Time to remember

True, I have not written any post  for a while now.

Now is the time to remember, “what goes up will come down”. Look at what is happening in Iran, thirty years ago they rejoiced in the streets to welcome a new era heralded by the late Ayatollah Khomeini, their Supreme Leader after the fall of their SHAH. Now they are fighting for a new era after thirty years of having a Supreme Leader. Innocents still have to die in the name of Iran as was before and also so many times before. Look around you there are many instances of good and bad times – time for growth followed time for death, time for enjoyment and time to cry, time for wealth and time for poverty. Only time can and will be humbled the Supreme, the Great or whatever as long that man forgets that there is time to wither and die and time to fall. Thus it is better to cherish every moment and every day rather than to mourn and groan.

Yet time alone will not be enough if you want change for the better to come in time for you, yourself, to enjoy the change you may dream of… So it is better to get one thing done at a time or day and cherish its accomplishment.

Our Prime Minister calls for 1Malaysia and then his Deputy calls for a Unity Government. Then lately, PM says BN can govern without a Unity Government. Believers will pray and said now we have a new agenda, yet nonbelievers are still hoping for the new agenda. Politics being politics, only the shrewd and cunning will win. But always remember, time will show that unless BN really change they will surely become the Opposition one blue day. When it happens, depends on how shrewd and cunning the PR group will be before the next General Election – or really how smart Najib is in using the System to rebuild credibility and strength for BN through the changes he promises.

In Sarawak some enjoy very good times still while many are still hurting. This Gawai could be merrier but some cannot even enjoy for one reason or another. It is very strange why for the first time after we launched the official Gawai for the State in 1988 after the Ming Court saga, Jabu was visibly absent at the National level Gawai celebrations. Rumors and speculations said that he is “sick” and needed a “by-pass”. Yet there is no official announcement. Is it time which is changing? Whatever it is, we should wish him well.

Yes, it is still time to celebrate Gawai. One village may still have their Annual festival this July as the date is yet to be confirmed. In Bau District, there were five villages that celebrated their Annual festival the traditional way, namely Kpg Grogo, Kpg Opar and Kpg Stass on the 30th May to 1st June followed by Kpg Serikin and Kpg Serasot a week or two later. In Lundu, Kpg Selampit ahd celebrated theirs with the help of the High Priest, High Priestess and two Priestesses from Kpg Grogo. During these Gawai celebrations, these were times to remember and share as visitors renewed their relationships and shared their successes and failures.

For the Bidayuhs, it is time to remember that 1908/09 padi is a Year OF KILOWONG. There were many complaints by farmers who found that their padi were harvested in many areas without any signs of the padi stalks on ground or within the farm area. A few even claimed that they saw momentarily “men in red” doing the harvesting. Upon checking with the elders, I was told that there is a year of the “KILOWONG” – the “unseen” doing the harvest to get their share. Yet there were farmers whose farms were spared. It is a year to remember and understand why the Bidayuh have to do various ceremonies during the farming season to ensure that they would be blessed with a very good harvest and a successful year.

2009 is also the fiftieth anniversary of  Dragon School, situate at 24th Mile of the old Kuching/Serian road. The pupils, as we were called then, of 1959 are celebrating the 50th Anniversary on July 4th. I am that old? Yeah indeed, it is time to get old and older. So as one grand colleague of mine always says, ” CONGRATULATIONS” every time we meet, I say “CONGRATULATIONS”. Why, because we are fortunate to live another beautiful day as every day in our pension years is a day of rejoice and blessing. Many of  my peers unfortunately cannot attend and I can say only to them, RIP unfortunately. Some choose not to attend. To them we say “CONGRATULATIONS” as you are still around to enjoy the good and bad times.

A big thank you to all who have sent me greetings. May God blesses you all always.


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