Prices to go Down?

Our Prime Minister has called upon businessmen to lower prices because the Government has lowered the price of oil by 15 cents. So far the price of goods and services remain the same. No, given the present scenario and the political uncertainties created by Government own actions in implementing GOF at strategic places including the present world economic uncertainties, lowering petrol prices alone will unlikely lower any other prices except making it cheaper by that much in the daily cost of transportation to all individuals who uses their own transport.

If the Government is serious about helping the majority, especially those who are hard hit now by the increases in prices now due to their own mistaken economic policies, then it should be bold enough to correct those mistakes.

The buying power of the Ringgit is very important and its value was hard hit when BN Government decided to save money by not minting the one cent coin in order to save money. Where is that saving and how has been used to protect the buying power of the RM? Yet that action alone cost the consumers a price increase of “TWENTY CENTS” across the BOARD, every thing went up by twenty cents, in April this year alone. When I warned about this earlier in my Blog, no one listened! Now our lowest domination is a “FIVE CENT COIN”, and it is “4×5=20” folks. Of course, the majority of Sarawakians and Sabahans were “very rich” then and went ahead and voted for BN anyway.

Next BN increased the price of petrol in staggered manners and appealed that it should not increase the price of other commodities. But it resulted in prices also in staggered manners and yet even with the changed in personnel for the Minister in charge, the Minister apparently read the same script, that increase in petrol price will not increase the prices of other commodities. By Jove, I had high hopes in my dear friend from Johore to do his “cleaning bit” acts, ( as he told me once that he went to do Laundry business to clean up the politicians’ Dirt when he was pastured by Tun Mahathir). He should have burned that script and worked of the Cabinet if need be… It is not complementary being forced “to say things which is not factual or correct”. I am pretty sure he doesn’t need the title nor the money.

Once you increase petrol and diesel prices, the cost of Transportation definitely will go up for all the goods and services. No Businessmen will take the loss alone.. they will try to pass on as much as possible to the consumers and as soon as possible, up to four times to the increase in costs for them to be in a strong financial position to weather any increases!!!! But now with the “death of one cent coin”, the minimum domination left is “a five cent coin”, making every one cent future increase to go up five times ….Thus every five cents may go up to twenty five cents now..

How can BN Government reduce the price of goods and services? The answer is obvious, INCREASE THE BUYING POWER of the RINGGIT now.

If BN intends to help to lower prices, then it is necessary to protect and promote the value of the RINNGIT by first fixing our FOREIGN RESERVE to minimum level to sustain the value of the Rinngit at a certain level, for instance just in relation to the Singapore dollar, say ONE RM = 0.70 Singapore Dollar. This alone will lower the cost of all imported goods and should lower all prices by about 50% of the current level. This instruction can be given “pronto” by PM, if he wants to use his executive power. There is no need to pass the “BUCK TO NAJIB”.

Further Bank Negara should print a new One RM note which should reflect its good and proper value. Now that the majority of Malaysian can read, there is no need to have various sizes for our notes. Look at the American and other currencies which are worth their value, … almost all the same size… Should we decide that it is time to correct the small size of our RM and other notes, please pick the right size which will fit in well with our standard wallet size, it don’t have to be as long as the US Dollar and don’t have to too big as our RM 100 note which is too wide… and implement the change in stages though, unless we have so much surplus that we can do it in one go… However it is very important that the next printing of “ONE RM NOTE”, please CHANGE the design at the Back … GET THE KITE TO GO UP instead of falling into the Sea… BAD FUNGSI….

Of course Bring back our ONE CENT COIN….. It will bring back CONFIDENCE into the RM…

Where to get the money needed, KEEP the PRICE OF PETROL and DIESEL to a fixed level for two years at least and whatever savings received, KEEP THEM AS THE FOREIGN RESERVES TO SHORE UP THE VALUE of the RM. Next get all GLCS to pay what are due in all taxes…There are many other things which must be done to prevent potential and further abuses to our financial and administrative system….

BN should start working and stopped politicking and worry about about PAKATAN RAKYAT. Let them shout and shout but only do your own work properly and they will be nothing to worry about their shouting and time frame for Anwar to take over as PM… The THREAT is NOT with the Opposition, but within BN which are hampered with too MANY PARASITES and FLEAS which are ready to jump to “fatter COW”. Should BN wants to be that “FAT COW” and keep the “FLEAS”, then be ready to accept defeat in the next General Elections.

As YODA, the Yedi master says, “Do or DO NOT. There is no TRY”. – the favorite quotation of my daughter.


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3 responses to “Prices to go Down?

  1. Gilip

    If the government wants the prices to go down, it must start from the suppliers; factory. If fac, damage had been done when the fuel price up by almost rm1 in june. Now the price went down bit by bit; 20cents, then 15 cents. What for?

  2. partistar

    Lowering fuel price may help to stop further increases in the price of goods and services. To make sure prices won’t go up, it is necessary for the Government to send a clear signal to all businessmen that fuel prices would not go up for the next two years by fixing the price now. Then it should use whatever savings it make from the decrease in the price of Crude by putting it in as a buffer fund for future increase in the price of the crude and/or both to beef up our Foreign Reserves to sustain or increase the buying power of the RM.

    It is only possible to make our production competitive by exploring other energy sources and diversify it to renewable energy to cushion the price of electricity against increases in the price of diesel or gas for Industrial uses. Giving subsidy for diesel alone will not work under our present enforcement environment. Abuses by the benefactors will continue for quick profits.

    As suppliers are determined by the markets, if it is free, it is the consumers which will be the driving force of the Capitalist economy. As such it is the value of the RM, availability and control of the Credit market and accountability of spending both by the private and public sector which will have the economy to grow and remain healthy.

    Thus it is the Base Lending Rate(BLR) between banks and the interest rates which will be the main driving forces of a free market economy. Enforcing the Stock Market regulations to stop unfair trading practices and others abuses will be able to provide cheaper capitals for manufacturers….. and so on.

    Yes, what we do need now is a better look at our present economic policies to stop abuses of privileges, especially by those in the corridors of power, and implement our enforcement laws WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOR. ….. THEN MALAYSIA WILL BE HEAVEN……TO LIVE IN…

  3. Die interessantesten Fragen bleiben immer Fragen. Sie bergen ein Geheimnis. Jeder Antwort muss man ein “vielleicht” hinzufügen. Nur uninteressante Fragen haben eine endgultige Antwort.

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