?Need for amputation – Diabetes scourge

This morning I was very sad.

Sad because a client who came to buy from me the Traditional Tea, the Bidayuh Traditional Tea called TEH C’NZAK, told me of a family friend who had his leg amputated because of diabetes. It reminded me of the late Mr Bong who lost both his legs to Diabetes. Then we were just starting to produce the tea. Next one of my hard core supporter,Mr. J, who had lost one of his legs to same. Then another supporter, Mr M, who died because of severe diabetes just because he trusted that what we, doctors, know to-day can help them to recover.

Yet there is HOPE as well as joy that we may be able to help to save those legs. Mr J now is happy because now he is taking our Tea and his remaining leg is also happy. He is well and happy now. And his brother too who was on the way of losing his legs, his eyesight, etc but luckily I went to see him on a Chinese New Year visit. He has been taking our tea since. He is also happy doing full time work at his Hardware Shop. They and many others who have recovered from the scourge of Diabetes since taking TEH CZNAK make me happy.

The dramatic effect of the Tea was observed, when Mr. M took the Tea I brought for him to take while he was at Bau Hospital. Prior to taking the Tea his blood Sugar was above 10 to 11 on his Hospital Chart. He took the Tea in the evening and when I saw him about 2 hours later he was sweating profusely. Next morning, on his Chart his blood sugar dipped to below 5…. But unluckily, he did not continue taking the Tea although a 100 mgm bag free of charge as I just want to save his legs as some of the toes were getting black, bad signs for diabetics as it means that he will be losing the toes unless blood can flow in again. Unluckily he was later transferred to SGH and I was told he died soon after.

Sad is it not for people to die young from severe Diabetes because modern medicine has not been able to come up with an effective medication. And before their deaths, some lose their legs or eyesight.  Sad, sad, sad because they are not aware of what our tea can do for them. Those, who believe and are taking the Tea, are enjoying a better life.

Yes there is HOPE. The tea produced by a Bidayuh Traditional Healer has helped many. One diabetic Malay family up to Limbang is taking the Tea because they believe. Now all of them are enjoying life better without taking any modern medication because their blood sugar is within normal range. The first member who tried it were having diabetes Ulcers and I was told that his legs were full of weeping lesions when he first saw the Traditional Healer. A week later when he came back to buy more Tea for his family, the ulcers and weeping lesions were gone and was replaced by healthy skin.

Give diabetics a chance for a new life if you know of anyone close to you suffering. We cannot advertise it now because of limited production and secondly I have yet to have proper clinical follow-up on enough patients to be able to answer, “How much and how often to take the Tea”. Luckily there appears to be no harmful effects, only the inconvenience of frequent passing of urine. The Traditional Healer who only drinks his own Tea, at 70+, most people mistaken him for 40+ year old. Myself at 66 is still going strong.

A better health at the cost of less than 10 ringgit a month for now if it is bought direct from him or me.

Diabetics, give yourself a chance. Do not make me sad again as we may have the right answer to your problem.


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11 responses to “?Need for amputation – Diabetes scourge

  1. tiyungdayak

    Hi Doc! I just want to know: is the tea effective for reducing (or curing?) diabetes? The tea itself, is it good for other ailment(s) like body heat, etc.?

    I’m a tea drinker (as I know that tea contained anti oxidants). I myself used to make my own, dried tea leaves from young leaves of Vitex sp., Tristania sp. and Eugenia spp.

    • partistar

      Whether it is a cure or just bringing the blood sugar to normal is yet to be studied and confirmed. However its action appears to be that of cleansing the receptors so that they respond normally to insulin, I have yet to confirm.

      What we have observed so far is that drinking the tea will make skin lesions, ulcers, etc healed in a matter of few days. Once you drink the tea, the blood sugar will be normal without any need of any other medication.

      Definitely it is very effective in helping most diabetics to have a normal life. How long you need to take it to stay normal, we need to do clinical studies to know. How much and how often one should take for an effective dose, we still need to know by doing clinical studies.

      These questions will be answered once the above studies are carried out.

  2. tiyungdayak

    Thanks for your prompt reply, Doc! I’m one of medicinal herbs enthusiasts. I used to have severe high blood pressure a.k.a. headache due to lack of sleep, anxiety, etc. So, one day, an old lady has introduced me to this kind of bitter herb, of which is occasionally grown – abundantly – in hill paddy fields. I drank the whole plant decoction and Thank God!, as I didn’t encounter any severe headache nor high blood pressure anymore.

    Last October, one of my kampong elders asked me whether I know any kind of medicinal herb(s) for treating diabetes, as his wife is a diabetic. So I’ve made lots of internet search and I found that bitter gourd (peria) is one of the possible remedies. Definitely, I’ll urge them to consult you next time whenever I’m back to my kampong lah. I’m sure that no one wants to be in a situation like this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8498993.stm. Well, it is sad to say that my aunt died years later due to diabetes and had one of her legs (up to the thigh point) amputated.

