Politics – Essence of Life

My very friend, Audie, has asked me to write on this very controversial topic of Politics.

He remarked, “Politics is beautiful.” commenting on the Perak political saga between BN and PR power struggle there. Both sides of course win their sides of the argument as one other friend of mine remarked that the only winner in this game will be all the lawyers who will be handling the cases in court irrespective of whoever wins in the end. It will be a costly political game paid for by all the Taxpayers, eventually. The loser will be Malaysians as there will no work achieved as both sides will continue on politicking on others expenses.

I however told him that politics is not beautiful but it is an essence to life. It can be turned to  ugly with the dirt flying around by politicians who want to reap the harvest at the peoples’ expenses, especially where dirty is the name of the game. Nations will only develop to the level of the dirt around. Singapore is economically but though politically sterile better than Malaysia because their politicians are paid well and told not to be involved in Business. In other countries where politicians are required to fend for themselves are worse off economically than Malaysia.

Politics is the lifeline of any nation. Communist Russia fell because of the political system which eventually choked Communist Russia to death economically. When I was there with Tun Mahathir in 1987, I knew then that system will bring down Russia. We, as guest of honor, were well taken care off  – good food etc but when I roamed around the Departmental stores around the Kremlin area in our off hours there were not much stock on the shelves – Bau shop houses had more. When we were brought officially to their  Tourist stores, their workers were more interested in chatting amongst themselves than trying to sell their products. In fact one African- like customer was given a good dressing down by one of the Sales person. Understandably that even if they were to work hard they would get the same allowances or housing, so why worked hard?

China without Mr Deng Zhou Peng would still have the third world economy and not the present economic growth. USA with eight years of Bush and conservative approaches is presently in a very bad depression, with two wars to fight and two nuclear to be nations on the horizon. Even Britain is having trouble as well.

Barren Land due logging in the upper reaches

Barren Land due logging in the upper reaches

Looking closely around the world, politics matters in the well-being of every nation on earth. Switzerland who quietly mind their own business has the wealth from all over the world entrusted to their banks. Possibly every third World political leaders may have accounts there. The Swiss Francs is the only currency which appreciates in value. Worse is Zimbabwe which have to print notes in the million of  Z dollars where as a Zimbabwean Billionaire you may find it difficult to live well.

Dead Pool- now gravel pit

Dying river - now full sand and gravel from the logging upstream in the late eigthies

Dying river - now full sand and gravel from the logging upstream in the late eigthies

Dead Pool- now gravel pit

My pictures say it all even to this river and its surrounding areas.

Politics is indeed an essence for life. Look after it well, the citizens will benefit. Leave it to the dirty politicians and characters who even have to take  pictures of  “Eli in the nude” under dubious circumstances, it may look “beautiful” to my friend, Malaysia will lose in the end.

In Malaysia, according to many of my well meaning friends, who have been telling me that “one has to be dirty to get up”, playing with dirt will serve one’s purpose to serve oneself, but will be all right for our young nation in the long run? Can a father continue to rob his sons in impunity and expect his sons to do well in future? No, I am too old to steal from my children.

Malaysia is only peaceful to the present level for three and three reasons ONLY;

(1) small population with vast resources including Oil and gas,

(2) ISA and

(3) OSA!

BN is in power still with the above three plus a weak and divided Opposition who are at loggerhead over the “HUDUD” law issue.


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20 responses to “Politics – Essence of Life

  1. Observer

    Politics ,as we’ve been taught, is in fact a way of life; a life that each society has chosen to be, politically, economically, socially, etc. So politics per se is very powerful. Political power embraces everything. In an Asian society professing to be democratic (by holding elections to elect a government, etc) the party that has won a general election takes practially all the prizes. As a ruling party it can become intolerant, to hold on to power, even to the extent of deliberating human rights violations ,etc Its excuse is in seemingly to be high-handed and dictatorial is that national security dictates the need to do so, and is aided in all this by the existence of repressive laws, such as the ISA and OSA. It covers for its tracks by resorting to the instruments available to suppress and repress. Like what is being witnessed today.
    The system that is now in place carries also a heavy prize which future generations will be asked to pay.

