Another Year to improve ourselves

2009 is now history. Through the year, we must have sailed through or fumbled along the way. It was another year to learn about friends we can trust, and to meet people whom we had not met.  I met many of  my school mates at Dragon School during our 50th anniversary Dinner and another year to learn about Traditional Healing Practices of the Bidayuh. It was a historic year for me because I started the year with saving a young girl life in Sabah on the 6th January from Paraquat poisoning.  Air Asia helped also by flying the antidote to KK free of charge.

2010  began with my nephew’s son wedding celebration at Hilton last night. Many relatives from the bride’s village, Kampong Stenggang were also there including Datuk Peter Minos. What is unique about it all is that if I were to tell groom’s grandfather that one of his grandson will be celebrating his wedding celebration at a major hotel in Kuching in 2010. He would have laughed and said, “Todah, mungkin ngabos oyoh pun susah.”(What a pity, even buying a pig would be difficult). Yet I was happy that things have changed and that I was celebrating our New Year eve at a wedding at Hilton, not foreseen by many about sixty years ago when Hilton and many other Hotels were non existence.

Yet what we enjoy to-day in Malaysia is behind the Canada I had enjoyed in the sixties in Canada. They already had taller and bigger buildings. Yet the cost of living was low – for instance a whole chicken cost about 50-75 cents Canadian, two pork hocks at 25 cents, the rental for a room with a common kitchen was 20 dollars Canadian. I saved Canadian dollar 120 or more a month out of 160 a month stipend money, that on my third year from the savings I made, I could buy a second hand Volvo in 1968.

To-day, while my nephew’s son celebrated his wedding at Hilton last night, there were friends who told me they could not afforded a chicken for Christmas. Ever wonder why in a land of plenty there are still hunger. Why chicken are now so expensive to many that they cannot afford them to celebrate Christmas, Hari Raya or Chinese New Year? Where do the Billions of RM announced BN leaders go?

If you ever wonder, would 2010 be a year where we can commit ourselves to STRIVE for a Better Future? Why STRIVE you may ask?

STRIVE means we need to struggle against all the challenges thrown into our path by BN propaganda machinery. We have to struggle against our own limitations and weaknesses to be better prepared for the tasks ahead. But STRIVE is also a philosophy of how to get ahead:

S means to start small. Whatever you can do no matter how small, get it done.

T means Think possibilities. Thinking of ways to resolve problems is the biggest asset God has given us as a gift.

R means to reach further. We have to extend our network fo friends and supporters.

I means to Invest wisely our time and other resources.  The most limited of all resources available to us is  TIME.

V means to Visualize success to stay motivated.

E means to expand wisely.

Thus STRIVE can be a philosophy of getting things done one at time to get over any challenges thrown at us. It is also important to remember that the WILL to get things done must be there in the first place.

Have a very successful 2010.

Do you still believe that the BN Government is the Durian?

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