Party Hopping.

A lot have been written about people ready to hop from one party to another. Even elected representatives are being speculated to move from BN to Pakatan Rakyat giving them enough seats for Anwar to take over as the new Prime Minister come September 16th or earlier. These rumors may or may not materialized on that day or date. Now even Taib, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, joined the chorus that none from Sarawak will defect, even though some twenty or so of PRS men were identified by a senior reporter from Sarawak to campaign for Anwar.

The interesting thing though is why people talked about possible party hoppers. Why Anwar, himself, adds fuel to it? Is there any possible basis for it? Malaysian politics have seen numbers of people who changed party politics to suit their own convenience. Sarawak and Sabah had a full share of the existence of party hoppers who invariably leave a “sinking ship” to stay afloat with any party, even forming new ones to demolish their old houses, which no longer serve their vested interests. Anwar just has to show that PR can form the next Government for the restless and itchy to jump in numbers. One YB had been reported that he was jumping ship but quickly denied within 24 hours later. Then a friend reported that he had bought a new house next to his house shortly thereafter.

Ming Court affairs of 1987 was purely placed on cash take it all political business. One SNAP CEC member was offered RM90,000.00 cash to go to KL and joined the Ming Court group. I also received phone calls to go to KL and joined the group. To this day I do not know how much they would pay me because I didn’t ask but instead told the callers that on principles and long term effect on the nation I could not do it. In fact I was privy to the potential of horse trading by the SNAP prime mover during Chinese New year that year. However I told him that I would not do if the move were to benefit only ourselves and not to SNAP members as a whole, then Sarawak and Malaysia in particular.

Our country would not survive MONEY politics for too long. Controlling our politicians will last only as long as there are enough resources to be mortgaged and used to satisfy the party members and hoppers. Those expenses will be borne by the future generation. Where if these resources eventually run out,Malaysia will be like all the troubled nations of the developing and developed world. Should we allow Malaysia get to that level, – of “suicide bombers” and/or civil war to occur? Now even with a small population we already have the present problem of political uncertainty and increasing crime rate or “MORE RAPISTS”. Consider if Sarawak or Sabah population is doubled or tripled of what is to-day, would we have the present peace and contentment?

Party hopping should not be allowed by the population no matter how noble their reasons may be. All party hoppers should not be allowed to win the next election if real democracy and political stability is our desire and need. Time has come when every voter must realize the dangers poised by Party hoppers. I was asked by a Party leader who made mistake of “buying” a member from STAR. I told him that, ” Since you can buy him from me, then someone else can buy him of you.” Only then he realized the instability of a political “FROG” and called him “an ungrateful ——“. Anyway that Yb is richer now but he has not been able to deliver on his election promises and pledges. His constituents become the victim of Money politics.

The same reasoning of course could have happened in Sabah with SAPP President. If he could be used to topple PBS and Datuk Pairin before why could he be used to topple BN given the right conditions or again PR one blue day. After all, politics is the art of possible as well as the impossible.

Party hopping after the elections will always be detrimental to any country. It will always breed political instability and uncertainty. It will certainly increased the cost of politics in Malaysia, which Malaysians in general have to pay out their pockets. Neither BN nor PR have money on their own except for the shrewd investors who invest and hope for a greater return from future contracts and favors from the Government of the Day.

Under these circumstances, it is hoped that Anwar Ibrahim will give the best Anniversary Gift to all Malaysians by NOT ENTICING ANY BN POLITICIANS to join him so that he can be sworn in as the next Prime Minister come September 16th, and instead by consolidating PR into an alternative force to counter BN while his role as a responsible and loyal opposition.

Time will surely be the healer and giver for a better future for all Malaysians if we can nurture the spirit of true democracy by offering alternatives for change at the polls, even though odds at the polling stations are currently staked for the ruling parties in most part of the country, where even blackouts and traveling phantom votes had been and will be ferried to ensure victory for them in marginal and critical areas. Hopefully though as time goes by, it is hoped that the ability of the ruling parties to make use of the EC will diminish as more and more younger generation volunteers to become vanguards for real democracy. Even in the just concluded Permatang Pauh by-election, a senior reporter, who was there for the whole period of the campaign, told me of “the unknown extra votes” which came after an announcement of the percent turnout and reduced Anwar’s projected winning margin from over twenty thousand to the eventual 15,671!

