?Name for the Universal Antidote

Hi, everyone, yes another life has been saved.

A 28 year patient male was admitted to Sarawak General Hospital after consuming “racun serangga” or insecticide ( type yet to be identified). The family were frantic as his condition worsened.

Luckily for him, he has an Auntie who teaches in Lundu and helped to scour the internet for help and look for “herba penawar racun”.  She was able to find my name and phone number. They tried but failed to get hold of me on Monday night as I was at the Annual Dinner of  Sarawak Traditional Medicine and Herbal Association. Normally I would not bring my hand phone when I attend functions. But this time, it was worse because I had left the phone in my other vehicle which I used to attend the funeral of a friend at Kpg Tringgus, Bau.

Next morning, I checked my phone and found not missed calls but messages asking for help to save the life of the patient who was getting sicker.I returned the missed call and finally got hold of the patient’s mother who was begging for my help to come, see and help the son. I had to tell her that I could not do that because our system of Government would not allow it. But I told her that I can prepare the antidote and give it to her but she had to convince the Authorities to allow her to give his son a chance to live by making sure that the tea is taken.

She came and told me how his son is getting and that he was being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit that morning. Anyway I assured her that as long as she could get his son to drink the Tea, he will live. Such assurance may appear too much but from my experience using the antidote, I was confident that it would work well on the patient. I had to give them at least HOPE.

Later she told me that it was not possible as the son was in ICU and could not open his mouth anymore. I told her that if you wanted your son alive, begged if necessary to get the antidote into his stomach. I did not know what transpired but later she called and told me that they were able to “syringe in” most of the antidote and was asking that I should prepare the fresh preparation as the Tea was “NOT EFFECTIVE”.

Well I did tell her that the Tea should work, but if there is no improvement after 1 to 2 hours she call me so that I can prepare the fresh preparation which I have found very effective so far with 100% CURE RATE on all types of poisons tried so far. However in a Tea form, it cured my son from penicillin allergy in less than 12hours when normal medications did not provide the cure. It also helped four persons to consumed at almost one thousand worth of beer without getting drunk. It also prevents my Hong Kong Restaurant syndrome numerous times. Thus my confidence of the Tea form as an effective vehicle to cure people from known poisons. Only the effective dosage has to be established through clinical follow-ups.

On further discussion with the mother, she also told me that the son was sleeping.

“Very Good, it means that it is working”. I told.  I further told her that there is no need for further intake of the fresh antidote as the poison has been neutralized.

A day later the patient was of the respirator. He was doing well when I saw him at around four o’clock yesterday.

To-day the mother told me that he has been transferred to the ordinary ward for further observation for he may develop secondary infections.

Now we know for sure that the antidote is the only one known which is effective against many poisons. From a humble herb which can be planted aplenty. I want your input as to the name for the product.

I wanted to name it after my grandson, Jedian, (son of my nephew, the grandson of my uncle who is my mother elder brother) who died from PARAQUAT poisoning because modern medicine has yet to know of its antidote, thus the cure. It took him about two weeks to die in Bau District Hospital. Prior to this, I have also lost family members and friends to Paraquat. But his death brought me to have a covenant with TOPA, our Bidayuh God, “That since you had chosen me to be a Doctor but has yet to show me how to save this grandson, what and who am I, TOPA. Show me the way to the CURE.”

In less than two weeks, one of my friends who is also a Bidayuh Traditional Healer told me that he had saved three relatives who were send home to die from Paraquat Poisoning. Then he showed me the plant. Since then I have tried it on various poisons, alcohol and other drugs side-effects with 100% success rate so far. Three from paraquat, one weed killer KEN-UP combined with SHOOT -UP, and the latest an insecticide. Fast effects on three snake bites, 2 wasp bites including the mother of three Chinese kids who succumbed to the wasp bites, and other bites.

In his death, Jedian challenged me to find an antidote. Too late for him but in his death, he helped saved six. So can we name the antidote, “Jedian” and the Herb it can from “Rumput Jedianiasis”. The father, by the way, has given me the consent to use the late son name.


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7 responses to “?Name for the Universal Antidote

  1. Sulok

    Dear Dr,
    Interesting discovery you have. I wonder if you could grant me an interview one of these days?


  2. fren

    Sir, we understand that you are doing a wonderful jobs to serve life, so keep it up and continue to do so and we are looking to see if anybody can create a least a cure for cancer and HIV too.Thanks. God bless you and your family.

    • partistar

      Now, I know a cure for any poison known using our “universal antidote” yet to be commercially produced.

      We have the Tea which is proven to be good for diabetes, old age and hypertension.

      As for cancer the difficulty lies in not finding one substance which can cure all types of cancer. Secondly there are two stream of medical approaches to treat cancer:
      (1) the approach which centers on Attacking the cancer cells with means which also destroy the defense mechanism in the body and;

      (2) the second approach which centers on also destroying the cancer cells by strengthening the body antibodies through diet and herbs which will help the body to defend itself.

      Many doctors and cancer specialists are using the first approach which is the one we are taught in Medical Schools. We are told to use radiotherapy, chemotherapy and/or surgery or any of its combination. In some treatment all three maybe used to save the patients but with debilitating side-effects and scars. Yet the cure rate remains low.

      Thus the growth of more and more doctors using the second approach with very good results. Even there is a book of an amazing cure written on a Malaysian experience whereby the prostate cancer is cured, by merely changing the diet for the family to a vegetarian diet. There are also known herbal treatment where certain type of cancer can be cured such as by the Graviola Tree extract which also known as ?Durian Belanda. However proper documentation has to be done for the various FDAS to allow these methods to be officially used.

      Our SBC has identified a molecule derived from one plant, which has shown its anti-cancer potentials. Whether it will be part of the treatment protocol is yet to be seen. FDAS have to be convinced needing time and money, yet Washington lobby may stop its official approval. Unless the Government is behind it, the active extract may not see the light of day in our medical practices as Drug companies will only promote medicine which they can hold the patent. Yet herbal products remain to be on “the garden of Eden’s” principle where any copycats can have access once known that a herb is effective.

      Thus economic politics and politics itself hamper progress to cancer cure. Only patients who dare to take risks with the second approach will be cured. Even within our Sarawak Traditional Medicine and Herbal Association, there are members who claim to have cures for cancer…. Even one of my friend who is a Traditional healer has successfully treated two nurses from a confirmed breast cancer…. Thus there is hope, yet but a lot of work has to be done mainly to convince FDAS to believe in the second approach.

  3. Cross

    Go ahead Doc. U r true healer.

    By the way, could u post more on Topa? Really like to know about Bidayuh God. TQ.

    • partistar

      Thank you. A lot more to learn about healing. The question to answer is why we fall sick, some with signs and symptoms, while others none and we in the medical profession often made the mistake of calling those without sings and symptoms, hypochondriac or crazy. In this more often than not we are not doing justice to those individuals because they cannot function normally. In the hand of a traditional healer, he/she becomes normal in no time if the healer is the expert for that type of illness.

      As for the Bidayuh God, called TOPA, it is the same Almighty who is called by various names in various societies. As I am still in my first year of my journey in Bidayuh faith where I am learning from the Elders who are experts, I prefer to defer further discussion on the subject.

  4. faizal shah

    sir my brother has drunk paraquat and it’s seven days now and since he is in hospital.i’am from fiji so from where can i get this medicin from because i can’t let my brother die.
    my email address is faizalshah786@yahoo.com
    please can you inform me as soon as possible before it’s too late.

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