Merry Christmas to all

2009 is drawing to a close and Christians all overall the world will be celebrating Christmas to mark the day their Saviour was supposed to be born – Jesus’s official birthday. Yes we all have official birthday as decided and accepted by all according to the calender made by man.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL Christains and a Happy Holiday to all Malaysians.

25th December will be THE day for Hope – the hope that peace and happiness shall reign on earth.

Yet for many, such hope remains to be mere mirage. Yet reality of peace and happiness is within reach for everyone. What remains is to know the path to get there.

Politics of Violence

Miseries around the world are created by men who practise politics of violence. These people will want power at all costs. They will do anything to get the power they need but always under the pretext of wanting to help and serve the people. They will make speeches which inspire and move their followers even to blow themselves up. History has shown many such characters.

We need to learn how to discern this type of politicians. They are present both in BN and Opposition parties. Follow them blindly, then the future will not be as bright.

Politics based on race and religion

The fastest way to disaster for Malaysians. While Najib talks about 1M, BN politics is based on using 4P – four pillars of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Others. For 48 years they have managed to stay in power playing one against the other to ensure Malay supremacy. End result, Malaysia is behind Singapore economically. Our Ringgit (RM) is worth less than 40 cents Singapore. This is why this Christmas is less joyous amongst the poor Christains, even for the hardcore BN supporters. Sunday evening one friend asked whether I could give their family 2 chickens to celebrate this Christmas. Yes, I can give him two or three but not to the thousands who are in the same dilemma.

All these dilemmas because the poor buying power of the 1RM. I am pretty sure if BN has been able to manage our economy like Singapore, the above family can buy the chickens by themselves as in the previous years.

SUGAR woes

Many Christians may not be able to buy sugar for this Christmas because suppliers withhold supplies anticipating an increase in the price of sugar. Again BN way of management, annoucement first, action later. Those involved should be fired from their respective positions.

Many more but

There are many more which will anger or worry us, but it is Christmas. No way should any Christain allow the Scourge takes away the joys and hope of Christmas. Let us therefore leave our sorrows and pains behind for Jesus to carry the burden. Pray for Peace and joy for the world

And have a very Merry and Happy Christmas.


Look how perfect an orchid. He has no worries. He only inspires those who can appreciate his beauty. He is now gone but his image remains. The same for all of us. What image or footprints shall we leave behind.



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4 responses to “Merry Christmas to all

  1. ugahchua

    Now that Sulaiman Taib had resigned fron his Federal posting, the question in most people mind esp. Sarawakian, will he be groomed to succeed his father as the next CM? What is your personal assessement on Sulaiman?

    • partistar

      Thanks. Regret to say in politics, personal opinion does not matter and it is not fair for me to say so.

      Whether Sulaiman be groomed or not is purely up to PBB and his father. It has nothing to do with me or STAR. But it is purely up to PBB members. After PBB decides, it is up to the other component parties in BN Sarawak to decide. If they agree, then it is up to BN national level to agree. If they all agree, then it is the registered voters of Sarawak to decide. So the chance that Sulaiman becomes CM is there.

      Right now, the voters of Sarawak still love BN and become FDS for BN to rule Sarawak and Malaysia. Only the minority agrees with me and STAR – for even the majority of Bidayuh voters in Mas Gading and Tasik Biru supported BN so far.

      STAR will have to wait until the majority want and believe in CHANGE TO A BETTER FUTURE. Right now, MONEY POLITICS is “GOD’S HAND”, thus my humble opinion does not matter a bit for now.


      • ugahchua


        I heard in PBB circle that between Abang Jo and Awang Tengah….the Dayaks prefer the former to succeed Taib. What is your take & Why?

        Merry X’mas to you & Family.

  2. partistar

    Whatever, why should we bother?

    Whoever takes over, they may not want to work WITH STAR to herald a BETTER DAY for all Sarawakians. We can work with anyone but it must be for the benefit of all Sarawakians.

    Poor Dayaks who think so they are so helpless in resolving the Dayak problems themselves that their option is either Sulaiman, AJ and AT. Why don’t they leave BN, especially PBB and its “BRANCHES”, you know “which”, and join SNAP or STAR, which will the successor of SNAP should it lose the Court case.

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