Najib, the Sixth PM

Despite all the negative speculations and heresay, Pak Lah, true to his word,  handed the post to Najib as promised and got his Tunship at the same time. So Najib was sworn in as the Sixth PM on Friday, April 3rd at 10.00 am at Astana Negara.

He then announced the release of 13 ISA detainees and the lifting of the six months suspension of Harakah(PAS newsletter) and Suara KeAdilan(PKR newsletter). Yesterday he made his “walkabouts” to three sites in Kuala Lumpur unannounced much to the pleasure and excitement for those who met him. He also has gone IT with his IMalaysia website and is on Flicker.

While his actions departed from his predecessors in the swiftness of its implementation, many skeptics have reservations whether he will continue to do all the things he promised in his maiden speech as PM. Just to-day in Sunday market, many still believe it is just for show. It is as if to say a new “BROOM SWEEPS WELL”.

His supporters in BN have said many things positive and hopeful. Jabu wants Batang Ai BN victory, as present for the new PM, though from what I heard quite an expensive present using taxpayers’ money. What if the 8006 voters decide to vote for PKR to win in two days time or give BN a smaller margin of victory than the 806 in 2006. A vote swing of less than 1% to PKR will make a bad day for BN.

Meanwhile PKR made another “Boo-boo” in Bukit Selambau. A promise of “NOT TO MISS” ceramah to all reporters turned out to be another election gimics of crossovers of  PPP members to PKR. Same in Sarawak, a crossover of PKR divisional Chairman was also announced. Only on the 7 April the verdict will be passed by the respective voters. After that, another day of paying for high prices for food and services for every Malaysians unless Najib can govern better than his predecessors or than expected .

Can he for instance reduce the costs of politics which have sapped our economy and lowers the buying power of the RINNGIT? Will he be able to convince Bank Negara to get the right Monetary policy and modernising our banking procedures and policies to be competitive with just Singapore? Will he revives the “ONE CENT” coin? For him to succeed, he has to reduce corruption legally as well as the legal “commissions” which are parked overseas?

There are many more issues which have to be dealt with including  race and religion. One concerned Malay told me this morning, “Can he stay away from Tun Mahathir?” Another question, “Will he be more dicisve than Pak Lah?”

Whatever he does will be closely watch. Any misstep, his political rivals will jump on his back immediately. His actions will be critical for all Malaysians as well as his longevity as PM.

Meanwhile we should give him the benefit of the doubts, because whether we like it or not he is PM of Malaysia and the “BUCK STOPS AT HIS DESK”.

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