BULLY- Nonsense or nuisance? Part 1.

In Malaysia for the past weeks, since Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) leadership brought the issue of being bullied by UMNO(United Malays National Organization) in BARISAN NASIONAL(BN), PARTI RAKYAT SARAWAK(PRS) cited instances through its respective Publicity Chiefs of both factions within PRS where the Party was being “bullied by “PESAKA BUMIPUTRA BERSATU”, (PBB) in the Sarawak BN through a Senior Journalist to Malaysiakini, a Malaysian electronic newspaper. It must have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the leaders of the alleged respective “bullying parties”. PRS and MCA leaders must have felt, that it is about time to tell the whole world what is wrong with Malaysian BN set-up and the manner as to how decisions are made much to the “detriments” of both “bullied” parties. Obviously for MCA, it will make a good excuse for losing ground to the opposition parties in the last general election and could hope that by giving the right excuse the new leadership can regain its lost glory. It is not so obvious for PRS though because they were able to retain all its Parliamentary seats despite being “bullied” into accepting candidates who won for BN but not necessarily as recommended by either factions. Is it then just to show their frustrations to Taib, who just brushed of the accusation as “a small thing” and warned them not “to blow up bullying issue”? In fact, he must have told the reporter who asked for his comments on the issue, “You don’t need to ask me questions like this.” for Borneo Post to print that sentence as part of its headline. He is right as PRS vehemently denied that PRS has not been bullied by PBB through the press statements from both the President and the Vice President and Youth Leader. Taib had used his prerogative as BN Leader to make the right decision for the sake of BN “integrity, unity” and then victory. So what are their true feelings?

It is believed that bullying is part of natural selection. It is there and it will always be there as long as nature is allowed to prevail. If one were to note carefully what goes on around in the world, bullying by those with the power is the ORDER of the Day. G8 calls for the shoot in the World Economic Order, not Malaysia nor Sarawak! OPEC calls for the shoot in Crude Oil Production, neither Malaysia nor Sarawak, thus controlling the price of Crude… and so on. USA in Iraq. Russia in Georgia. China in Tibet. The Army calls the shoot in Burma…. and the list will go on and on no matter what topic or issue we may want to discuss. Small wonder, Taib wanted the issue out of publicity and of discussion. In the case of PRS, it is believed that the President, James Masing, must patch up with its Deputy, Larry Sng, first and foremost so that they can present a single name for each post or position which belongs to its predecessor, PBDS, which they had acrimoniously destroyed earlier, together .

While Natural Selection goes for the survival of the fitness, political leaders have tried to nurture the weak especially in Malaysian politics and especially under its democratic system to suit their needs. MCA would be long gone as part of a ruling party if they have opted to fight it all alone like DAP. It is the same with all the smaller parties within BN. Even MIC would not be able to win any seats in Parliament if UMNO voters would not vote for their candidates. Yet in each party they need to “sing well enough” along their racial needs to ensure they can win their respective posts in their party elections so that they can become a Member of the Executive Branch. UMNO needs these “weaklings” because she needs the two third majority to do whatever they want. Now UMNO has effectively “sack” Pak Lah who led BN to victory but not with a two third majority they wanted. This is an exercise of dominance, which is part of natural selection. The weak must go, the strong shall come up again even from the “dead”, like Tun Mahathir. It is just natural in Malaysian politics, especially because whoever have the power can have all the money, and WHOEVER HAVE ALL THE MONEY WILL HAVE THE POWER. Not only that, they also have the whole System with them especially the Special Branch of the Police who are working for them to ensure the Party in power stays in power. It has made Najib the next President and and as such the right to be the next Prime Minister even before it holds its Convention. That is the power of UMNO….. who should question it??? Without UMNO, there will be no BN…. As it is now, it is UMNO members who decide who should be PM. This is why it is often said that UMNO General Assembly is more important than the General Election in Malaysia.

Pak Lah have not use his real power like Tun Mahathir to silence his own UMNO critics after 2004 General elections, although his son-in-law, KJ, dared. The power brokers within UMNO pushed him around and out this year. Not a word of complaint is heard about the PM being bullied by members of his own party. His vocal critics in fact are now seen as HEROES by those who are jealous about KJ getting too rich too fast.

The only way to stop being bullied is to do what the “Karate Kid” did to beat his bully. He trained hard in his own style of karate as taught by his grandpa, the Japanese, until he was strong enough to destroy his bullies. He had to train hard to be stronger and more skillful in order to do so. Once complete, he beat the his “BIG BULLY”. The lesson is that there is a bully only where there is a ready victim. A weak Party should never expect a “royalty treatment”. Malaysia for instance cannot bully USA. Georgia tried to bully its weaker provinces and got walloped by Russia just recently.

MCA will never be a strong party outside BN. It can be as strong as BN only. It cannot form the Government by itself as long as it continue to play its “Chinese card”. It cannot even win Penang like Gerakan and DAP. There is no need for its leaders to accuse UMNO of bullying. Being weaker than UMNO it has to toe the UMNO line or “to get out”. It is the same with former PBDS members who had tried to conquer Taib in 1987 and 1991 and have agreed to submit to Taib as the BN leader when PBDS wanted to return to State BN in 1991. They had agreed to adopt the BN agenda then as well. Now part of it, namely PRS, wants to exert its own agenda despite its internal divisions. It must not expect too much except to survive as a political party.

Of then, there was no choice in 1991 till now. However with the political “Tsunami” in West Malaysia at the last general elections, where BN lost but stay in power only because it still won big in both Sabah and Sarawak. Now there is PR(Pakatan Rakyat), available as a choice, it can strengthen itself like the Karate Kid too, should they opt for PR. Who knows, James Masing could be the next CM for Sarawak if he can make the right moves and sacrifices? Baginda Minda would be a good bridge to start with.

Thus, as far as we are concerned, there is no bullying in BN politics. What had happened is the normal modus operandi in a relationship between the weak and the strong. It is to be expected for the weak to give in to the strong and therefore it is just nonsense, but bullies are a nuisance either in politics or everyday life. It is a nuisance to BN because of the bullying which are carried by certain individuals within the ruling Party, BN, to ensure their personal survival in politics and for whatever motives. Being a nuisance it is bound to give a few headaches for the leaders targeted.

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