Have a Happy Easter weekend.

Because CHRIST came, died and WILL BE BACK AGAIN.

He came for a purpose but that purpose has been rejected even by the majority of HIS OWN CHOSEN people till to-day. His greatest teaching is for us “to love thy neighbor”. But how of many of us really DO?

Then FOR THE LOVE of the “CHOSEN people” and us, HE died ON THE CROSS for a purpose also – To cleanse our SINS, especially the original SIN – BUT how many try to avoid sinning?

In every Mass, believers will sing, “…. , HE WILL COME BACK AGAIN”. Sure, he will come back to collect every time one dies. But how many believers are ready to meet HIM without sins?

But what is your reaction now to my comments? Those who have condemned me will automatically condemn for a simple reason that it is that problematic human nature. The others may think about them and may let it pass or probe further…..

Whatever enjoy yourselves and have a BLESSED EASTER. LET JESUS CARRIES OUR YOKE….. as he had asked.

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