A day to remember…Part 2- “rubbished” and a lesson…

When the Vice-President of PKR,Azmin Ali told the PKR delegates to expect an early snap election at the Party national annual Congress at the end of November, he was quickly “rubbished of” by the Chairman of Sarawak State BN and President of PBB three days later and made the front page of Borneo Post on the 4th December also. At noon time that same day over lunch, a friend of mine asked the question, “Why the over reaction?”… After all it was only a prediction. Why,.. did PKR Vice President hit the “raw nerve” of Taib for the over-reaction?

What happens if by the “hand of God” an early election is needed because of the need to win before PKR is ready to topple him as promised? Definitely, if no one could stop PKR from adopting one State Constituency by each of Member of Parliament and the designated “orphan” can do his/her work to win the support of the voters in his/her constituency? Will BN Sarawak wait until 2010 or 2011? Unlikely….. If so, who become the “rubbish” then?

Now that PKR is stirring the Dayak areas, it will be an interesting 2009 for all political observers…. especially members of BN Sarawak…. Will more of former PBDS and PRS leaders jumping ship to PKR following the footsteps of YB Gabriel Adit? Only time will tell… but if the first gathering of many Dayaks intellectuals on the 4th of December is anything to go by, then the coming State Election could become very interesting…. BN may lose or may lose two third majority for the first time in Sarawak history especially Taib’s???

The wind of Change from PR will be greater if they can win the Kuala Trengganau Parliamentary seat next month. UMNO and Najib, the “apparent PM designate” now that he won the UMNO Presidency uncontested, has a big stake at hand, and so is for PR. Although the contest is between UMNO and PAS, it will be also Anwar and PKR on trial. If PR wins, it will send negative side-effects on BN Sarawak….

A “lesson” is being served to all UMNO members, who may choose to behave and act like Zaid Ibrahim who resigned from his Senator and Ministerial posts appointment because he disagreed with the use of ISA on one reporter, a blogger and an Opposition Member of Parliament. All three have been released since. Of course attending the PKR national annual Congress was the “last straw that broke the camel’s back”. Isn’t the lesson given a bit too late? Could there be more UMNO members more ready to leave to join Anwar? After all now is the clear choice of Najib and Anwar to become the next PM? This so called lesson also made the same front page of Borneo Post…

If PR can conquer Sarawak in the next State General Election which have to be called before the next General Elections and maintain and expand the present base in West Malaysia, Najib could be in a lot of hard work…. Is it this pressure which triggers Taib’s outbursts on a mere prediction of an early State Election from a mere Vice President of PKR….? Or if UMNO win KT with a very big majority, will Najib call an early General Election if the conditions are right to ….

Indeed a day to remember… ada orang marah ooii….

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  1. tunabdulrazak

    Taib is shaking. Jabu The Irrelevant is shaking. Do not interrupt shaking people. They will get very angry.

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