Community leaders and STAR politics

To-day, three reporters contacted me, two on the surprised terminations of Services of seven Community leaders in Bau District, Sarawak and and the other on STAR politics.

About a week ago I heard grumblings about the sacking of seven Community leaders at the village level because of alleged political involvement amongst other things. Eventually one of them came to seek my advice for possible remedies showing me the warnings from the District Officer asking him “to stop campaigning for the Opposition” during the last Parliamentary Election as well as the Letter to terminate his services as a Community Leader or locally known as “KETUA MASYARAKAT”. He is disappointed because of the manner of his sacking.

Traditionally Community Leaders are elected by the Community themselves on one door-one vote basis. Amongst the Dayaks, this practice has been observed since time immemorial. They elect a new Leader only after the old one dies. This is the practice held and cherished amongst the Bidayuh community. Only now, it appears that politics is being introduced to interfere with the old practice apparently “to divide to rule”.

The need for cohesiveness and unity in a village is obvious. Imagine what would have happened if the current practice in place in the sixties, when the Communists were operating in the jungle. How many Community leaders and/or villages would be burnt in retaliation by both sides? However it is the closeness and cohesiveness of almost all the villages led by the mostly illiterate,poor but gentleman Community Leaders which spared the villages from harm. Even the Communists recognized the dangers of enforcing their will on these gentlemen.

Now BN Sarawak wants to enforce their will to ensure that they will control the Dayaks politics through fear as well by controlling the election process and giving them Terms and Conditions which ensure the Government power to terminate their services without giving any reasons thereto in their Appointment Letter. With such control over the selection and termination of Services of these Community Leaders, they hope to achieve total political control over the Dayaks Community.

In fact, in Tasik Biru, the current modus Operandi for BN campaign is to give campaign money to the Village Committee for Development and Security, which becomes their Campaign Committee. The Community Leader is also tied down to this and apparently in the Last Parliamentary Election the District Officer, who is supposed to be neutral by virtue of his Appointment as the Returning Officer for the Election Commission, is directly involved in the election process as evidence of his “warning letters” and eventual “sacking” of the “gentleman” Community Leaders . Even though BN won, they are still not happy at the apparent Independence of the Community Leaders.

Hopefully for the sack of unity and security of the kampong now and in the future, the State Secretary can review the individual need of a few local politicians and their need to win without properly servicing their constituencies but want to divide and rule with an “IRON CLAW”.

The Chief Minister should ask them to work harder instead getting the Community Leaders do the work for them. Enslaving them, without helping them to serve the people better than my time in power, will diminish and tarnish the “gentleman” reputation, which may be needed later on.

For the sack of the people, State and Country, the Community Leaders should be left alone to do the demanding job of looking after their poor constituents- help them …. NOT SACK them.


We are still alive and well. We are still waiting for the voters to demand for a better future for all.

We will continue our struggle at our own time and pace while waiting for more and more voters who want a better deal than what is offered by BN to-day.

We want Sarawak to be in the present century in development and economic prosperity. Right now, we are not even at par what Canada was in the Sixties in terms of development in a lot of areas. How many medical students to-day can afford to drive a second hand VOLVO now using the savings of their Scholarship money alone? Bapa sponsored banyak! I did, because the room rental and the food then were so cheap that I can enough to allow me to buy my first car, a red Volvo, cash from two years’ saving of my scholarship money at the beginning of my third year there. Imagine a whole chicken at 50 cents Canadian or the equivalent of RM 1.50. I just buy the chicken head and neck to-day at RM 4.20 per kilo for my dogs.

Economically we cannot even match Canada in the Sixties- I can afford to eat Steak every other day then but not in Sarawak now. STAR dreams and hopes are, amongst many things, at least for our RM to be at par with the Singapore dollar. Canadians on Welfare can even afford color TVs in the early seventies, how many Malaysians to-day, especially the farmers and fishermen?

Yes there is a lot more we can achieve if we want to collectively will it and work hard for them. Meanwhile we shall wait until the majority can overcome “No money no talk” mentality. Look at Tiong of Bintulu, he alone controls 49 Members Of Parliament in Taiwan now, wonder whether he will do any horse trading there with PKR there? Until the power and strength of MONEY POLITICS subsides, we can wait as all of us will paying for the high costs of politics and politicians.

STAR is still “UNTUKMU”


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6 responses to “Community leaders and STAR politics

  1. tbs

    Now, we hope to see Nansian to be ketua kampung to Stass, Serikin, Jagoi, Bumbok and so forth. I really do not understand with the term “gila-gila” used by Nansian. Is that true what happening there?

  2. Yes, I read it in today’s Borneo Post! I didn’t buy it [read: Mr. Dangdot’s remarks], as it is available at one of the kopitiams in Kuching… Well, I just scanned through the paper…

  3. It is unfortunate that the issue have been out of proportion. It is unbecoming for any Bidayuh to make such a remark publicly.Mostly likely they will take Namsian to the Courts.

    The Government policy is not what is stated or said in the Borneo Post. This is why I asked those who came for my advice and help to write and appeal for help from the State Secretary.

    The Government of the Day cannot afford to confront and sack every Community Leader for exercising the right to practise their democratic rights under our system of Parliamentary Democracy.

    However, the sacking of the KETUA KAUMS in Bau came after the warnings given by the District Officers to some of them during the last Parliamentary elections. I have copies of the warning letter. Secondly the sackings were done without discussion or warning to the aggrieved party as done normally. Worse still their sacking is only done through a memorandum to terminate their allowances only.

    Considering that these people were elected by the majority of their counterparts in the village, what has transpired both in the press and the way they were sacked, the insult is to the Community at large. It is now up to people to judge what is going on in our State and Country.

  4. JS

    Until when waiting for voters? Any indications?

  5. partistar

    It is a matter of goals we want to achieve.

    My goal is to expose the weaknesses of others and not to display our strengths until the people of Sarawak are ready for a two party system to work. I also want to make our people to realise that it is not necessarily the symbol of BN which delivers but it is the individual chosen to lead in the particular constituency. In Tasik and Mas Gading for instance, you have the “Anek” BN era(1972-1983), my era (1983-2000) and Tiki, Namsian and Ranum’s era(1996- till now) to analyze and compare. In fact five of them take over my work in Bau district since 1996 till now. Bau people are doing the comparison now everyday. Now they even get the services of Ketua Kaum terminated.

    Right now it is not the right time because the majority of our voters, especially in the rural areas, is not ready to vote for what is right for them because they hardly know the difference between BN and the Government of the Day.

    Luckily for them what happens in the last Parliamentary election in West Malaysia has open many more eyes. Now more and more want to topple BN without further fear.

    However we still need the right “Captains” who can lead the various constituencies to emerge. Many have and will volunteer for PKR because they think that they may get the fund needed for their expenses. But unless we have others who can on their own look after themselves, we are not ready for a better Sarawak. BN is hampered by the “Parasites” they had breed and some may cross over to PKR to-morrow to make Anwar the Sixth PM. What will the “Taiwan” MPS do to-morrow?

    To-morrow will be one of the events needed to indicate whether the country is ready for a two party system to work.

    Indications, however, are good so far. Just get your friends and relatives to be mentally ready for a better Sarawak and Malaysia.

  6. tiyungdayak

    I bet JS should be nominated as the candidate for the next state election… Long time no see dude, since February 2008!

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