    • partistar

      True, this is why unless everyone the age of consent, which in Malaysia the right to vote starts at the age of 21, is ready to be fully involved and realized that their future depends on that one vote and is ready to exercise that right without fear or favor, that country will be doomed to the hands of the few who will exercise their power through using their own view of their world, as in former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, where liberator, Mr. Mugabe will hang on to power till the day he dies. As it is said it is easier to ride on a tiger, but to get off is a different story. Most BN leaders cannot afford to retire, they hang on to power at all costs. They can always justify their ways and means.

      Even a sitting Prime Minister can be told to retire by his UMNO colleagues as was done when the “young TURKS” plotted and got rid of Tunku in 1969, even though a heavy price was paid in Human lives and property damages (Kua).

      Not only politics is a way of life, but so is Islam. The hope now lies with the majority of the voters to decide whether they really want to change for real. They can start by mobilizing themselves towards a better alternative and future without being trapped into debates on religious or other issues which already enshrined in Rukun Negara. As far as the Constitution, it can be debated because many bad amendments had been introduced which would not be accepted by the Sarawakian and Sabah leaders who agreed to formed Malaysia in 1963 based on the original Constitution and the IGC Report.

  2. Where to look for the 18 points Agreement.Malaya+Singapore+Sabah+Sarawak=Malaysia(1963)
    Anyone ,thank you.

    • partistar

      I suggest you look in a book store for a book written by Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min, entitled “THE BIRTH OF MALAYSIA”. It contains both reprints: The Report of The commission Of Inquiry and The Report of The Inter-Governmental Committee(IGC), 1962. If not I suggest you to to him for a copy.

  3. I’m very concern with the problems that face by the Bidayuh nowadays. The Bidayuh are going to lose their rights in their own land from time to time. Why no one of our Bidayuh leaders realize about this? Why no one of our Bidayuh leaders rise & use their power to bring back the equality of Bidayuh rights as the “Bumiputera”? YB = Yang Bisu, YB Dayak no suara to menyuarakan hak Dayak. Why? Because they affraid to lose their title or affraid to become one of ISA member (tahanan ISA).

    • partistar

      Easy for anyone to talk and shout, but when no one is able to sacrifice to depend whatever rights you have through the ballot boxes at all costs it will be like what you have described. I stood by your rights to your land in my maiden speech in Dewan Undangan Negeri in 1983 already. Go and check into the Hazard of Council Negeri if you have time. Now I am President of STAR since 1996. However there is not enough support for me and STAR to “stand for what is right” because even some of the graduates went for BN to save their jobs or businesses. Some of our voters went for money politics instead of safe guarding their rights. Now they rush to PKR for salvation. Good Grief…

      There is no need to shout but if you are serious in depending your rights, just help by
      (1) getting all your friends and relatives over 21 to register as voters,
      (2) making sure they go and vote at their own expenses once every four to five years,
      (3) telling them not to sell their votes for anything, and
      (4) getting them involved in and support the right Party.

      Only then who ever govern will take into consideration whatever your rights and wishes. As for land, everyone wants your land for free or RM 10 to 20 for votes to grab your land once they are in power!

  4. Yellow Flame

    KUCHING, Feb 26 (Bernama) — Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has a fighting chance of winning the Batang Ai state seat in the coming by-election following the death of its assemblyman Datuk Dublin Unting Ingkot, state PKR deputy chief Nicholas Bawin Anggat said today.

    Bawin, who is widely tipped to be PKR candidate for the seat, said that this time around the battle for the Iban-majority seat would be intense as both parties had the financial and logistic support, unlike in the previous election.

    “I will leave it to the party to decide who is the PKR candidate for the Batang Ai seat and it will be an honour to me if the party nominated me as the candidate,”he told Bernama here today.


    DONATION ? Dayakbaru is setting up “PKR Batang Ai by-election Fund” to solicit from members of the public (RM5-10) each to finance the Batang Ai by-election. On the one hand Bawin told the world & Bernama that the party has the financial support to fight BN? Where does the fund goes to?
    I do not think its right and proper to raise fund or seek donation from the already poor Dayaks community esp. so if Dayakbaru does not have the necessary permit from the relevant authority. Let those who has the means & money talk about politic, the reality.Perhaps PKR give way to SNAP to nominate its candidate. If Dayakbaru and Bawin are really serious and keen to help the community they should set up “Dayak Poverty Eradication Fund” aim to alleviate Dayak suffering instead of burdening them.
    I fear that Dayakbaru and Bawin have been used as tools by PKR leader in Malaya to raise fund to further burden the Dayak community in Batang Ai.
    Bear in mind also that it not the political culture in the state for politician to solicit for election fund from members of the public unlike in Malaya.
    I earnestly hope both Dayakbaru and Bawin could come to a term with a reality and stop this illegal activities.