Whatever party hoppers or hopping Party will always harm democracy unless the press is really free and is able to cover a large portion of our voters. Current access and our literacy rate makes our population vulnerable to unscrupulous politicians. Since BN are having the biggest share of them now, it is hoped that PR should NOT take the “bad apples and spoil” the future for all. PR State Governments just show what they can deliver in the FIVE BIG states of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor in the next few years, it is almost certain that either BN delivers or it will be out in the next general election. If they burden themselves with party hoppers to become the Government of the Day, the current work may be spoiled in no time at all.


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2 responses to “Party Hopping.

  1. shadowmode

    Anwar says, “anak Melayu, anak saya”, “anak India, anak saya”, “anak Cina, anak saya” while Najib waved the keris said he will bathe the keris with Chinese blood n now this BN mp Ahmad Ismail said Chinese are “squatters”.

    i wonder what kind of idiot still hav faith in the govt? definitely only those cronies of BN!

    whatever it is, east malaysia have been isolated for far too long & is left behind in everything!!

    wouldnt it be wonderful if developement is in par with the west so that our children can make a living back in our own states n dont have to travel far to the west & squabble with the west malaysians for any measely jobs the cities have to offer? families are now broken apart as a result of lack of proper employment n our children have to move to the west just for a job, as there isnt much career options in sarawak and the current high airfares arent helping much.

    alot of us just want to go home n have a job which can give a future at home but these days that is near impossible.

    if these sarawakian BN MPs still have a heart, they should know what to do.


  2. partistar

    Shadowmode, granted for your belief in Pakatan Rakyat(PR) will bring better days for Sarawak. Similar thoughts and beliefs were then in the hearts of all Sarawak leaders before when they believed that Malaysia would progress, etc …… for all in Sarawak. So why complain now????

    “Frogs are frogs”. Anticipation for jumpers have already cost us a lot now. You believe they will jump out of principle, out of frustrations or other interests as expressed?

    Beware also that PR members have not agreed to its common agenda thrashed out yet. Is it going to be an ISLAMIC Malaysia or MALAYSIAN Malaysia?

    A lot suffered now because of the belief that A PRIME MINISTER can have the MAGIC stick he can just wave and “whoa la la… everything will be fine for all Sarawakians”.. It is the system which discriminates all of us including even the ordinary Malays and Melanaus which has brought Malaysia to its present knees…. a discriminating practice who tells my son that he is NOT a “BUMIPUTRA” while this word were coin to mean “the son of the soil” to include all the natives of Borneo to be at par with the Malays. Now in practice all natives are “ORANG LAIN-LAIN”. So far PR has not have an official memorandum of Undertaking the NATIVES OF SARAWAK and SABAH be at PAR with the Malays of West Malaysia…. meaning can we expect any thing different… promises are easy to make … Even I can promise anything under the to you but can I deliver is another thing….

    You want a better day, then do what needs to be done so only people with principles can be YBS… not “political frogs”….. If PR wants frogs, just because Anwar is so in a hurry to become PM … then be prepared to pay more for the costs of POLITICS and don’t complain later….

    You must also pity those who are being left behind, … “DAYAKS anak siapa???? ” …. anak lain- lain yang boleh dimain- main????.

    We need and want someone who dares to STAND fro BANGSA MALAYSIA and Malaysia and means it… bukan untuk dimain- main sahaja! Will Anwar stand for September 16th for the Independence of MALAYSIA? Will PK do it? Kalau tidak, politik sahaja…. What we are celebrating now is the Independence of MALAYA – not Malaysia. As Sarawakians you should know that this day in August 1963, we were still under the British Colony. Thus tow days ago we celebrate our Colonialism… not our Independence but the Independence of the FEDERATION OF MALAYA…..

    You may think I am a BN sucker… but pity you then. I am a sucker to no one … but a better Sarawak and Malaysia.. a better future for all …. leaving out no one nor using any race or religion for my political success or advancement… and appealing for reasons and principles and better men to come froward to the political arena so we can neither blame nor praise anyone for our success no one for own future….

    Further “kicking a dead horse” is not wise. It is better to sit down and reflect whether we have the WILL and PATIENCE for a better future for all…

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