreign Reserves to shore up the buying power of the RM rather than to bail out inefficient GLCS which should be allowed to go bust or restructured. The failed CEOS should be asked to retire from politics and businesses till they die and not recycled as well. Only then,  NEP will benefit more Malays making them happier.

No doubt with stronger buying power of the RM, more non Muslims will be happier too. Definitely there is no need to demolish any more longhouses to make way for Politics of Development.

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  1. june

    hey, I didn’t know you are reading Eckhart Tolle too!

    I’ve been reading The New Earth and I think it is changing my life. Have you read it? I can get you a copy. Currently reading The Power of Now. It’s better to read The New Earth first before the Now book. He is rather long-winded but it is good when you stick to it.

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