Tecman – If YOU THINK… YOU CAN- Part 2

Many have said behind my back that I have lost many elections already and that there is no more hope for me. I just smile… and pity them, especially those who think that with Anwar’s Tsunami they will easily topple Taib and his gang ,come next State Election… But what is worse is that they think they could not win without Anwar and PKR. Even this morning, such sentiment was expressed to me….. so what if PKR has other priorities?… what if Anwar is bogged down by West Malaysians’ problems? Just last weekend PAS vice President, revived its call for the implementation of the HUDUD law… DAP Secretary General and Chief Minister of Penang, quickly responded with a “NO”. He is going to seek clarification from Anwar, he told the press….

Let us think about a common case in point to see how we view the world ourselves, – take the scenario of a cup filled half way with water:- is it half full or half empty? Similarly if you do not win an election but the opponent uses all the dirty tricks to win by hook or by crook, is it a loss or yet-to-win situation? It is entirely depend on your point of view and your imprinted impression of life.

Since we are talking about political philosophy, a viewpoint can be derived from your own stated goals. If the goals were for a quick win so that one could seen as a hero, then losing an election is definitely a loss. If on the other hand we establish a different goal, say to make sure that the ruling Party keep on their toes to serve particular interests or else they can be thrown out at later date then losing an election or two or many more does not matter a bit as long as the struggle can be sustained without going for a “cheap sale”. Look at PAS history, when I entered Parliament in 1986, Only one PAS lone ranger in Parliament and he was from Pengkalan Chepa, a quiet old man whom UMNO members could not “ruffle his feathers” so to speak debate after debate. He just did his things quietly with dignity… Now PAS holds power in three States, Kelantan, Kedah and Perak. Had they gave up earlier, UMNO will be the “rulers” in these States…

Thus for me, given the conditions of the mentality of the majority of Bidayuh voters to date, it is not time to win “at all costs yet.” STAR would have disappeared from the scene in no time had I won in 1996 or 2000 and so on… BN would have used their defeats to tell all the voters of Mas Gading that it is because of “my victory” that “this and that” are not done… If people asked for projects, they would have asked them to ask me…. and so on and so forth… Thus I had to take many steps backwards first … After all it is all right for the Allies to lose many battles during the Second World War, but they won in the end. As long as we keep on fighting against all odds till the day our Opposition collapse…under their own steam, it is all right not to win yet…..

Thus Part 2 of Tecman:





This is very important to remember if one is to succeed in life and especially in politics and fighting against the might of an Incumbent Government with all the facilities and Departments behind them, we must be prepared to step backwards and dodged the bullets and so on. Time will come when we will win….Don’t rush for a quick victory or predict a victory…

PBDS always wanted a quick victory but when denied they quickly surrendered like in 1991 after trying win in 1987 with Kumpulan Maju… They lasted only four years fighting, even then with one foot in BN…Now the Party is gone with the wind.. a new offshoot, PRS will never win power on their own… Yet some remnants are taking a quick ride with PKR after failing to register MDC… DAP’S Tanjong 1, Tanjong 2… all failed till the last one, only then his son became CM of Penang now…

For The IBANS..

It is honorable to fight for the cause of all the Ibans who are losing their right as “the sons of the soil” as promised to Tun Jugah and other Iban leaders in the sixties to agree to form Malaysia in September 1963. It was the Dayaks objections and reservations which delayed the formation of Malaysia to September 16th 1963. The target date was August 31st that year. It was by divine intervention that it is delayed otherwise the present propaganda that Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaysia “holds water” since the Federal Constitution was amended to make Sarawak and Sabah as one of the thirteen States now.

Be not surprised if both Ningkan and Jugah are not turning and turning in their graves now knowing how they were misled to believe that their grandchildren will be treated as BUMIPUTRAS but NOT “ORANG LAIN LAIN”. Furthermore if they were told that Sarawak will be below par with PERLIS, their collective response would be “NGAI KAMI” to the COBBOLD COMMISSION. If the majority response be so then, there will be no Malaysia to-day. But we are in now and we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for not being able to know what will happen if PBDS were to surrender so easily in 1991 or the Dayaks in-fighting till to-day….

I know the feelings of many gentlemen IBANS and I had heard them expressed many times… I know the determination and uprightness, respect and courtesies of many IBAN longhouses. I know what needs to be done but …. many Iban leaders have failed to have the determination and courage of many longhouses gentlemen who dared to lose the post of Tuai rumahs or penghulus, etc… frankly no stamina to fight to death for many Iban leaders… although plenty in the longhouses if challenged, as shown by those in the Sungei Ulu Niah case…

It was also aptly expressed by one National Council Member from Katibas Division in our 1995 National Council Meeting… the last one I was allowed ever to attend since…. JAKO YA, ” KAMI, DATO(referring to Datuk Amar James, SNAP President then), DI BAROUH DIEN, AMAT KERING. TANG PINGARI KAMI TOK AMAT TUSAH. UDAH DIBESAI KAMI, DITABAN ORANG, UDAH DIBESAI KAMI, DI TABAN ORANG, … ” He repeated it three times… and what happened next … He got an outstanding APPLAUSE from all the DELEGATES who ALL STOOD UP…

The above dilemma need to be resolved. I have “touched and helped” to groom many “IBANS’ to become Honorable Members of both Houses only to see them destroy SNAP, which was the only Party which have made an IBAN, the Chief MINISTER. Sure, PBB made another Iban, to become the Second Chief Minister of Sarawak, Chief Minister but only as a political move to get rid of Ningkan, the first Iban Chief Minister.

My friend and classmate, Joseph Tawie has written down most of the sad episodes of the Ibans losing their power…in his book, The Broken Shield.. It is worth reading to relive the sad history …

So this is plenty for the younger generation of the Ibans to do or sacrifice to make up for lost grounds. It must be understood that success is in only the State Of Mind. If most of you are frightened or are unable to face the common challenge by drunken longhouse petty politicians who would tell you, “NADAI DUIT, ANANG JAKO” or “NADAI DUIT, NADAI JAKO” or “NO MONEY, NO TALK”. Then you have already lost… Blame no one now or in the future but yourself….

But please remember, I don’t think NINGKAN had the money then, but he had two Chinese friends who contributed five thousands each every month to get SNAP moving on the ground, but James Wong was not one of them… Nor did Jugah then… My father didn’t have the money but he moved around for Negara then… Now all of us who talked about all the “coffee shop” politics have more money compared to our parents or grandparents…but why are we so helpless. The Melanaus without the sacrifices of their elders like Tun Salahuddin( Abang Louis Barieng then) would not have made to the present political heights.

So if you want to lead, then lead at the hardest time without complaints or easy surrender. If you can’t, then give full and unequivocal support to anyone else who does but not those who are in BN now… Udah nemu bulu, anang nyabong balu agih, ditaban uhang balu.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS…. Let us hope for a better and happier 2009 ….


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