    • partistar

      Batang Ai By-election is necessary only because PRS incumbent passed away and as required by our State and Federal Constitutions. Its importance is to fill in the vacancy created.

      On short term, it is of importance for BN to retain the seat and the vested interests to wrest that seat from BN to test the “political waters” of the Constituency. It is important to PKR because it wants to test its support amongst the Dayaks. SNAP have lost the seat 2006 and at its present state of affairs it has no realistic claim to the seat. Even the SNAP HQ is being rented to a private company by the few who wants to hang on to power now. So it is better to leave it to the contending parties who have their personal scores to settle.

      As for fund raising, it is their problem, the opposition may want to “a leaf from the Obama’s campaign” to raise fund for their struggle. I have no comment as it is none of my business. Even BN is raising fund from their own supporters. It is the reality of the Malaysian money politics. I beg to disagree that it is “not in the political culture in the state” for politician to solicit fund from the public. I was in BN also before you know but I don’t solicit fund from the public as it is their money and it is their life whether they want to contribute to STAR or not. BN parties have been soliciting for membership a form of getting money for the party. No party in Sarawak has money on their own. It is always the contribution from supporters which can finance the party. Of course, BN parties especially the Presidents of each party have their own way of getting funds into their pockets. The political cost in Sarawak is very high you know that, for example one sub-contractor lamented to me that how can I do the project when I am told that I can use only “twenty thousand out of the eighty thousand allocation” to improve the road. In one kampong the TK was asked to sign a sixty thousand upgrading to premix their kampong road with only 3 trucks of premix used in the upgrading- that is at the cost of twenty thousand for each truckload of premix. At my time, that allocation would be good for six kilometers of kampong road.

      However all the abuse was not reported to ACA because the complainants are too scared to sign an affidavit to affirm their allegations. I don’t bother because the majority of our voters are easily influenced by money politics. To say it is corruption there is no such thing in Malaysia because all the politician has to do is to declare their interests to escape corruption charges. Even then most of them are smart enough to use trusted “runners” outside the family line or relatives. I was kicked out because I am “too clean” to many – even businessmen were complaining. So if Nicholas or PKR solicits fund, it is nothing new in politics. Whether “illegal” or not, you can always take them to Court and let the Court decide. Meanwhile you should also asked PRS where they get their source of funding for the by-election.

      As far as Sarawakians’ interests are concerned it will not make a single difference after the votes are counted. The victory will belong to the winner. BN Sarawak remains in power… until they are toppled one blue day in a State General Election due before the end of 2011 and every four four to five years after that. The loser will lose more in terms of credulity. The Constituents of Batang Ai may receive some more cash and projects but nothing else. Sarawakians will have to pay for the costs of the by-election including the money used by all the BN workers to campaign for their candidate. Taxpayers pay! Only the opposition candidate have to use their own and supporters’ money.

  5. Rumah Dayak Seluruh Sarawak

    Sorry Dr., just one question..and that is succession issue. Who you think will replace Taib when time come ? And why think so?

    • partistar

      It is a thousand dollar question? As far as Taib and BN Sarawak is concerned they know more or less who he is. HE is grooming and he had said so in the papers. I do not wish to speculate on their choice but lying in the balance is the majority of voters who can and will decide. However with the majority still unable understand beyond their ” NO MONEY NO TALK” principle, Taib might be granted his wish to pick his own successor. Once the Dayak and Malay voters reached the present thinking and action of the current Chinese voters, Taib can say “GOODBYE” to all his manipulations and successor. BN Sarawak will become the loyal Opposition instead.

      Considering the current weaknesses amongst the opposition parties, Taib with all his experiences in manipulating the system in his favor may still have the edge until and unless the Opposition dares to know “WHAT THEY DON’T YET” and comes up with a clear message for the voters to decide on.

  6. Francis

    Lutor…! Between Bawin and Jawah, who is the better candidate for BA?
    You think PKR got chance to win?

