Deepavali- Celebration of Lights….

We wish all our friends who celebrate this occasion, “A very Happy and Joyous day to remember and cherish” even if you are not in a position to enjoy it because circumstances have barred you from meeting and enjoying it with your family, friends or relatives. Hopefully it would become a day for reflection so that the “light needed to illuminate the human soul” can shine on you to give “Life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness” – the founding light on human rights which awakened the American immigrants to burn their boats and fought for their Independence giving birth to USA, the Superpower we know to-day.

We, all, need “Life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness” also, but we don’t need to achieve it through violence or demonstrations because the non-violence approach of Gandhi brought Independence to India. However because his life was blown out prematurely by the very person he sought to free, India up to-day is still struggling to achieve its dreams to the fullest. Not only that, two more “Gandhis” have to be assassinated to affect changes which India has to bear to-day. Could India be better now without the killings? Maybe or maybe not. Who would know? Only The One that we all seek to know but yet to be found and understood. This is why we still have to endure the problems we have to-day in this world, or as I use to say, “This is why Earth is still Earth to-day, and not HEAVEN YET”.

We all aspire to go to HEAVEN in the afterlife…. but why we should not make the best of what we have now and enjoy it together with our “neighbor”. We should open houses to all during all celebrations and get to know more about the needs of others. There is important especially for those who are in power… go and visit the poor neighbor as well and not just the rich and “powerful” one. During those visits, it is better just to listen and enjoy yourselves. Talking about grouses, bad things about other people will not help to bring the blessings we need for the future. Asking for better things from those who are in the power to deliver may bring in good news though…

I felt sadden when I saw the Headliner in Borneo Post yesterday, Monday,October 27th, crying out ” No to extremism: PM” followed by “Pak Lah advises M’sians against giving space to groups or individuals out to create tension”. Sorry to my friend, Raja, the paper Chief Editor, but such threatening advice should make the front page even though it came from the Prime Minister. The content of Pak Lah’s message is fairer but not the headliner. Such tactics will make Hindraf supporters more resolute and angry. “Life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness” should be the rights of every Malaysian, irrespective of race, gender or beliefs. Is Hindraf really born out of extremism or out of the “perception” of neglect, whether real or otherwise? If we are to assume that it is born out of “EXTREMISM”, are all the other associations founded on racial and/or religious principles to be assumed to be born of extremism as well? Can the members of those Associations tolerate it if we call them “EXTREMISTS also”?

A friend told me that a Malay Professor asserted that Hindraf should NOT be a national problem. He said that it should be an “Malaysian Indian problem to be resolved within the ambit of Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) by Samy Vellu himself as President Of MIC” first. However the threat of using ISA and then the use of ISA on Hindraf leaders has made it a national problem now. Deepavali would be a good occasion to resolve the issue, but have we miss the boat by all the threats thrown at them and as warned by the headliner? Hopefully not, if all Hindraf members just enjoy and reflect well during this festive occasion. It is better on the long term to take all the abuses and threats like what my father would have, or better still like M Gandhi would have…. Like Pak Lah himself have said in his message, “… in the belief that GOOD will triumph over EVIL.”

My father taught me the best lesson of my life before I attended School. He told me “NOT to worry about what people said about me or do to me as long as I am NOT guilty as charged. By being so, all those bad things said or done to you will go back to them.” He further told me you just observed “those who always cursed me to die will surely die before me”. Over the years his message bore out the truth… they all died earlier before him who years later …. On the funnier side he also said, “There is no need to be angry when people said, “TULUI SAMAH MUH”(TSM) as it will be them who will pay for the insult and become “TULAH”. To non Bidayuh, the TSM is a very insulting phrase to a Bidayuh, although it may seem innocuous to say the equivalent in English which means “Your Father’s Balls”. You know what my father told me why I should not get insulted!

He told me, “They can say it to you a thousand times but my balls will not fall down nor get damaged… but they will pay for the insult and become “TULAH”…. Instead just pity them because they will surely pay later.” None of those who said that phrase to me had or is doing well now.

Hindraf members may feel being left behind but they would feel better if all of them can just look back and find out how many Malaysians are worse off than them, there are also many poor and discontented Malays, Orang Aslis, Dayaks of Sarawak and Kadazans and Muruts of Sabah who are outside the Corridors Of Power, just like Hindraf members. This, I have learned from Robert H. Schuller who also learned the lesson from his friend while waiting impatiently to buy a ticket for a baseball game. He was getting more and more irritated for waiting hours standing in line to buy the ticket while his friend got happier and happier. He asked him why should he be so happy about thinking that he must be crazy when they were getting hotter and hotter and hungrier too. His friend told him, “Look behind you and look in front, we are getting closer but those behind have to wait LONGER NOW”. I am pretty sure that they are more poorer Indians than the rich Indians who have benefited from MIC in power through BN just like there are many poor Malays than the rich Malays benefiting so!

So why not just have A VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI and Enjoy what you have.



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2 responses to “Deepavali- Celebration of Lights….

  1. Dr. House’re preaching Jesus’ “when a person slaps your left cheek, offer the right one too”. Yeah, true. Why wait until we die to get into Heaven? We can build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth…and it’s not meant only exclusive to a certain group of people (u know what I mean here sir), but to be shared by all human beings and all other God’s creature. Happy Diwali, sir!

  2. partistar

    My father practised Jesus’s teaching without knowing Him or the Bible. He was illiterate and must have learned it from his parents and grandparents. In the fifties, there were no school in my area until my father asked for it from the authorities and then with his group of friends built a school for us on their own, just so that I could go to school. The only thing the Colonial Government provided at that time was the Teacher. My father opted for a Teacher for RC Missionary because he believed in the quality of their teaching, but not realizing that missionary work will also be part of their duty. Now Christianity has replaced the old Bidayuh beliefs where God as the Almighty is the only and central figure of GOOD over evil. My parents told me more than the TEN commandments of Moses but they are less than the 163 of Judaism to make life simpler.

    Yes, building the Kingdom of God is actually, I believe, what Jesus really wanted to teach but was hampered by the Romans. He must have wanted the Jews to have the Kingdom of God “FOR THE LIVING”…. here on earth, but was stopped by his opponents who had vested interests.

    Brian D. McLaren wrote a book on “The Secret Message of Jesus”. I believe both believers and non believers should read it to understand better about Christ possible real messages if we want to enjoy “Heaven on Earth”.

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