New Year Wishes..

Human progress will be minor if everyday in our life is routine. Development will stagnate creating a pool of robotic universe. Nothing will be interesting if all we do is to wait for the clock and the Sun to come up and then go down. Now is the age of the electronic media and thinking. Changes can go fast and swift. For instant, blogging has allowed the exchange of good and bad ideas, stance, philosophies and so on… The world can shaped faster than any time in our human history.

Democracy and increasing tolerance of Government leaders have allowed news to travel fast and swift. For instance, when my daugther was stranded in Bangkok by the “YELLOW” opposition who blockaded the Bangkok International Airport, via “TWITTER” I “was be there” with her within seconds. I did not have to call anyone else to know where and what is happening. It could also be too confusing and “alerting for the opposition or perpetrators of crime as in the “Bombay attacks” as the gunmen could also follow what the Law enforcement personnels were doing minute to minute if they had gone to “TWITTER” or other form of electronic media available at the Hotels raided. Whatever its use maybe, electronic age and media have expanded everyone’s for information and contacts. Thoughts and actions can be formed faster without much hassles…

Thus New Year wishes can be made and its fulfillment can be made within easier reach if the right approaches can be made to seek its fulfillment. One only needs to remember that the real order and tendency of  our universe about “CHANGE”. Men always have tried to stifle or deny, especially those who are in power and are benefiting from that power. Unfortunately at times even those without power are unwilling to “rock the Boat” for fear changes that changes could bring even bring a “worst case scenario”. This is the reason why we are still living on this earth with all the hardships and tragedies that we all may watch at one time or another on Television or through electronic and printed media. Yet Heaven can be on Earth.

All human could be happy, merry and healthy…. Laughters and “NOT TEARS” could be the Order of the day. Health and “NOT SICKNESS” could be the wealth of every human being who are born normal. Economic meltdown would have not hampered Obama on January 20th 2009  if  the American economic system has not been infested by greedy and irresponsible markets and gullible consumers. Yet it is only the human greed, egos and pride which have led to the downfall of many.

One of  the big losing factors for any human being is the ” I KNOW IT ALL” mentality. I have heard it many a time in coffee shops, longhouses and even in the Parliament Of Malaysia. Yet it is this arrogant and egoistic attitude which have limited the speaker’s achievement. Many are just “common drunks” who could even afford to send their children to school. Yet they could even banged their fists on the table and shouted to his drinking mates that he “KNOWS” and “IS MORE CAPABLE” than their leaders. They even refused to admit why they are not even  leaders at the lowest rank. Luckily for Malaysia and Sarawak, the damage created by people in this category is self limited – only to himself, family and at most to his own area. However when someone entrusted with the power to look after a bigger responsibility behaves this way he can create havoc for everybody else… Can you think of a few Ministers, Assistant Ministers or Honorable Members of Parliament or the State Assembly who “know it all” and are doing more damages than good to you now?

To progress one must always REMEMBER THAT WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW TO-DAY IS no longer important, it is what we yet to know is VITAL to our better future!

Next in line for a good recipe for a future disaster is “I am better than so and so” attitude. Bidayuhs of the Bau Jagoi stock call it “PINGAMUN”. One of the campaign tactics my Honorable Opponents had used and are using against me is that. One even boasted that his “Parang is sharper” and mine is duller. No wonder he has cut down many of his opponents even at a Kampong level. He is the best around, but unfortunately he will have to rely on absolute power and money politics to win. Whether is good or not, it is not for ourself “to blow our whistle”.

It was once asked by my peer and friend since children, “whether I am wise or not?” He has been drunk for three days and was still drunk when he asked me that question. I regrettably told him, “Well, John–, it is entirely up to you. If you say that Patau is stupid, so stupid is Patau. If you say he is wise, so wise is he.” Well although he was drunk, he smiled and changed the topic immediately.

Another friend commented to many friends before  that ” That I must be crazy to learn from a Traditional Healer when I should know everything since I am a Canadian graduate Doctor and that I need not learn from one who had not even gone to school”. However only by God’s intervention that he changed his attitude because when he got very sick  and was not healed by conventional medicine, it was my friend who helped him to recover as  eventually he had to consult him. He further referred him back to me if he wants to free of  all his symptoms. Combined help from both us, he is now well and running. He becomes a believer in both modern and Traditional Healing Practices of the Bidayuhs as well.

Thus for a starter for the New Year Wishes I open two topics for consideration – one – our incomplete knowledge to-day and the need to “learn” more if we are going to change for the better in the future, and the other is the need to respect the source of any knowledge. Only when we realize what are needed to expand our horizon to progress, we can bring about the “CHANGES WE NEED FOR A BETTER FUTURE”.


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2 responses to “New Year Wishes..

  1. tunabdulrazak

    Paramount change to be done : Vote out Taib and his BN.

  2. partistar

    To be able to achieve that:

    (1) The opposition must unite and set aside petty quarrels and personal ambitions,
    (2) The opposition must have a common agenda without being bogged down by whether or not HUDUD law must be implemented,
    (3) The opposition must also decide who can best lead them to victory.

    Even with all the above, Sarawakians as a whole, must decide whether or not they need the change especially amongst the youthful voters, 40 and below.

    To enable the change, everyone over the legal age limit, that is those 21 and above, must immediately register as voters.

    “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN”. Change will come and we must continue to work for a BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL SARAWAKIANS.

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