Deafening Silence?

UMNO Youth Secretary, Sabah, asked, “Why the deafening silence?” from the Bar Council, NGOS and bloggers over plans by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to woo BN MPS to become PM on September 16th on page N4 of THE STAR.

The answer is obvious. UMNO is no longer their favorite choice! They want Anwar to be PM because the present BN Government have not govern to their expectations and are doing poorly to help them. The current state of the economy are against the majority of all Malaysians. If the General Election is held now, UMNO will definitely be consigned to the Opposition bench, even with all the Government machinery used. If you don’t believe me, then ask PM to dissolve Parliament  any time before the 16th and see whether you can hang on to power.

I totally agree with DAP adviser, who opposes  BN MP from crossing over  for “the sake  of money and material gains, and personal advancement.” BN has been using all to keep power,- including “blackouts” during counting, using and sacking of Community leaders, etc in Sarawak.

However PRS, a component of Sarawak BN, has already demanded  for “JUST REWARDS” saying that “his Party has done a lot for BN and should be given positions in GLCS”.  With his six MPS pledging allegiance to BN, the President made the demand and muses that ” Our contribution is very big to BN.” In line of course with SAPP of Sabah thinking.

Thus there are three view points from three parties. Poor Malaysians who have to pay for the 50 MPS study trip to Taiwan and all the additional costs of maintaining or gaining power by politicians involving UMNO and when its problem started by its own policies to dominate the Malaysian political scene forever and the sacking of Anwar by Tun Mahathir giving birth to KeAdilan, now PKR. So far the “KETUAN ORANG MELAYU” philosophy has led us to the present political uncertainty scaring away potential investors.

The majority of cross-overs to give Anwar the majority to become PM on 16th September, will definitely come from UMNO, if any. This will give definitely give Anwar an immediate headache as to whether PKR shall remain to be the HOPE and DREAM of its core supporters to remain as a multiracial party standing up for justice for all or to be just a “CLONE” of UMNO like GERAKAN, seen as a clone for MCA, just to replace Pak Lah and Najib.

It will also become a dilemma for all Malaysians who dreams of a two party system to ensure greater accountability and leadership. To date, since the formation of Malaysia, UMNO is forever to govern as DAP and PAS, being like “OIL and WATER”, cannot have a common national agenda unless PKR becomes “the solvent” to absolve them both to become one “fluid” or “solid like soap” to wash all the dirts which Malaysians have to put up with ever since. PR has not reached a consensus on a national agenda. So whether Anwar is going to lead PR or go back to “UMNO like” PKR to become PM is a question which be answered soon enough.

As much as the majority of Malaysians hate Pak Lah for “promising so much and deliver too little” as is often heard, and other BN leaders who have become economic “vacuum cleaners”, many are worried for being left behind even if Anwar becomes PM through the back door with the support of party hoppers on the 16th. As one old Bidayuh man told me, “What and where is my share?”

STAR is a victim of horse trading and party hopping. We hope that Sarawakians can put a stop to all these nonsense one day, once and for all.

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