Rural Development

“Opposition repress Dayaks” is the Headliner in The Borneo Post. on Monday, April 14th 2008. Now is also a Malaysia Day.

While Jabu sees Dayaks’ poverty in rural areas as an Opposition problem, Malaysia needs not. It is the opposition that did it according to him. He slammed PKR and DAP, apparently for supplying the lawyers who took the Government to courts over indiscriminate use of NCL and NCR lands by government approved investors without getting permission from the rightful owners. Of course State BN has amended the Land Code a number of times to ensure they can give away lands for oil palm plantations throughout the State under a provisional lease title. However, there are one hundred and seventy-three cases have been served to the numerous respondents and about twenty-seven more cases are being filed in courts for further approval for cases to be served. Thus the Malaysian Courts had not.

Current rural poverty has not been effectively eradicated because plantations alone have not been able to help the rural folks unless they are actively engaged as was done during my time. State BN policies are good on paper but the implementation procedures need further strengthening to ensure that NCL and NCR landowners are paid the due profits regularly on time as well as being paid the development fees which are received by a Government agency overseeing the particular plantation area which are developed on joint venture basis. For instance my land has been used by SALCRA for over twenty years but till to-day they use it for free. Even my land title is also being kept by them. I let them use my land and money because they it more than I do.

During my time, the dividend and bonus received in Tudan Scheme in Bokah/Raso had made a lot of Landowners happy. One of them even received over sixty over thousand Malaysian Ringgit in the first year, but now not as much. How these profits dwindle over time, only Jabu knows. SALCRA is under his care as BN leadership has entrusted all the SALCRA management to him till now. After my sacking from the State Cabinet, SALCRA managed the Estates in Bau and Lundu schemes directly under the General Manager who controls everything. The Kampong folks are no longer in control as were my time. The kampong Committee are now heavily influenced politically. The workers are mainly “contract” workers who in certain areas allegedly fertilize the streams and kill the fish instead. The over all result is that the production rate is below what FELCRA and FELDA can manage to achieve. There are also allegations that in certain areas where contracts are deemed to be completed and paid for but the work had not been done to specifications. No one dare to make official complaints because a Minister’s son is involved in the company. There are also allegations that fertilizers can be hijacked, bought and sold at the right price. Tiki, the current Honourable Member of Parliament(MAS GADING) used to be critical about these allegations privately but now he is out of the Federal Cabinet as well.

By right, no one in the Government should blame anyone in the Opposition for the oppression of the Dayaks. After all, almost every elected representatives most of this time since we helped formed Malaysia on September 16th 1963, had been and are from BN. Furthermore PBB led BN has governed Sarawak since the ouster of Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan in 1966. Taib and Jabu have been No. 1 and No.3 in the State Cabinet since 1981. PKR is only in existence after Anwar was sacked and knocked out by Mahathir in September 1988. DAP only entered the State Assembly since 1996. Since policies and governance have been the monopoly of Taib and Jabu since 1981, it is best that they look at their own closets and mirrors before blaming and attacking others for the poverty in rural as well as URBAN areas.

The policy of “urbanizing” the rural areas must be pursued in earnest at the cheapest possible way as was as practised in the Bau District during my tenure in office. Under this policy every single village should have motorable roads connecting them the nearest markets, RES, potable water and Telecommunication lines where possible. This policy was adopted to stop rural-urban migration as well as to reduce rural poverty. Kampong Tringgus is a classic example to show how accessibility can help to reduce rural poverty. Prior to the opening of the roads, the District Office almost always have to provide padi/and/or rice at certain times of the year on an annual basis. Now it is no longer practised. They even commute daily to work in Kuching as the half to one walk is now reduced to about forty-five minutes journey. To-day they can afford most of the things they only dream of in the past.

Kampong Jagoi Gunong on the other hand which is still reachable on foot is almost a “ghost” village because my successors could not put the 2 kilometer road into the Budget even though Tiki was the Deputy Minister of Rural Development! He even told one old permanent resident, Regong Pa Jeho, that “road cannot go up the Mountain” sic. it remains my only debt to them as I was supposed to put it in the 1996 Budget but BN sacked,kicked and maligned me in September 1995 in the middle of my hard earned leave just because SUPP alleged that I helped Dr. Eric Munjan in 1995 parliamentary Election held earlier in the year. For the isolation and dwindling population of Jagoi Gunong, Jabu can share the blame handsomely also.

