Embrace Diversity…..

My search for a topic relevant for our common survival ended when I read the following woods taken by O.E Bulter in her book, Parable Of The Sower from another book, Earthseed: The Books Of  The Living:










Malaysians and especially Sarawakians must think through this simple message in our quest to move up to the next level of development towards a real Parliamentary Democracy to safe guard our individual rights to reach our fullest potential, especially amongst those who cry for change for the better. The power of change lies from within as well as outside the individual, depends very much on our own character and motivation in life ….. However in order to invoke real change  around ourselves the power within is the important one.

Only we can sow the “proper seed”….

In Malaysia, BN has been able to govern since its formation in the early seventies as an effort to find a resolution to the racial divide which has heralded in the 1969 racial riots after that General election. It heralds in the New Economic Policy which recognizes the need to cater to the needs of the various races by reducing the economic gap between Bumiputra and non-bumiputra population. Winning Parties representing various racial and other interests have always been invited to join to form the Government by UMNO, the backbone of BN. PBS was accepted into BN after it toppled Berjaya, the BN partner during the election where even the PM promised to sink or swim with Berjaya during that State Election. Berjaya, however, was allowed to sink into a political oblivion… However PBS was kicked out later but because they still hold a considerable sway amongst the local voters, it has been taken back in to reduce politicking and also to ensure UMNO supremacy in Sabah.

However the need to unite amidst diversity was not accepted amongst the opposition parties especially between DAP and PAS until the last General election where the only “glue” was provided by the “de facto” PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim. However that need was not accepted by PKR Sarawak State leader, Dominic Ng, who went on a three corner fight trying to wrest the Chinese majority seat from DAP in Sarawak. The unity amongst the main Opposition Parties in West Malaysia resulted in BN losing its two third Majority in Parliament for the first time in Malaysia history and losing four more States in West Malaysia.

In Sarawak, working in isolation and individually, only one seat, Kuching Bandar went to the Opposition. If only the Opposition parties worked together right from the beginning, BN could have lost at least six seats…. but divided, DAP lost Sarikei seat by 51 votes while PKR Independent lost its deposit in Sarikei!…  PKR lost Limbang by 676 votes in a two corner fight, and DAP lost Stampin by 3070 votes.

Furthermore domination of Sarawak politics by Taib in the last 28 years is due to his ability to unite the divided forces under BN banner under his battle cry of “politics of Development” publicly which in private could also mean “Development of (his)Politics” of dominance…. Destruction of SNAP through the formation of PBDS and later SPDP has paved the way for a total dominance as none of the existing parties in BN can go solo against PBB or BN and dislodged him from power. Furthermore the destruction of  PBDS through  the “instant formation” of PRS has further divided the contending Dayak power to remain subservient to the ruling power. The ability to use the divisive forces within BN and the political  “gamblers” was further demonstrated in the Batang Ai By-election, where BN won by a big majority, even though the local sentiment was against BN. The key was to unite the divisions through the power of money politics….

Now there are lots of talk about allegations of abuse of power, money politics, corruption, false promises, etc against the BN, but until the Opposition recognizes the need to embrace diversity and unite, BN will still has its day, no matter what…

In Sarawak, the continued division amongst the natives has allowed for total political dominance by Taib and his men since his return in 1981.

Until the natives can unite politically to seek a better future, a lot of unnecessary court cases regarding land and political pension will have to continue as both of these issues needed to be resolved by the Courts as appeals for real justice are being ignored for political convenience. Daniel and group had to bring their appeals for their rightful pension right o the Federal Court to have it resolved. They may even have to get another Court Order to get their rightful pensions.

Until we can unite amidst diversity, a lot of unnecessary woes will befall many as BN will use their might for purposes suitable for …..

Have a Happy Gawai season…

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