Politics Of Development- a road map?

One day, I met a Bidayuh who told me of their encounter with BN YBs and Political Secretaries at a dinner function which was held in one Bidayuh restuarant in Bau. When asked about what is the road map for the Bidayuhs in BN Sarawak, they were told about the “Politics of Development”. It was the only answer they can give.

What is it in for the Bidayuh under the current Politics Of Development? Let us look at it closely.

(1) Physical – Infrastructures:

(a) Roads.

The roads yet to be completed to a tar sealed level in Bau and Lundu namely- Sebako, Biawak, Kendaie, Krokong – Tringgus, Skibang, Sibobog and Jagoi Gunung. As for Serian and Bengoh more are yet to be completed. When BN Sarawak leaders kicked me out in 1995 on the fuzzy and shaddy accusation that I planted and helped Dr Eric Munjan in 1995 Parliamentary Election and installed four new YBS to take over from me, even elevating Manyin as a full Minister, all these roads are still gravelled as was left during my time- that is twelve years ago. Furthermore the Jagoi Gunung road may not be in the Ninth Malaysia Plan even. It is the only Kampong which is the only kampong still reachable by foot only in Bau District. I was planning to put it in 1996 Budget but BN parasites including SNAP leaders cut me off before it is done. So why do they still only TALK about Politics of Development when you don’t allow me to deliver then? Is it their fear that the Bidayuh really develop too fast that those leaders conspired for my dismissal in 1995.

(b) RES.

Yet to be approved twelve years ago in Bau for instance were RES to Kpg Tringgus, Kpg Gumbang, Padang Pan, Bogag, Serasot, Sibobog, Skibang, Stass, and Jagoi Gunung. To date after twelve years and election promises to do them since my dismissal Padang Pan, Gumbang and Tringgus are still in old days of Generators only, mainly private like in Tringgus where the YBS who took over from me could even get money to repair those provided during my time.

Again just talk and promises.These villages would have enjoyed years ago if those BN leaders didn’t conspire to stop me from helping the people.

(c) Land issues.

Many land titles are yet to be given out especially those surveyed under land development schemes. Why SACLRA or Land and Survey keeps them and hands only a few by Awang Tengah before or on every general election.

Meanwhile the Land Code is amended to make all land, not surveyed or titled to be deemed STATE LAND, ignoring the natives rights to land as respected even during the time of the Sultan Of Brunei, Rajah Brooke and the British Colony – since time immemorial. Is the road map in the Politics Of Development is really to ensure more natives, especially the Ibans and Bidayuhs to become SQUATTERS in Sarawak, the only land they know?

(d) High petrol costs.

Sarawak, rich in oil and gas, cannot sustain the subsidy. Is this part of our COSTS for the politics of Development? Province of Alberta in Canada has oil and the people are free from provincial Tax, yet in Sarawak even the punters of 4D and Totto are asked to pay 10% tax while in West Malaysia it is NOT taxed. Paying for the costs of POLITICS Of Development?

(e) Transportation Costs.

Every produce or product from West Malaysia to Sarawak and Sabah, we alone are asked to bear the costs of Transportation. Thus even the STAR and Strait Times papers, we are asked to 30 cents more for weekdays and 50 cents more for weekends. Car cost us up to THREE THOUSAND more. Why isn’t there a NATIONAL PRICE for some products/produce – just say newspapers! Where is national Integration- Gone as part of the subsidy for Politics Of Development?

These are just a few of the bad things about blueprint or road-map which the BN representative who spoke failed to address during that meeting. What about all the discriminations that the BIDAYUHS have to deal with daily in getting jobs, subsidies and so on….. the list is quite long since being classified as “OTHERS” in all application forms – applying even loans from private sectors. Sadly where it matters, there is no classification of BUMI or Non BUMI – which is reserved only for political classification to lend power to certain group! Bumiputraism is just for giving handout to the privileged few under NEP also.