Small MRPS were given direct to the Kampong JKKS to handle and it is up to the Implementing Officers to handle without my political interference. Now it has to go through a “new delivery system” which needs money to be channeled to feed the political machinery of BN. According to a Tua Kampong who had since passed away, a “thirty thousand allocation for Tar sealing” became only “three trunk loads of Pre-mix” in his kampong when it should be good for at least three kilometers at my time or at that particular year it should be good for at least two kilometer stretch. He was asked to sign the work order nevertheless. If anybody is to be blamed, look no further than the cronies of BN representatives.

Now is September 16th, the Day we can proudly say the Day we welcomed our Independence in 1963. No one should act as “COLONIZERS” did. Our rural folks are supposed to enjoy themselves to-day. If not, BN has ONLY itself to blame for its inability to use its “ABSOLUTE” power over the Governance, the MEDIA, ISA, OSA, etc just to protect BN leadership from losing power but to serve the people especially the RURAL and URBAN POOR. Time have come for BN to be happy to lose power, if the wellbeing of all Malaysians is top priority. Time has come for the Election Commission to be truly independent and to ensure only real citizen has to the right to vote without any more “floating”, phantom”, “ghostly deletions of real voters” or “blackouts to change votes”. Time has come for the Police to be reformed to look after “LAW and ORDER” only and not the “POLITICAL SAFETY” of some leaders and “POLITICAL DEMISE” of another. Time has come for everyone to respect DEMOCRACY.

The people had spoken earlier this year when they gave the mandate to Pak Lah to govern and Anwar to critize as the LOYAL OPPOSITION LEADER. Let us all give them all the peace they need to govern or criticize the full term- no one inside or outside UMNO should demand for a transition just because of the current economic downturn because of the Crude Oil price increase. Neither Najib nor Anwar have enough personal money to lower the price of the crude oil throughout the world. BN had made the mistake to pre-sold our little crude before, now we have to pay for that mistake because we believe in the system which made the recommendation to sell at that time. Allow the voters to speak again in three to four years’ time as to who can govern better. After the Loyal Opposition have FIVE out of thirteen States to show that they can do better. Govern and/or criticize honorably for all Malaysians.

It is our system which is in “bad needs for reforms”. It is the system which allows for manipulations which allow Lingam and Stephen to control the Judiciary and also allow the late Eric Chia and the likes to become BUMIPUTRA No.1 ahead of many UMNOPUTRAS who mostly act as “ALIBABAS” as examples. Allow and support Pak Lah to reform the POLICE, ACA and etc so that the SYSTEM can work again for all Malaysians.

Happy anniversary, MALAYSIA…….and to all Malaysians ….. PEACE BE TO ALL…. Hope for a BETTER FUTURE..


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4 responses to “Rural Development

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have asked some of the folk on the SALCRA dividend is now only RM 3000 per year. I do not know how much they should receive. Is it according on the affected land size or by tree. Please enlighten me. At Rayang, I think they get lesser because they are not really happy to talk about it.

  2. partistar

    As far as dividend and bonus are concerned it is best for all participants to ask the Management of SALCRA to explain “why, how and what” is actually going on now.

    Previously all participants were actively engaged as they were allowed to elect the own Committee to work closely with SALCRA. However now such Committee has been disbanded for most of the schemes as the Management is being taken over by Sarawak Plantation Services and is controlled fully by the Deputy Chief Minister in charge.

    Thus it is best for all participants to know and exercise their rights. It is best to form a Committee to oversee what they actually do and make your say known.

  3. ling

    What happened to Bau Lake (Tai Parit)? When I visited it a few years ago there were notices round the lake warning visitors not to touch the water as it contained cyanide. I have very fond memories of this lake as I used to swim in it when I was a young girl.

  4. partistar

    Tasik Biru or TAI PARIT, the Bau Lake is still closed to swimmers because of the “HIGH ARSENIC” content now compared to prior to the re-mining… by the way not cyanide, I hope,… It remains to be one of the remaining promises which BN has not fulfilled.

    The area is supposed to be rehabilitated and one million was set aside for it … but the money disappeared some where after my sacking in 1995. The rehabilitation model remains to be only a model in the Dewan Suarah , Bau. The area is supposed to be a tourism site for the living “Mining Museum of Bau”.

    Now, they have only the hawkers’ stalls built at the Bau end of the Lake. Have a visit when you can.

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