Tecman- If you think…. You Can – Part 1.

What gifts can I give you, my friends who visit my blog site and hope for something better. It will be Christmas in three days now. Here I am in a cool overcast morning after a few days of rain in Kuching , Sarawak thinking about all of you who always ask me to write for more…..

Now I want to share with my guiding principle to day. Like most of our fellow humans all over the world, I had to scrap through against all roadblocks and made it to where I am to-day. Prior to the present I received, I already have always placed the highest goal possible for myself, such in the fifties to be a medical Doctor when amongst my village peers, even going to school means to be ridiculed. I was branded as “OTAK BATU”, meaning it just could not learn anything because I have been studying for “eight long” years ( FORM 2 only lah) then and yet I was ridiculed for not working with a Government like those who failed to pass the “COMMON ENTRANCE” examinations at Primary Six and were working with the various Government Departments. Then even “standard one” as they were known then or Primary 3 leavers could find a job working with the Government as police men, clerks, etc.

When told about the ridicule at my kampong level then by my first cousin who was concerned about me, I told him there and then, ” I will not stop studying until I pass the hardest course in the world!” At that time everybody I knew then keep telling that Medicine is the hardest course. Like a fool I believed them and here I am doing Politics full time and Medicine, part time. I am pretty sure many of you want a political change now but I have to apologize that I did not prepare myself for my present role. So now, we have to work at it together to succeed. Yes together we can, Yes We Can… Obama said it and he is the President- Elect now. Now we must all say it….. YEEESSSS WE CAN……

Even before Obama says it, TECMAN(I don’t who he is) said it in a quartet( which was present to me years back). So my Christmas present to you all, to-day is Part 1 of that quartet;


…….. …… YOU CAN





The above is the first part and think about it. We have been bombarded with many false assumptions of what we can achieved in life. Roadblocks are deliberately placed in front of us especially the Christians in Malaysia and especially the Dayaks…who are categorized as “OTHERS”. Many are stumped by these and believed that the only solution is DAYAK NATIONALISM.

But wait a minute, have they thought long and hard about the solution…Are the roadblocks there for the Dayaks alone? What about the others, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians or even the Melanaus in Sarawak. What about them, no poverty or hardships amongst them? Have you visited any Melanau village and, if so, are all of them as rich as the privileged Melanaus who have made used of them to get the political power those privileged Melanaus wielded to-day? Do they problems with their land like the Dayaks? Are those Melanaus who owned land in Mukah town before, having shop houses under their names now? Unlikely, just like the Malays of Jalan Satok or Jalan P Ramlee, how many of them own the shop houses built on their land? But who could they blame, had the owners ever believe that they deserve the shop houses in the first place or they sold the land for quick gains?

Why do people lose their rights to a better future? Is it because of the Government policies or pure trickery by another smarter, sleeker and ruthless human being? Or is it purely our own lack of vision and goal? Christmas is indeed a time for CELEBRATION but if we do have problems to resolve it could also be used for reflection, quiet discussion and action…. All our problems are man made, only we, as humans, can resolve them… But only, IF YOU THINK……. YOU CAN…


For the Bidayuhs…

Blame no one, that we are where we are… We have been told upteen times, “ATA CHE’UK, MA LAWAN”.. meaning we are small, don’t fight… It is an unnecessary message but it is message to scare all the Bidayuhs. “Unnecessary” because the Bidayuhs have yet to fight, like the Communists did in the sixties or like the warriors of Bung Beratak in the seventeenth century. What they have done to date is to exercise their freedom to choose with their votes. While we are still practicing Parliamentary democracy, it is unfair to deprive them the right to choose especially after I was sacked because I was doing my job not only helping the Bidayuhs but also the Melanaus and other races. “SCARING” equating voting against BN as voting against the Government is another misnomer. BN can become the OPPOSITION like in KELANTAN, KEDAH, PENANG, PERAK and SELANGOR now. Without Sarawakians and Sabahans full support for BN, BN would the Opposition at Federal level as well.

Meaning the power is still with us all, the voters! Yes YOU ALSO CAN… WE CAN contribute to a better future…. I believe that GOD has a plan for all of us, yet the plan will not materialize unless we dare to work for what we need and want. We need to be creative, loving and INCLUSIVE in the process ……

FOR THE IBANS … better wait for Part 2 to-morrow…….. Nganti meh wei..

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