Man throughout the ages has been challenged to survive. When the population was sparse and the environment was full of wholesome food without the need to trade to survive, a beautiful and dry cave was good enough. Nakedness was neither an offense nor an insult to anyone. Even in the fifties, bare breasts was a common scene. Even in the early seventies, in my official trips to the rural areas, nakedness amongst the Punan Tribes barely raised an eyebrow. Now in the Amazon and Deep Africa nakedness may be not a problem. It is the natural way. No child is yet to born with clothes in our recorded history. In our natural form, security is assured in our personal brute strength and ability. Yet, we call this type of world backward and uncivilized.

However in our civilized world to-day, we need to promulgate Laws and Constitutions to ensure individual and public security. Even with all the laws, we have to-day in Malaysia, we still need build fences, gates , grills and locks to ensure personal and property security. Politicians call each other names, blames each other for the deterioration of public security. They debate everyday on the need for or abolition of our Internal Security Act, (ISA). Yet we need to build more fences and put more grills! Weak females are reported to be raped or worse still like Altantuya murdered and blown to bits because her relationships yet to be ascertained but rumored to be close with our future Prime Minister. Petty thieves are abound and motorcycles and cars are not safe in most towns and villages. “ALONGS” and their runners are allowed to do their things, most of the time. No wonder we need more and more fences and grills.

Are our policing good enough or are they being employed only to provide security to certain people, leaders and/or organization? Is it not about time to deploy our police purely for public safety and security? As far as, the Minister is concerned apparently it is not, simply because he had declared ISA is still needed in its present form and as agreed to in the last Cabinet meeting, he said. The announcement by the Prime Minister that Anwar is a threat to the Security and the economy is further more revealing.

Can we therefore leave our security to the people who are hazy about the difference between personal and political security and public and national security? Anwar is a threat to the political safety and dominance of UMNO is real. To Malaysia, it is a big question mark?? If the people wants Anwar and his political alternatives, it is purely because UMNO and BN have failed to deliver the goods. Anwar gives them better hope. Using ISA to protect the survival of BN and its leaders will be insulting the intelligence of those who want change for the better.

Pak Lah’s real contributions will be measured in the type of Malaysia he leaves behind as his legacy. Tun Mahathir with all controversial views and writings has left the Malaysia we have to-day. He should NOT blame Pak Lah who saved his political neck after he destroyed Anwar, his deputy and heir apparent on charges of “corruption and sodomy”. He used “OPERATION LALANG” also to save his political struggle. Prior to that he sacked Musa allegedly because of the “2 Ms” image and that Musa’s men wanted more. When he was told that it is the system which failed him he kicked Tun Daim out when Tun Daim was only making use of the System to enrich himself.

Behold Najib and Anwar, it is the System which is failing Pak Lah now and it will fail you both also in the Future. It is the system within the Police Force which gives Anwar, the famous Black Eye and the famous and notorious Mattress full of “DIRTY MARKS”. ISA have not been a good contributor to our national security because of the abuses it has gone through in the past, present and in the future. Except for the Communist of the past and a few loose tongue politicians now, the majority of Malaysians are peaceful and very respectful. Although misled and encouraged many a times by many selfish politicians, they have not fought each other, save the famous black September of the sixties. Mahathir liked to invoke this episode to justify the use and relevance of ISA. This system must change. The Police must be charged with upholding all the Laws except ISA and OSA which have been used so far only to protect the Government of the Day.

Time has come when BN and UMNO must be ready to accept defeat in future elections. Time have also come when the Opposition must stop calling for a “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE” to grab power especially if the blame is purely because Pak Lah’s inability to perform to expectations. Tunku did not perform to expectations, that was why the “young Turks” in UMNO wanted him out. Mahathir didn’t perform to expectations, that is why he was forced out. Pak Lah now does not perform to expectations and that is why he is asked to step out and be replaced by Najib. Why? Have we ever asked ourselves why these leaders do not perform to expectations?

Let me put it in this way, can MERCEDES be MERCEDES on a PROTON ENGINE??? Can PROTON be PROTON on a motorcycle engine???? If we, Malaysians, want a better day, we better have a look in our mirrors, especially those of you, who are serving in the Government, be in the EXECUTIVE, CIVIL SERVICE or JUDICIARY Branch!!!! The Prime Minister alone CANNOT build a stronger, safer and better Malaysia. It is only possible if all of us, the people, can contribute positively to get it done.

Security will be there if we all work for it. Be ready to become witnesses to crimes. Be ready to stop using “tea or coffee” to get ahead. Officers must say “NO” to any forms of BRIBES. We all act to be fair and just. Malaysia will be peaceful and secure. Thus there will less need for fences and grills.

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