Politics- your future

My brother just told me of a story about how one of my uncle introduced “A political party to them” in the early sixties. He said in Bidayuh, “I bring to you a fishing gear, (sokoup), to fish and dirty your bathing place.” When one uses a “SOKUOP” to fish, one needs to clear all the stones and sand in that track of water so that not only the dirt goes into the fishing gear but the fish and shrimps which happen to be there as well. Anyway, the water downstream will be dirtied. Thus the Bidayuh expression of “Oku toban sokuop ngan dah bikalan ingan koluh” which was used by my uncle. Sure enough, many politicians and political parties only “dirty” the minds of their followers and confused the voters.

It aptly described politics as played by most politicians all over the world. Yet politics need not be dirty if  the voters want it to be clean. Politics and how it is conducted determined whether the “milk”, which is money collected through taxation, etc  from the cow or cows(taxpayers) are being distributed and used. Wonder whether all of you are aware of how capitalism, socialism and other forms of Government are described in terms of the cows and their milk and its use and distribution. Politics is about dirtying the mind of the people to follow the leader either without questions or no questions asked. It can mean either you as you are told by the “GREAT LEADER” or you suffer the consequences. Wonder whether Aldous Huxley’s “animal Farm” is fully practised in most Third World countries including Malaysia. It was supposed to be a satire about Communism but is there any difference from what is happening in Sarawak, I wonder.

Take “Batang Ai” byelection for instance, it is rumoured that PRS submitted only one name for the candidate to be considered on Saturday but a different person and name came out to-day as the candidate for BN yet it was introduced as the “perfect candidate” by SUPP President. What is going on in that BN meeting on Saturday? It was a good thing that Masing as a “very good” team player didn’t not announced the name of his party’s sole nomination before the BN meeting. It is wondered who is the “REAL” President of PRS. But that is Sarawak BN politics and how it is to be played.

Anyway it will not make an iota as to who wins Batang Ai, except the twelve million gained as announced finally for the tarsealing of the Batang Ai road, as it will not change the real dynamics of Sarawak politics. It will only be a winning for the winner alone plus the projects given during and before the by-election to the constituency by BN. However, whoever the winner may be, he will end up to be the loser in the long run. For the winner, it will continue to be a hopeless pursuit because one way or another he will be just another new player amongst a team of extremely experienced players. For the loser, he only has to pack  his bag and go into a political oblivion.

The only importance of the results of Batang Ai by-election is its function as the political barometer for BN Sarawak politics and for PKR in a Dayak majority area. BN, being the incumbent, cannot afford to lose the seat. If it does, they have  to say “goodbye” to its incumbency. If PKR loses despite having all the issues on their side, they will have to reconsider its approaches and place in Sarawak politics. Thus both sides have to put their “PERFECT” candidate to fight the BATTLE ROYAL between them.

Yet it is important for the future of Sarawak and your own future.


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3 responses to “Politics- your future

  1. tunabdulrazak

    So long as the government honour her promises made recently, the rakyat will win.

  2. andrew

    dr. patau..i’m surprised you mentioned that ” many political parties and politicians are out there to dirty the mind of their followers and confuse the voters”?????!!!

    it is strange, i mean coming from you…who have actually been doing only that throughout your political career…i still remember when you were in the BN as assistant minister/mp and adun, all you ever said was “only BN can bring projects and development/the oppositions can do nothing” but when you were sacked..and had to settle as an opposition, only then you mentioned that there is a need for the opposition in the state.only then you tried to become a so called “hero” for the dayaks…why didn’t you fight for the dayaks when you were in the BN and was a minister?

    i remembered you stood against the BN in every election DUN/parliament….ever since you were sacked but never won.then in 2004, you used the Snap symbol( even though you were and are still until today president of STAR) to fight the BN..then in 2006, when you were not given the chance to contest by Snap, you became “the third force” (not BN/not opposition) and you even campaigned for the BN candidate(peter nansian)

    in 2008, you managed to use the Snap symbol once again and contest as an opposition. i mean you really have confused the people and have become a useless “leader”. no one trust you anymore…all you do is jumping ship.one minute you support BN…then you fight them…and then you support them again..and it goes on and on with you..seriously dr.patau, you pathetic!

    • partistar

      Thank you for your opinion. I know many shared your view that I am a “useless” leader. If you are confused, it is good and I have done the right thing.

      If you do not bother to understand what I am doing all this while and you can only make comments as above then you are not doing yourself a favor. I agree that I have not won any elections since I was “kicked out” of BN in 1995. However what is more important to you, me winning or my political struggle to win? What is more important to you forever a “slave” with full stomach or a “freeman”? To-day, no matter what I wanted for the people of Sarawak is still on course although it comes slower and a bit more expensive. Many complain about corruption but very few refuse to receive “monetary rewards” for their political contribution. Many complain that Taib is “CORRUPTED” but are ignorant of the Malaysian Laws as well as refusing to be seen with me. Why I used SNAP symbols and not STAR is obvious if only you understand my earlier blog on the matter?

      When I helped Namsian in 2006 is in accordance to the Bidayuh Traditions of helping those who asked for help. I was doing as a favor for “my friend in BN” whom Namsian called when he heard that STAR opted not to go for three corner fights but I did not say I supported BN then. Only the newspapers for reasons best known to themselves. Joseph Jutem and /or Anek must have thought that they could win without my help. They never asked for my help. SNAP supposed to have left at least the Bidayuh areas to STAR. Even Mangan was hijacked to stand on SNAP ticket even though he used STAR symbol in 2004. But with promises of election fund for BA, STAR were left out in the cold by the SNAP/MDC “instant group”. We, in STAR, decided on the last minute not to contest three corner fights because such action would make it easier for BN to win and this was proven to be correct when DAP and PKR went for three corner fights last year. To us we will remain patient till people like you really know what you want out of politics.

      If only you and others can sacrifice all you have to ensure a better day for all Sarawakians, then it will be easier for me to deliver. Can you for instance spend more than fifty percent of your property and earnings for a political struggle? If so come and see me and start contributing next month.

      2008 I used SNAP symbol and not STAR for a long term political struggle to ensure that changes can come to Sarawak politics if we can navigate ourselves properly one day. I have to sell my land to make sure that SNAP symbol stayed relevant then.

      I don’t mind to be considered “useless” and “pathetic” leader as you say. Hopefully one day, you or the others who share that opinion can lead an Opposition party against the might of BN for over 12 years using personal resources without surrendering. My uselessness so far maybe because you and people like you have not committed yourselves to help to carry a sustained and useful political struggle. At least, STAR can be that local party which can stand for what is right for all Sarawakians.

      As for TRUST, well more than one still trust me, I hope. Only you and the friends you know don’t. But do you trust yourself in politics? I do. Many do not trust Taib too but he is still the CM.

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