    I’m still interested to get the antidote drug from you next time. I hope that I could find a suitable time to meet with you whenever I’m back to Kuching lah (possibly at one of Batu Tiga kopitiams?). By the way, how about the shelf life of all the remedies that you have recommended? For example, the TEH CNZAK (not TEH RAZAK, I suppose! Just kidding…) – how long will it expires? Is it safe to be consumed by children with diabetes?

  3. partistar

    Yes, there is a lot of herb out there and they are good for Diabetes, hypertension, etc but mostly of bitter taste.

    As for the tea, it is just nice to drink especially when you put in a bit of sugar. Yet it takes care of many things besides the blood sugar. It helps the skin to stay “young”, smooth and firm.

    The tea will last as long as it is kept dry. Put it a open container in a fridge it will stay fresh for years, I presume.

    It is safe for children as well but whether it is effective for juvenile diabetics it is yet to be seen.

    But in the case of the Malay families, all of them are said to be taking it and they are all right. Nevertheless, I have not met them and record what type of diabetes they are suffering from.


    Dear Sir, I am interested to know where to get/buy the TEH C’ZNAK now. Because at moment my sister is very severely suffering from Diabetic. Now she has already disturbances of vision which she had consulted a Specialist at Kuching GH. And now her both legs experienced pins and needles and numbness for the past three years. Her legs are turningbrown/black in colour and endured paint whole day and night.I am that she will be amputated soon. So I beg your help to provide us with your special TEH C’ZNAK as soon as possible.
    We really want to try the miracle so that we can be with our sister.

    • partistar

      I am sure it will be worthwhile for her to start taking the Tea and see how the response will be.

      Her legs and toes could be saved if you can act fast. Once the toes are black they will fall off or has to be cut off.

      If it still bluish, that toe may survive.

      Diabetes has a canny effect of cutting off the blood supply to the legs and toes. Tingling feeling is due to lack of supply of Oxygen to the respective tissues.

      The tea has a wonderful effect to cleanse the cells so that they will respond to insulin produced normally. It is really worth a try. My friend who had his leg amputated is now happy and the remaining leg is normal now. So is his younger brother who was about to lose his legs. Both his legs are normal now.

  5. Andrew

    Thanks for your article. Do you know where I can find statistics on the number of amputations in children related to diabetes?

    • partistar

      Maybe you can try hospital records or the Diabetic Society of Malaysia. They should have members who have undergone the operation. I know of who is still alive, a friend and supporter, and two who have died, one Chinese friend and supporter and an ex-army Malay friend and supporter. They died because the tea was not available to them. The one who survived is on the Tea otherwise he would have lost the other. His brother, I managed to convince him to take the Tea, is happy to keep both his legs till now or if not, he may have lost one or both of them by now as he was already having the signs.

      As for children, I do not have any idea as those I have mentioned are adult onset type of diabetes. Diabetes in children can be very severe and the likely cause is an abnormality or genetic deficiency or weakness leading an insufficiency if Insulin production. The tea may have no effect at all as the current effect seems to cleansing of the body cells so that a normal response to the insulin. There again, I cannot say for sure until further observations and studies can be done.

  6. lyle modglin

    wondering if this could be afective for a neighbor of mine and what the cost might be and if it is legal in the united states .please email me with further information Thanks Lyle Modglin

    • partistar

      I know it is effective on all who have taken it. Had saved legs of friends from being amputated. Have observed how dramatic the blood sugar reduction occurred in one friend who was in a hospital?

      Whether it is allowed or legal in USA or not, I do not know. As right now we can only meet local demand with the cottage industry level of production, we have not tried overseas market. Hopefully this year we can upgrade our production to meet bigger demand.

  7. Dear Doctor,
    My name is … and I stay in Kuala Lumpur. I work in Jalan Bukit Bintang.
    I am in dire need to control my Type 2 sugar diabetes and hope you can urgently let me know where I can purchase the TEH CNZAK and the price.
    I can be contacted at …..

    Thank you……..

    “Will try to send you as requested. As per our discussion on the phone, the actual amount to be taken and how often is YET to be established. This for you to monitor and tell us later.

    Currently it is recommended that you take the first intake up to three cups of warm tea or any amount to make you sweat. After that how much and how often is up to you to determine to your own needs to bring your blood sugar to normal.

    You need to know that either on the second or third day of your consumption you may have uncontrollable diarrhea lasting about a day at most. During this period just drink as much tea as possible. Dilute it to half strength or half tea half water with a bit of salt added. If your are not toxic, there will be no diarrhea.”

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