Thus how can a BIDAYUH leader use POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT as a road map to ensure that all BIDAYUHS are accepted as Malaysians and the NATIVES in Malaysia and NOT CLASSIFIED as “OTHERS” – except for a few to survive on handouts! It is NOT the Malaysia, the late TUN JUGAH or the late TAN SRI NINGKAN DREAMT of! JOHN LOYAR, who was one of the signatory for the Bidayuh for the FORMATION of Malaysia, is feeling sicker by the day seeing the road map of Politics Of Development. I have not asked Datuk Dominic Dagok though.

No doubt, many Dayaks are now attracted to PKR as a mean to salvation or will it?


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2 responses to “Politics Of Development- a road map?

  1. edward skading

    Dear Blogger,


    My name is Edward Skading, from Selangor, Malaysia. My parents once told me that to have a happy and long life, you must take great care about the food you consume. Always make sure it’s clean, because cleanliness is next to godliness and I stuck to these values. As a result, when it comes to food, I always make sure what I eat is reasonably clean and safe. I also believe that everyone has the right for healthy, clean and safe food.

    Recently, I exposed a horrible discovery concerning one of F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd products on my weblog. It all started when my family and I was shocked to discover an abnormal brownish-blackish substance in a “Tea Pot” brand, sweeten condensed milk. You can read the detail findings, correspondence letters, photos of the contaminated milk and the foul conditions of F&N Dairies’ plant, at my weblog http://consumersrighteousness.blogspot.com/.

    Before exposing my horrible discovery, I have made a complaint to the company, but they are denying everything and not taking ownership of the product, even there is sufficient (justifiable) evidence that the milk is contaminated by mould and their plant have various foul conditions. I did not ask for any form of compensation, but I requested that the company be truthful, take ownership and accountable for their oversight, moreover rectify the problem and produce cleaner and safer food.

    I also feel cheated when the company executive responded that they are not liable for damaged products in the marketplace. Looks like I had been scammed by the company after being a loyal customer for many years. If only I had been informed in advance that I was eating their products under unsecured risk and with no assurance, I would have immediately change brand. I would have chosen a company that is more reliable, accountable and concern about their customers.

    As a consumer, I am sickened by the fact that we are not provided maximum protection from this sort of situations and whatever consumer rights we have now are defenceless. Even the consumer association NGO where I made a complaint (about 5 months ago) seems to be shying away because my grievances involve a corporate giant. With all of this going on, I feel my rights as a consumer had been deprived and now I am being forced to silence. Yes, the company is now suing me to shut up. They are using bullying legal tactics just because I am poor and powerless.

    I believe, it is the responsibility of our whole society to protect the rights and benefits of consumers, and we should together stand up and uphold it. By doing so, together we will eventually improve the consumption environment and no big organisation dares to bully anyone supported by a unified consumer society and that’s why I am writing to you. I am seeking for your point of view and support towards a good cause campaign to protect and uphold our consumer rights.

    If you are willing, I sincerely hope you can cover my story on your weblog and tell it to your world wide readers. I would greatly value and appreciate your kind support. I apologise if I had troubled you and I am sincerely sorry if this letter is in the wrong section of your weblog. Let’s show F&N that we Malaysians are concern too.

    If you wish to contact me, please send an email to eddskading@hotmail.com.

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    Edward Skading

  2. partistar

    Above is an interesting point in our effort to have a country which is able to ensure the safety of its citizen from the millions and millions of food product on the shelves of all markets. The government would need dedicated enforcement units to ensure only safe products are for sale. The Ministry Of Health has the Food enforcement unit which take regular and random samples of food sold in Malaysia. Anyone suspecting unsafe foods can call the Health Food and Drug Unit to take samples to be analyzed so that appropriate action can be taken.

    Another point is that all products have shelf life. Once expired, it is generally considered unsafe and should be bought for human consumption as the producer can claim “innocence of guilt”. Thus BUYERS BEWARE!! Thus any batch of expired products may be contaminated, but the others may be safe.

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