    • partistar

      No comments for two reasons; both are my friends and secondly it is the internal affairs of PKR.

      Furthermore on a long term political struggle the Batang Ai by-election may end up of little consequences to the overall development of a better future for all in Sarawak and Malaysia. As of to-day, both BN and PKR are bent on using the Dayak majority areas for their own agenda. Neither Jawa nor Nicholas heads PKR Sarawak now and it will be unlikely in the future. Nor is Jabu, James and William the leader in BN Sarawak. They are not Sarawak BN Chairman but together out of necessity they will talk with one voice in wanting BN to win. Whoever wins, it will be the personal victory of the winner and their sponsor, be it PKR or BN. In Perak, we already see how PKR works and in Malaysia we know and taste the labours on how BN, as the Government of the Day for the last forty five years, works too. Not much for the Dayaks economically, politically and socially but why wonder even the Malays in the West are now not happy with BN, and even the Chinese in Sarawak and West are not happy with SUPP and MCA respectively.

      STAR, as a party to continue the original STRUGGLE OF SNAP under Tan Sri Ningkan and Datuk Amar D Endawie, is still operating under the shadow of SNAP under Edwin and the Law. We will continue to struggle for a better future. Meanwhile let the best man win.

      Thus with a potential win-loss and a loss-loss potential of PKR in this by-election, we, in STAR and I as a the President, have no comment.

  7. Warlord


    Intelligence info suggest that SH in a standby mode to wage a full scale war against the Kuching Mafia of PKR.
    Words has it that HS will settle for nothing less than the removal of Kuching Mafia’s General.

    The question upper most in the mind of PKR, is the royale battle real or just a Wayang Kulit akin the infamous Ming Court episode or could it be an act of sabotage, or is it just a wave in a cup of coffee or is the war aim to settle old score?

    Warring faction, please reponse!

    • partistar

      As said before, it is the internal affair of PKR, and recognize that whoever have planted “virus” inside PKR to ensure the survival of BN, just like the last Parliamentary election where irresponsible three cornered fights resulted in BN winning back at least four to five parliamentary seats is the real force to contain with if all Sarawakians, irrespective of race,religion or dynasty, are to get a better deal.

      Always remember BN is strong only because the OPPOSITION can be DIVIDED and BOUGHT all these forty-five years of BN rule. Infighting amongst contenders in a political party is a normal process of “dirty politicking” by the politicians involved. BN party have means to stop them which opposition parties don’t have. BN always have the spare “MILK” to satisfy their “crying” babies as one veteran politician told me, while opposition parties do not have. Thus the so called “warring faction in PKR” is NOTHING compared to the WARRING FACTIONS” of PRS, SUPP, MCA, PBB and especially UMNO where political GAINTS are fighting over your “milk”.

      Isn’t PKR a spill-over from the split of UMNO imposed by Tun Mahathir’s sacking and imprisonment of ANWAR, the “defacto” leader of PKR? Why should SH or KM so hot to take sides in others quarrel? It is better for all SH supporters to join UMNO direct as mentioned by some political observers in Bau now!

      So why should we side anyone except for WHAT IS GOOD FOR A BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL. We should remain and aspire to be the THIRD FORCE to depend what is good and right for all. We must “SENTIASA TIDAK AMAL RASUAH” and stand and fight for STAR as the potential THIRD FORCE. Only when we have the mandate from the voters, we can talk with any faction or group!

  8. Malaya

    It doesn’t matter who is the better PKR candidate for Batang Ai. It is the ultimate struggle of the Dayak in Sarawak that matters.

    In-fighting among the opposition will lead to the destruction and the future of one’s race. Beware of the Trojan horse within and sidelined and castrate these hypocrites.

    If money is offered, take it and vote with your own conscience. Do not be intimidated with threats or fears of victimisation. You are the master of your own self and no one else.

  9. Francis

    Mr. President Sir,

    I for one don’t buy rumours, so can I get confirmation if indeed was true that you campaigned for Peter Nansian in the last state election. If true, why was it so?and your agenda?

    • partistar

      I did campaigned for Peter Namsian in 2006. Reasons have been given before and they still stand. If you do not understand then you have to know more about politics before you can be actively involved and then be useful to the long term struggle to get us out of the present political and economic mess.

