BULLY – Nonsense or Nuisance? Part 2

A “Bully” is defined as “a noisy over-bearing person who tyrannizes over the weak” in the Dictionary.If a political party is accused of becoming a “BULLY”, then the general public would have noticed or heard all the noises and thunder made by the party. However whatever decisions made by UMNO to “bully” MCA should have been made known to all MCA members and be justified or else they have to justify it. The same goes for PRS where some of her members felt that they have been bullied by PBB or its leaders. However this will not be the focus of the present discussion. To-day the “how and why” BULLIES exist and the only remedy against it.

We have heard in the news about school bullies, road bullies and recently political bullies. Earlier I have asserted that it is part of Natural Selection to ensure that only the fittest shall survive. Under the natural environment the weak perishes, only the strong and fit survives. The weak only survives when they able to marshal the combined strength to succumb the strong and fit, such the wolves when hunting in packs can succumb a big bull. So were the Vietnamese, working together in stealth and conviction, they were victorious against all invaders, the Chinese, the French and lastly the Americans.

To-day the Chinese in MCA felt being bullied by UNMO but who asked them to quarrel amongst themselves before resulting in having Gerakan in BN together with MCA and then DAP in the Opposition for ever. These divisions weaken the Chinese political participation in BN politics. Who now represent the Chinese, Koh Tsu Khoon, Ong Tee Keat or Lim Kit Siang? It is a headache for Pak Lah or Najib to favor either MCA or Gerakan. Yet it was the difference in personalities between various leaders of MCA which weaken it after the Chinese Unity Movement of 1971 failed when the younger leaders, among them, Tun Dr. Lim Kheng Yaik, who is now Gerakan Advisor, were expelled because they were seen a threat by the older leaders among whom MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sin and Datuk Lee San Choon who took over in 1974.* Expulsion seen to be a useful mechanism for MCA to take over the Presidency. Remember Neo Yee Pan, acting President, expelling Tan Koon Swan, MCA vice-President who later become the President after the MCA crisis and court case, and Datuk Lee Kim Sai, MCA Youth Leader. A glimpse of MCA power struggle can be seen by reading a book written by Mr. Lao Zhong, THE STRUGGLE FOR MCA. MCA leaders have themselves to be blamed if MCA members felt bullied by UMNO. Divided you are weak and when you are weak, expect to be bullied… natural selection principle, remember!

In the case of PRS, a party borne upon the sacrifice and demise of PBDS, it is also the power struggle between its leaders which grants its “weakling” status. It must be with PBB leaders’ help and concurrence that PBDS got deregistered and PRS registered and admitted to BN instantly. Thus it should remain grateful and a willing partner to serve BN interests at all times or else it has to leave. It could be alleged that it is self serving to PBB interests but why not, it is the dominant partner. Even SUPP leaders have to say “FORGIVE AND FORGET” with thumbs up for all leaders concerned to agree that Wong Soon Koh be the PARAMOUNT CHIEF in SIBU as is Uncle George the PARAMOUNT CHIEF of MIRI over the weekend. However, one observer remarked that Dr. Soon thumbs were held lower than the others signifying some disagreements. Open disagreements amongst PRS factions led by James Masing, the “President” of his faction and the “President”, Larry Sng, of Sng factions before the general elections must have given Taib a lot of nuisance as each faction must have wanted their own “men”. Under the scenario, why can’t BN leadership chose a candidate which they believed best foBN interests?

Even in SNAP before, SNAP candidate, George Garai was replaced by Donald Lawan in 1991 State Election after a negotiation between James and Jabu whereby Donald should be the Candidate and George to be sworn in as SNAP political secretary. It was that negotiation between Jabu and James and their agreement between the two leaders that we were given 8 seats instead of the 17 seats which I was asked to negotiate till the negotiation broke down and it was left to the leaders to decide. We could have won sixteen out of seventeen that year had SNAP were given full co-operation. PBDS would have been left with only Balleh which was then a “black seat for SNAP because we have three factions there and none can win the without the help of others. In fact, I offered Baleh to PBB hoping that with all BN factions working together BN could beat PBDS, James Masing. If we use the Mambong formula, of shared BN candidate then, PBDS could have been wiped out in 1991 state elections. So if PRS has or is bullied, again it should not complain as it is part of natural selection. The weak will be bullied.

In light of the principle of natural selection, BN has to operate as it does to maintain dominance at the expense of the weaker parties. This is why PRS, SPDP and SUPP is compatible with PBB, which the dominant partner. It takes year of nurture. Only SNAP is NOT compatible, because it is the only registered Party which can stand up to PBB and SUPP anytime, especially like in 1991 and again in 1996 had we stayed united then. However even SNAP is in “ICU now” because it is having a crisis of its own. Even the headquarters is being caveatted by its former leader. All it need was for it to fall sick was the division amongst the leaders after my indefinite suspension in 1995 and the quarrel between its President and Treasurer General over who should pay for TV bill in Bintulu, which is less than RM 2 million. Imagine a premier Party in 1991 to 1995 being reduced to “a comatose patient in ICU now”.

Wake up Sarawakians, if we do not need a political bully then we have to work and train hard like the KARATE KID. Set asides our differences and work for the common good and purpose, only then one dares to “bully” us. This is the only solution- work and sacrifice our egos and ambition and strengthen ourselves without begging for personal survival. We must be ready to accept any consequences of our sacrifice to our last drop of OUR “sweat and blood”, if necessary. Only then we may achieve vision 20/20. If we continue to bicker and complain only because secretly we are jealous only of the wealth accumulated by the leaders in BN through their various proxies, accept the nonsense and nuisance of being bullied and just enjoy your life as a candle “being blown around BY the wind”.

The same goes with all Malaysians! Just enjoy Malaysia BOLEH!!!! but NOT Vision 20/20.

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