      To this day if you notice, both PR and BN, and including the few remnants of SNAP leaders have been trying to destroy what is really good for the majority of Malaysians, especially Sarawakians. I have to guide STAR to be ready to offer all Sarawakians a better deal for a better future at all times.

      Initially in 2006, we in STAR, were to be part of Barisan Alternative Sarawak which was in place even before Anwar came out of Prison. We were told initially to be ready at least for a few areas, especially those where we have been active. However when adequate fund were initially promised by PKR, every “Tom, Dick and Harry” politicians including “defunct ones” who would not stand even as Independents came to the fore to squeeze STAR out. MDC group came to SNAP and made their marks but as soon as that election was over they all left. None of those “INSTANT SNAP” candidates continue SNAP struggle after 2006 general elections. In Bidayuh areas, Anek and Razali Bolhi took over but since then till to-day none of them continue to establish the respective SNAP Divisions. In fact John Nichol Rayong, the former MDC protem Deputy President, won and begged to give join BN since. Yet to us in STAR, this scenario were discussed and predicted even before nominations.

      STAR was left either to stand in a three corner fights and got destroyed in the process or stay out and survive to fight another day. We opted to “stay out” as we consider politics to be a long term struggle.

      Only when we decided to stay out, I got a call from my “FRIEND IN BN” telling me that Namsian needed my help. However Joseph Jutem and Anek only tried to steal “my men” without bothering to ask for my help for reasons best known to themselves. Should I disappointed my “BN friend then and helped those who do not need my help? Taking everything into consideration, especially with the delays in the implementation of development projects which I had already approved for the constituents prior to my sacking, my reply was “yes”. Now at least the Serikin road has been tar sealed benefiting everybody for instance.

      My agenda if you don’t by now it is just too bad. I am not a politician as defined by everyone. I do not need politics for my personal benefits, glory or survival, but I know what is poverty and its root causes. Dirty and selfish politics as played by many politicians in Malaysia have resulted in the high costs of politics and is responsible in low buying power of our ringgit – from one to one to Singapore dollar at Independence day to one RM to less than fifty cents Singapore. Who devalue our RM, if not the “FAT CATS” of Malaysians politics. Unfortunately even our Dayaks graduates are prepared to get “fat” even if they given the “CRUMBS” of the economic fallout. Some are even happy from the crumbs of the election money. That is why many are still poor and what we enjoy to-day is what I had already enjoyed in Canada in the sixties.

      You may ask why then, “why I came back if I have had a very good life in Canada then?”. Simple, if I did not come back and did not joined politics in 1982 and did not support Taib in 1987, the people of Tringgus, Gumbang, Pangkalan Amo and many others would still have to walk on foot to the respective markets. Many would have still using kerosene lamps and not twenty four electricity. Many would not be graduates to-day. The reforms I brought into the Sarawak Medical Services also benefited many Sarawakians till now.

      My agenda remains the same, “A BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL”. How to achieve will it demand a lot of political actions which will not be understood but also can be misconstrued and exploited by mischievous politicians whose only interests are power at all costs, just like my support for Namsian in 2006. He asked for my help, I gave him. As to the accusations that I was bought by him or BN, asked him or BN. Whatever ever answers they give I would agree and leave it to GOD to be JUDGE and JURY.

  10. partistar

    No comment for the time being.

    An overall strategy is more important than where or whether I stand. Right now the Oppositon has weaken itself by placing personal agenda above the need to have a co-ordinated effort to build the right team which will be better than what Taib has put together now.

    Until we get to know more what we do not know or what we do not have to mount a proper struggle, we cannot offer a better alternative for the voters. I am waiting for Sarawakians to realize the need to have a better team and network to provide a Better future for all.

    I am still the President of STAR waiting for all current and former SNAP members to accept the futility of waiting for PR to win to bail us out from our present dilemma. The current SNAP leadership has to rent the old HQ just to have money to be able to run the party business. Even when PR were to win will it provide a better deal to Sarawak compared to BN?

    Thanks and have a good night.

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  12. partistar

    The fact is the majority of Malaysians are still in deep slumber and have not awakened to the truth that they have the power to change for the better. However that change is only possible if we dare to think better and higher and change our own mind set first.

    As long as the mindset of “muda lupa” prevails, anyone can and will abuse the system for their own advantage…

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